Tuesday, 7 September 2010


What can you do? I am 8 buy-ins down tonight and have hit my stop-loss. I have aces 5 times in 835 hands and it got cracked for stacks 4 times. Yep 4/5 and I won a piddly pot with the other one. It's a fkin disgrace. One hand I got it in on a K high board vs KQ and turn Q. Got it in on a 37J board vs a guy I had history with and he shoved with 89. I snapped and the turn was a ten. I got it in on a t34 two heart board and ran into 33 for a set. blah blah fucking blah.

I really felt I was playing well until tonight. Now I have just tilted two extra buy-ins off in pure frustration. Man I am a twat sometimes, but I hate it when shit like this happens.

Back into loss for the month. FUK OFF.

So incredibly frustrating after doing so well for so long.

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