Tuesday, 14 July 2009


It's drawing to an end and it's getting interesting. 64 left as I speak and amongst the CL's is Phil Ivey. The man is a pure sicko!! Followed him the last few days and he has slowly but urely been chipping up nicely. Definately would'nt put it past him to take it down from this position.

Personally I'd like to see a Brit take it down, but a final table with some big names would be nice, would help the luck vs skill argument!

My Poker is still enjoyable. 6-max is a crazy game, but finding the fish isn't that easy, as there are a shitload of regs waiting to feast on em! Table selection is crucial and seems to be paying off.

Played the RTR Paris trip game Sunday night and it was the usual aggro 3-betting fest on the final table!good fun though. Currently sitting in 2nd place in the league, with that luckbox snake_eyes just above me! That bastard hammered me Sunday! 72o vs my A2s and he hittttttttttttts a str8! LOOOOOL. No worse feeling than being Hammered!

Anyways thats all for now.

GL at the felt.


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