Thursday, 2 September 2010

September - Glutten for punishment?

Despite getting pretty much crushed last time I payed RUSH, I am determined to beat it. I think there has to be a decent strategy to use that can make you a lot of money. I know I didn't play that great last time, but I was on the end of negative variance. I am hoping this time I can just run a little better, although the start does particularly look that way with an immediate set over set and a fish spazzing out and hitting with his JQ vs AJ on a J high flop.

That said I did manage to turn it round into a positive session, so I can;t complain (Lol yeah right, I am sure moaning is the norm on this blog, eh Ant? :))

I just wanna run on EV this time, thats all I ask, I wanna be beating rush and not getting a beating from it!


  1. Rush is a mad mad game mate...just stay well away :-)

  2. rush = lunacy lol. btw very nice score in August !
    this place near you HIGHER TRAPP COUNTRY HOUSE HOTEL (Simonstone, Burnley) .... pity i'm on nights and can't really enjoy :(

  3. I play on Stars so I am not a Full Tilt Player so correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it this Rush poker foolishness is where you play a hand, and then get moved to another table. You would want to do this........why?

    No ability to get any real reads on your opponents. No ability to find a juicy fish that you can exploit over and over again. No way to lay the foundation of any kind of table image and then utilize that image to punish and exploit your opponents. You play this..... why?

  4. Hey Starlight, 2 main reasons I play it:

    1. The fish LOVE it and anywhere recreational players are donking there money about is a place I wanna be.

    2. You can get decent volume in without mass multi-tabling, so ideal for the Laptop.

    Pokertracker does work with rush now, so you can get some reads. Also notes work, so it's well worth tagging the Agrro/passive players.

  5. You staying there when you are working David?

    If you are there for a short while give me a shout.

  6. I stay away from rush. You'll only lose money in the long run I think.