Monday, 27 September 2010

Playing bad

Right now I am playing the worst poker I have for a long time. Just amazingly spew-tastic and impatient. I am really pissing myself off.

I tried a change of scenery last night and tried grinding some MTT's. but early doors things didn;t go my way and I move into spew-tilt mode, which is especially bad when you have about ZERO chance of every sucking out when you get it in behind. Sigh.

Gonna take a few nights break now. next time I play will prolly be weekend. Going to watch a few training vids and sort out my mindset.

Hope you are running good and stickin it to the feesh.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


..or lack of!

So since my last post with all my BS about grinding NL20, I ended up sodding that off and looking for the juicy NL100 and NL50 tables... hahaha. WTF is wrong with me?

Anways, I am up on Purple Lounge at the minute. I think around $400 ish, but my volume is only ~3k hands, which is pish poor. I am once again failing to get motivated for a grind. sigh. I need to work this out.

I did however put some time in on stars the last couple of days trying to hit one of these milestone bonuses. Did I mange? Did I fuck!. I don;t even think I came close. I was 7 tabling 6-max NL25. I even finished down about $25 after ~2.5k hands, which sucks. Didn;t do too much wrong, just missed a few big draws that failed to get there for me and a couple of mis-placed aggression hands.

Sunday night I spent a little time grinding some MTT's. Got deep in afew, but only one culminated in a final table and that was the $4 2r 1a on stars. I played the final table like a fucking nit and horrible tbh. I really should have opened up a bit, but my cards were so horrible and the guy on my left kept 3-bet shoving on me earlier  on and basically this shut me down a bit.

I eventually lost a big flip when I shoved QK and got a caller in TT, which held. Then shoved super short with 46s and won vs T5 when I rivered the flush. Finally lost when I pushed from the BTN with TJ got a caller in A9, I flop the Jack, but obv one of the 84million Aces in the stars deck hit the river.

Out in 7th for $189, which covered all my buy-ins for the night, so not all bad.

Anyways, back to cash games and I am really hoping I can pull my finger out of my ass and get the grind on again. Thats how I am gonna make money, mostly from rakeback, granted, but these Micro tables are so much juicier than stars or FT.

Not really in the mood to write anymore.



Thursday, 16 September 2010

No jinxing plz

I am prolly jinxing this, but I am doing good on PL!

I am even running ABOVE ev when I got it in with AA on a 234 board (two clubs) vs a guy who had 44 and BINKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I hit a 5 for the suckout. WTF!!!!!!!! I suckout..weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Like I say Poker tracker missed some of my early hands, but I have sorted it now. I have actually played nearer 1800 hands and so far the profit is just over ten buy-ins (+$208).

Man it's nice to finally get a brag after my RUSH exploits.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

For all of you who said....

"I told you so"............ Smart-arses, you were right. :)

RUSH poker is just one giant cooler fest. Unfortunately I was on the wrong of of my coollers pretty much all the time, but such is.

I finally finished on Full Tilt down about $433, which sucks royal balls. My only consolation was that I get about $110 back in rakeback. So, in a moment of anger and frustration I drew most of my dosh and put $1k into Purple Lounge again to start grinding some NL20 6-max.

I am not too worried about the stakes, I am more keen on being a bankroll nit for now until I learn to handle the tilt issues better.

So I begun and it's started off pretty well. I am around 8 buy-ins up after just over 1500 hands. Unfortunately I am having PT3 problems at the moment. It imports about 50 hands and then just stops importing, meaning I have to keep clearing the microgaming database before I can restart it and it's missed about 1/3 of the hands I have played. I think I might have found the problem though now, so fingers crossed.

I played a couple of MTT's on Micro last night and it was standard bullshit that bust me out of two and one interesting hand I think I played right. I'll post it on the forum for some feedback.

Right better get back to work

Hope you all run super hot!


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mission Impossible?

I am finally done with RUSH. It's just been cooler after cooler. I have had peeps looking over my hand histories and they pretty much concur that a majority of it is just unavoidable and there isn;t much I can do, it's just how I am running ATM.

The last 2k hands have been 9 tabling standard 6-max on FT and it doesn;t feel half as bad.

My mission for the rest of the month is to try and get back to even. I am doubting it;s possible as you will see from my graph I have a long way to go. It's been a truly brutal month so far.

I really hope I can turn this around, but if I am honest with myself thats gonna be tough. So one timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please just let me get some run good!

Friday, 10 September 2010

I know, I know

I read my last posts on here and the bad beat posts I made over at RTR and realised what a monotonous whiny bastard I must come accross as.

Having spoken to Snake_eyes about it on the phone and thinking about what he was saying I am really just gonna have to knock this whinging and moaning like a tit, on the head. All I am doing is prolonging the frustration and annoyance longer than I have to.

I have decided to just get on with it and stop the griping., it's doing me no good and turning my blog into a boring peice of shit.

I have also done the unthinkable and moved pretty much all my roll onto Full Tilt to play rush properly rolled. I'll have 70 buy-ins for NL25 and I am really gonna try and stick at it for a while.

I need to work harder on my game: FACT.
I need to control the tilt: FACT
I need to just accept shit happens.

Always easy saying it, but can I actually do it? Fuck knows but I am gonna try.



Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bye rush

I can't beat and I am so fed up with all the fkin coolers.

Yeah  I am running below EV, but not too much, but the cooler after cooler situation I am experiencing is a fucking joke. I guess thats the nature of this game and not one I am prepared to keep putting myself through.

I really really thought I had it cracked a few days ago, but now I keep running set over set, overpairs into sets and two pair into sets and it's too much.

Bye Rush poker and



LOL. I suck so badly. Tilt just consumes me. I immediately drew most of my roll to neteller. I am so short sighted with poker that its daft.

I am trying to get my hands on a copy of "The Poker Mindset" if anyone knows anyone who has one, it would be appreciated.

I really need to get over this shit now ffs.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Should I stick to RUSH?

I am so consumed by short term variance that it's funny really. I had a terrible session last night, then this afternoon I started off like a train, stopping at my frst break about 30 mins in ~5 buy-ins up!!!! Unfortunately when I returned a mixture of bad play and bad luck (FUCK Ace King) saw me down for the session by $10 after only another ten mins of play.

I immediately sat out as it was pretty clear I was on tilt.

One step forward 88 steps back.

Down 4 buy-ins for the month now, sigh.

Everyone keeps questioning why I play RUSH and tbh I am starting to come around to their way of thinking, it's such a variance ridden game and basically for one reason that Gorvacofin pointed out "At rush even the bad players can fold the junk hands and get another hand instantly", which is a great point. At standard tables the fish get bored and as such play a MUCH wider range of hands and  are so much easier to play against.

You can see I am talking my way out of this rush malarky can't you. lol.

I might try and stick it out to the end of the month and see if I can win/breakeven and then round up all my BR and go back to Microgaming with my 55% RB deal.

Does anyone know any RUSH poker threads where people talk about win rates and stats etc??? I'd love to be pointd in the right direction please.



Tuesday, 7 September 2010


What can you do? I am 8 buy-ins down tonight and have hit my stop-loss. I have aces 5 times in 835 hands and it got cracked for stacks 4 times. Yep 4/5 and I won a piddly pot with the other one. It's a fkin disgrace. One hand I got it in on a K high board vs KQ and turn Q. Got it in on a 37J board vs a guy I had history with and he shoved with 89. I snapped and the turn was a ten. I got it in on a t34 two heart board and ran into 33 for a set. blah blah fucking blah.

I really felt I was playing well until tonight. Now I have just tilted two extra buy-ins off in pure frustration. Man I am a twat sometimes, but I hate it when shit like this happens.

Back into loss for the month. FUK OFF.

So incredibly frustrating after doing so well for so long.

Monday, 6 September 2010


So I think I am getting on top of rush as a whole. I have been working hard mixing up my game and thinking of ways to try and combat the ultra aggressiveness, which for quite a lot of the players borders on spewtastic. People are so focussed on 3-betting they don't even know why they are doing it, so you have to take that into account and beat them post flop.

Like I say it's early days yet. I am having a hard time with my big hands though. AK is a HUGE loser for me ATM. Not only does it miss every flop, but it also misses when I get it in with flip type situations. I am really gonna have to slow it down with AK from now on. Now I just have to stop running set over set and getting my AA cracked!

Anyways, here is my boring graph:

I am gonna keep working hard. over 7k hands so far but back at work Wednesday night so my volume will slow down.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mixing it a bit

Friday night I had a pretty big MTT session. I got very deep in quite a few:

Stars $3r - 571st/6396
Stars $22 Big Antes - 14th/298
Stars $10 20k GTD - 20th/2610 (gutted about this one)
Full Tilt 10k GTD - 44th/1295
Full Tilt Early Doouble B - 30th/1498

So many close calls with the big flips just not going my way at the crucial times, otherwise I would have hoped to convert at least 2 of those into final tables. Still I finished in decent profit for the session, so no complaints.

Tonight I went back to the mighty Rush and although I had some monster coolers and a more bad luck, I am still in profit for this month so far. Here are the latest graphs....

Still very early doors, but I am hoping to try and keep this one going. I can't keep getting coolered and running bad for stacks forever.

oh and fuck set over sets and KK into AA. That will be all :)

(If I didn't get a moan in, then it wouldn't be my blog!)


Thursday, 2 September 2010

September - Glutten for punishment?

Despite getting pretty much crushed last time I payed RUSH, I am determined to beat it. I think there has to be a decent strategy to use that can make you a lot of money. I know I didn't play that great last time, but I was on the end of negative variance. I am hoping this time I can just run a little better, although the start does particularly look that way with an immediate set over set and a fish spazzing out and hitting with his JQ vs AJ on a J high flop.

That said I did manage to turn it round into a positive session, so I can;t complain (Lol yeah right, I am sure moaning is the norm on this blog, eh Ant? :))

I just wanna run on EV this time, thats all I ask, I wanna be beating rush and not getting a beating from it!