Thursday, 9 September 2010

Bye rush

I can't beat and I am so fed up with all the fkin coolers.

Yeah  I am running below EV, but not too much, but the cooler after cooler situation I am experiencing is a fucking joke. I guess thats the nature of this game and not one I am prepared to keep putting myself through.

I really really thought I had it cracked a few days ago, but now I keep running set over set, overpairs into sets and two pair into sets and it's too much.

Bye Rush poker and



LOL. I suck so badly. Tilt just consumes me. I immediately drew most of my roll to neteller. I am so short sighted with poker that its daft.

I am trying to get my hands on a copy of "The Poker Mindset" if anyone knows anyone who has one, it would be appreciated.

I really need to get over this shit now ffs.


  1. I have one, I think, which you can have for nothing. Do you have my email address still? If not, its on my blog - just let me know where to send it and you can have it.

    If you want the truth though, I think you'd just be happier if you gave up poker.

  2. Yeah Mik, give up poker. I will plat sawdust if you do....

    Get back to the MTT's? You have had some decent results in them recently.

  3. LOL, I never meant give up poker, I meant give up Rush poker! hahha. Rosie, thankyou very much, but I have sorted a copy now. Very kind offer.

    John, I just haven't got the time to regularly grind the MTT schedules, so |Ill mnove back to normal cash for a bit and try and sort my head out with all this nonesense.