Saturday, 18 July 2009

building and building

So the bankroll is coming along nicely ATM. Doing well at the cash. Well Clear of the $1k profit mark now and still building. Really getting into 6-max and post flop is still improving, although still a fair way to go IMO.
Also been throwing in some MTT's for variation, but I avoid stars (unless its the syndi games) because the fields are just too big and starting to move away from Full Tilt because I have been doomswitched there ATM.
So been playing a couple on everest and also Boss network. Gotta admit I like the schedule at Boss. It finally caters properly to European players and most are around the buy-in range €5-€50, which suits me fine. Also, its not just a shitload of satellites like the others are. So i might increase my play there a little.
I am also planning on starting to qualify for some live games. European based ofc. As I just don't get to play enough live poker and nothing beats that experience IMO!
I am enjoying my poker at the moment and that makes a great difference overall.
I have done fairly well in the MTT's, but just keep getting unlucky either on or around the final tables. Sure my luck will change soon and I'll take a few down! (fingers crossed).
Hope you are all goot.

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