Wednesday, 15 September 2010

For all of you who said....

"I told you so"............ Smart-arses, you were right. :)

RUSH poker is just one giant cooler fest. Unfortunately I was on the wrong of of my coollers pretty much all the time, but such is.

I finally finished on Full Tilt down about $433, which sucks royal balls. My only consolation was that I get about $110 back in rakeback. So, in a moment of anger and frustration I drew most of my dosh and put $1k into Purple Lounge again to start grinding some NL20 6-max.

I am not too worried about the stakes, I am more keen on being a bankroll nit for now until I learn to handle the tilt issues better.

So I begun and it's started off pretty well. I am around 8 buy-ins up after just over 1500 hands. Unfortunately I am having PT3 problems at the moment. It imports about 50 hands and then just stops importing, meaning I have to keep clearing the microgaming database before I can restart it and it's missed about 1/3 of the hands I have played. I think I might have found the problem though now, so fingers crossed.

I played a couple of MTT's on Micro last night and it was standard bullshit that bust me out of two and one interesting hand I think I played right. I'll post it on the forum for some feedback.

Right better get back to work

Hope you all run super hot!



  1. i love rush, think theres some great value in the comps tbh. the only downside is its imposs to play that many and i cant play em alongside norm mtts either.