Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mixing it a bit

Friday night I had a pretty big MTT session. I got very deep in quite a few:

Stars $3r - 571st/6396
Stars $22 Big Antes - 14th/298
Stars $10 20k GTD - 20th/2610 (gutted about this one)
Full Tilt 10k GTD - 44th/1295
Full Tilt Early Doouble B - 30th/1498

So many close calls with the big flips just not going my way at the crucial times, otherwise I would have hoped to convert at least 2 of those into final tables. Still I finished in decent profit for the session, so no complaints.

Tonight I went back to the mighty Rush and although I had some monster coolers and a more bad luck, I am still in profit for this month so far. Here are the latest graphs....

Still very early doors, but I am hoping to try and keep this one going. I can't keep getting coolered and running bad for stacks forever.

oh and fuck set over sets and KK into AA. That will be all :)

(If I didn't get a moan in, then it wouldn't be my blog!)



  1. Good stats fella, keep attacking!

  2. I feel like the expert of running into AA at the moment. Stopped playing the 2/180s and switched the 45 man games.

    Good luck with Rush, I love the concept but run even worse than you would you believe!