Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Why bother?

Started really getting the idea of playing more and decided to hit the $2 180's with my measly $100 bankroll, but Pokerstars soon scuppered that by absolutely fucking brutalising me straight away.

As you will see in the graph below it hasn't been much fun. I haven't had any huge stacks, it's just been losing every all in last night (or almost all of them) and then tonight I start off running very hot, even hitting a royal flush, but as soon as I got deeper the old luck returned and just fucked me up hill and down dale.

Horrible fucking start, almost knocked the stuffing out of me at the first hurdle.

Top line is what I should of won, green line is what I actually won.  Why fucking bother?

bankroll is now at $21 and the motivation has completely fucked off.

I haven't deposited using my own money for a long time and times are tough right now so i am not sure I can justify it.

Might just be the quickest return ever.

Going for a spin up now, it's either double or fuck it.



  1. ffs I told you what to play ! so what do you do ? you go play the high variance games, lol

  2. on the 18's now befoe my head fucking explodes.