Friday, 24 July 2009

Still going.

Not much to report. Poker is still going well and I am still building nicely. Table selection is so important though. Catching those fish and helping them to tilt is sooooo profitable!

On a none poker note, a friend of mine moved out to the South of France last year and wants us to go and visit him, so that could be another trip abroad this month. As early in September we are off out to Cyprus for a week of sunshine. Life is sweet!

Got a trip to DTD next weekend with the RTR lads, that should be fun. Gonna try and qualify on Monday night, for their £300 £80k GTD. if not I'll just play the £50 freezeout in the evening. Either way it will be a good piss-up and laugh with the guys.

Looking forward to it.

Anyways hoep you are are all well.




  1. Not going to be able to make DTD mate, can't really afford it to be honest.

    Worked out it would be around £300-400 which is way out of our league, especially when we're planning to move house soon.

    Next one though definitely, I might have lost a couple of ton then too so you can't abuse my fatness!

  2. Mate can't get on the Forum?? Also only four reg'd for the Paris game??I noticed you have de-reg'd whats the score on the door???