Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Should I stick to RUSH?

I am so consumed by short term variance that it's funny really. I had a terrible session last night, then this afternoon I started off like a train, stopping at my frst break about 30 mins in ~5 buy-ins up!!!! Unfortunately when I returned a mixture of bad play and bad luck (FUCK Ace King) saw me down for the session by $10 after only another ten mins of play.

I immediately sat out as it was pretty clear I was on tilt.

One step forward 88 steps back.

Down 4 buy-ins for the month now, sigh.

Everyone keeps questioning why I play RUSH and tbh I am starting to come around to their way of thinking, it's such a variance ridden game and basically for one reason that Gorvacofin pointed out "At rush even the bad players can fold the junk hands and get another hand instantly", which is a great point. At standard tables the fish get bored and as such play a MUCH wider range of hands and  are so much easier to play against.

You can see I am talking my way out of this rush malarky can't you. lol.

I might try and stick it out to the end of the month and see if I can win/breakeven and then round up all my BR and go back to Microgaming with my 55% RB deal.

Does anyone know any RUSH poker threads where people talk about win rates and stats etc??? I'd love to be pointd in the right direction please.



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