Wednesday, 22 September 2010


..or lack of!

So since my last post with all my BS about grinding NL20, I ended up sodding that off and looking for the juicy NL100 and NL50 tables... hahaha. WTF is wrong with me?

Anways, I am up on Purple Lounge at the minute. I think around $400 ish, but my volume is only ~3k hands, which is pish poor. I am once again failing to get motivated for a grind. sigh. I need to work this out.

I did however put some time in on stars the last couple of days trying to hit one of these milestone bonuses. Did I mange? Did I fuck!. I don;t even think I came close. I was 7 tabling 6-max NL25. I even finished down about $25 after ~2.5k hands, which sucks. Didn;t do too much wrong, just missed a few big draws that failed to get there for me and a couple of mis-placed aggression hands.

Sunday night I spent a little time grinding some MTT's. Got deep in afew, but only one culminated in a final table and that was the $4 2r 1a on stars. I played the final table like a fucking nit and horrible tbh. I really should have opened up a bit, but my cards were so horrible and the guy on my left kept 3-bet shoving on me earlier  on and basically this shut me down a bit.

I eventually lost a big flip when I shoved QK and got a caller in TT, which held. Then shoved super short with 46s and won vs T5 when I rivered the flush. Finally lost when I pushed from the BTN with TJ got a caller in A9, I flop the Jack, but obv one of the 84million Aces in the stars deck hit the river.

Out in 7th for $189, which covered all my buy-ins for the night, so not all bad.

Anyways, back to cash games and I am really hoping I can pull my finger out of my ass and get the grind on again. Thats how I am gonna make money, mostly from rakeback, granted, but these Micro tables are so much juicier than stars or FT.

Not really in the mood to write anymore.



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