Thursday, 16 July 2009

Tilt = Roulette!

Played quite a number of hands yesterday on Everest and finished up about $170 ish. Got my aces paid off once and flopped a str8 against a set, which was very nice. When I finshed there, I decided to hit microgaming for a bit. Bad move! I ran pretty terribly, after starting well, I got spazzed on twice for stacks. Once where he can't fold top pair 7 with a 5 kicker to my QQ. We get it in on flop and obv turn is a 5. Then the same plank massively overshoves a 3 spade flop when I had Top pair and Nut flush draw with ATs. He had the King of the suit with a 3. Ofc we both brick the flush but the river brings his King. Sigh.

I then started to try and play every pot with this fool! lol. Isolating him with all kinds of shit, but continually bricking whilst the spaz hit. Eventually the better players started 3-betting the shit out of me when it was obv I was trying to catch the idiot alone. he proceeded to stack another player with a typically ridonkulous move and finally he left a NL50 table with about $250+ in his stack. eurgh. BTW, his screen name is Play*123 and he'll be my new best buddy.

Gutted and on mega tilt I decide, in my infinite wisdom to take $100 to the roulette tables...eugh. anyways, a LOT of luck later I log off that with a $550 profit! LOLOLOLOLOL. cheered me up no end after super-donkey-bollox sent me on mega tilt!

I wasn't chasing losses, just wanting to blast off some steam tbh and ran good.

Anyways, noticed the November 9 has been named, including Hellmuth, Schulman and our very own James Akenhead! Good luck to him for sure, even though he enters the final as the short stack.

Thats all for now. No tilting today!


  1. you mean ivey, not hellmuth??

    about the nice 1