Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Ok, so the forum is still down. It looks like a bit of sabotage, but we have Barry working on it to try and get it sorted.

Anyways, Nottingham, seeing as the the forum is fucked, we'll try and sort it here...

I still can;t get a room at the Premier Inn, London road. I know DoV booked some twin rooms up so who is staying in those??

I think the following are coming:


Can we try and get this sorted out via the comments.

DoV, how many rooms ahve you booked and who is using them???

Can you guys point any of the above here to sort this.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Still going.

Not much to report. Poker is still going well and I am still building nicely. Table selection is so important though. Catching those fish and helping them to tilt is sooooo profitable!

On a none poker note, a friend of mine moved out to the South of France last year and wants us to go and visit him, so that could be another trip abroad this month. As early in September we are off out to Cyprus for a week of sunshine. Life is sweet!

Got a trip to DTD next weekend with the RTR lads, that should be fun. Gonna try and qualify on Monday night, for their £300 £80k GTD. if not I'll just play the £50 freezeout in the evening. Either way it will be a good piss-up and laugh with the guys.

Looking forward to it.

Anyways hoep you are are all well.



Saturday, 18 July 2009

building and building

So the bankroll is coming along nicely ATM. Doing well at the cash. Well Clear of the $1k profit mark now and still building. Really getting into 6-max and post flop is still improving, although still a fair way to go IMO.
Also been throwing in some MTT's for variation, but I avoid stars (unless its the syndi games) because the fields are just too big and starting to move away from Full Tilt because I have been doomswitched there ATM.
So been playing a couple on everest and also Boss network. Gotta admit I like the schedule at Boss. It finally caters properly to European players and most are around the buy-in range €5-€50, which suits me fine. Also, its not just a shitload of satellites like the others are. So i might increase my play there a little.
I am also planning on starting to qualify for some live games. European based ofc. As I just don't get to play enough live poker and nothing beats that experience IMO!
I am enjoying my poker at the moment and that makes a great difference overall.
I have done fairly well in the MTT's, but just keep getting unlucky either on or around the final tables. Sure my luck will change soon and I'll take a few down! (fingers crossed).
Hope you are all goot.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tilt = Roulette!

Played quite a number of hands yesterday on Everest and finished up about $170 ish. Got my aces paid off once and flopped a str8 against a set, which was very nice. When I finshed there, I decided to hit microgaming for a bit. Bad move! I ran pretty terribly, after starting well, I got spazzed on twice for stacks. Once where he can't fold top pair 7 with a 5 kicker to my QQ. We get it in on flop and obv turn is a 5. Then the same plank massively overshoves a 3 spade flop when I had Top pair and Nut flush draw with ATs. He had the King of the suit with a 3. Ofc we both brick the flush but the river brings his King. Sigh.

I then started to try and play every pot with this fool! lol. Isolating him with all kinds of shit, but continually bricking whilst the spaz hit. Eventually the better players started 3-betting the shit out of me when it was obv I was trying to catch the idiot alone. he proceeded to stack another player with a typically ridonkulous move and finally he left a NL50 table with about $250+ in his stack. eurgh. BTW, his screen name is Play*123 and he'll be my new best buddy.

Gutted and on mega tilt I decide, in my infinite wisdom to take $100 to the roulette tables...eugh. anyways, a LOT of luck later I log off that with a $550 profit! LOLOLOLOLOL. cheered me up no end after super-donkey-bollox sent me on mega tilt!

I wasn't chasing losses, just wanting to blast off some steam tbh and ran good.

Anyways, noticed the November 9 has been named, including Hellmuth, Schulman and our very own James Akenhead! Good luck to him for sure, even though he enters the final as the short stack.

Thats all for now. No tilting today!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


It's drawing to an end and it's getting interesting. 64 left as I speak and amongst the CL's is Phil Ivey. The man is a pure sicko!! Followed him the last few days and he has slowly but urely been chipping up nicely. Definately would'nt put it past him to take it down from this position.

Personally I'd like to see a Brit take it down, but a final table with some big names would be nice, would help the luck vs skill argument!

My Poker is still enjoyable. 6-max is a crazy game, but finding the fish isn't that easy, as there are a shitload of regs waiting to feast on em! Table selection is crucial and seems to be paying off.

Played the RTR Paris trip game Sunday night and it was the usual aggro 3-betting fest on the final table!good fun though. Currently sitting in 2nd place in the league, with that luckbox snake_eyes just above me! That bastard hammered me Sunday! 72o vs my A2s and he hittttttttttttts a str8! LOOOOOL. No worse feeling than being Hammered!

Anyways thats all for now.

GL at the felt.


Sunday, 12 July 2009


Been playing this reguralry now, since snake sweated me for a bit and I lav it! Made about $750 since June 20th, so all is good.

The new full tilt software is a sack of shit. Since it changed I have been doomswitched to runner runner and aces never holding up! All that and they still haven;t given me rakeback, the wankers!!! Think Ill stay away until I finally get the rakeback on the lottery system.

The forum is going well ATM and enjoying the banter.

Thats all for now as I am busy busy suy!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quick Update - June

Well the NL cash has been going ok. Nothing spectacular. I have made prolly just over $500 in two week. Obv working in that time to. It's boring as fuck, but my post flop play does seem to be benefitting.

On the side i have been playing some MTT's every now and then and doen fairly well without making any big scores. Finised 42nd in the first MSOP I have played out of over 4500+ players. Not bad, but was dissapointed to see my KK smashed for a top 5 stack, by some plant pot with J4o. got deep in others on FTP and a couple on Stars. Seems the post flop has been paying off and so has my step up in aggression.

Happy that my all round game is improving.

Right on a back to back at work this weekend :-( . Wed, thurs, fri, sun, mon, tues, all 12 hour night shifts. Sigh. damed rat race! Might try and book a hol for Sun night!

thanks for reading.