Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Old Stomping Ground

At the end of last week I played some SnG's that I hadn't player for a long while, the $15 18 man games on Stars. On first impression it looks quite soft. My BR is ~100 Buy-ins so I will probably give these a shot and see how they go.

I'll play 100 first and see where I am at and whether I think they will be profitable. This is the plan:

Number of Tables: 12-14
Stop Loss - 30 buy ins ($450) - If I lose this much i stop playing.
Software: TableNinja and Poker Tracker

I have no idea if they have gotten softer because of Black Friday or not, but I will find out. I will mainly be grinding from 7pm UK time to coincide with when most casual eurodonks are online, as I feel that has to be the most profitable time.

Only time will tell. Fingers crossed I can keep the tilt monkey at bay.

On a seperate note, well done to NoCash for luckboxing two fucking huge scores Live in August, raggy bastard!! wp sir.

Righty Laters.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Playing and railing...

As you saw in the last post I played a small MTT session Saturday and made a profit, but nothing really noteworthy. Sunday we went over the the in-laws for the day and got back a little late to play a session so I ground out some SnG's, 40 x $7 Turbo STT's and again managed a profit, so no complaints.

Monday I saw a deal on hotukdeals for an X11 Turtle Beach Headset for the Xbox360, which I though would be ideal as I could use them for both the PC and the Xbox, but mainly so the Xbox sound comes through them and not the TV, which for anyone who plays Call Of Duty, will realise having good sound quality/volume does give you an advantage, you'd be amazed how much more perceptive you are! So I ordered myself some to be picked up Tuesday.

Monday night I decided to play another MTT session, but before I started I saw our resident MTT Pro had started a thread over on RTR starting his session. I started and my session just went to absolute ratshit. I played fucking awful, no excuses, making moves on people and them just having the goods everytime. So dumb really. Anyways my session ended early so I was railing kenn and chatting with him at the same time. His insight is pretty incredible, situations I thought were close were so black and white to him, I remember one hand on the bubble of a tourney where he opens in EP and the BTN ships on him and has him slightly covered. Kenn has TT and the villain had A9. I thought it was a fkin terribad shove vs an early opener who had about 20 BB's, but kenn told me it was a super standard spot... I have a lot to learn about higher buy-in MTT bubble play :)

Back to the story, anyways he only goes and binks the $55 1r 1A for over $4.5k, just like that! I have never seen a final table domination like that it was fantastic, check out the thread and see for yourself. Final hand was incredible, 3 handed it all goes in AA (kenn) vs KK vs KJhh, flop comes two hearts, but somehow kenn still holds and takes it down weeeeeeeee.

I think I am his lucky charm, last time I railed him properly like that he binked the major on Party for about $40k. lol mbsfn! The best thing though is he is so open to sharing thoughts and advice, something I really should take more advantage of, but I know he plays for a living, so I understand how precious his time must be, especially with such a young family. Keep up the good work kenn.

Tuesday night I just wasn't in the mood for poker, so I picked up my new X11's and decided to crush some Black Ops instead :) (beats watching that big brother shit) I railed Kenn a bit too, he chopped a $22 big antes, but ran pretty bad when deep all over the place.

That was bascially my weekend poker-wise.

In other news have you seen this shit Microgaming are introducing? LINK HERE  you have to be fucking joking right? Seriously this is basically a bot that can play the early stages of an MTT/SnG for you. It will only raise the range of hands you tell it to and will fold for you. It even comes pre set for you! wtf, fucking idiots. It's obvious why they have done it, it's so more people can play more tables and create more rake, but what it also does is remove the human element from the game. It removes the tilt, the frustration, the inquisitive nature that comes along with poker.

 Not only that it means the donks and fish can now play a pretty much un-exploitable game because they won't be entering pots with all sorts of shit they normally do. It's an absolute killer for me and whover thought this would be a good idea at Microgaming needs sacking immediately, this will kill their games as who wants to play against a huge set of bots?

If you look at that image you can even set it to make the folding times random, so it's not obvious who is using it and who isn't. Wankers. This is basically a poker bot and thats it. Unbeliveably stupid on Micro's part.



Righty thanks for reading.

oh and if you want a good laugh check out a thread one of the poker lads on RTR started over at 2+2, rubbish, you are a genius!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Satuday Nightaments

Going to try and update thoughout the night as I play. No idea how it will go though :)

All MTT's on stars tonight (Because I can use tableninja for ease)

18.50 - $11 turbo sat to the Big $55 won seat +$44
19.00 - $1.10 World Cup Of Poker Thingy 94/791 +$0.64
19.00 - $11 $50k GTD 639/8673 +$6.34
19.30 - 100FPP VIP Platiunum Freeroll $30k GTD 812/15525 +$3.00
19.30 - $4 Turbo $10k GTD 748/3531 -$4
19.40 -$16.50 Double Shootout lost HU first round.
19.45 -$3 rebuy 2x Turbo $10k GTD - 459/1062 -$12
19.45 - $4 2R1A 22/299 +$11.91
20.00 - $22 Big Antes 360 Cap $5k GTD 13/360 +$75.70
20.00 -$5 turbo $20k gtd 1678/4668 -$5
20.00 -$55 Big Game 260/2539 +$46.46
20.15 -$5 Turbo Knockout $6k GTD 1355/3258 -$5.40
20.30 $11 $20k GTD 938/2729 -$11

OVERALL +$134.25

Some sats in there and other bits and bobs.

Lets gogogogogogogogogo

edit 18.55 - trebled up straight away in the 55 sat with AA vs QQ vs TT. weeeeee

19.55 - got seat into 55. Nothing else of note. Curry due in ten mins weeeee

20.25, lost HU in fist shootout AT no good vs Q6, going ok in est

23.39, sorry been very busy! all oiver shop earlier, down to last two now.. $4 2R1A, sat 8/34 and 22 big antes 9/24.  cashed in big 55, 50k gtd, VIP thingy and 1 othe I think. will update after

00.01  it's all gone pete tong. Got into a raising war BVB in the big antes with a guy who has a 3 bet of 21% over 111 hands from blinds (I was SB to hhis BB) I raise 88, he 3-bets which I fully expected, so I 4-bet shoved, he had QQ. FML! less than 10 BB's in that

in the $42R1A it was pretty weird and maniac hit the table playing over 70% of his hands and raising like 55% of those, he was nuts. I open 55 from MP, get flatted in LP and maniac shoves. I decided before the hand if he did I was calling, so I did. He had K2 soooooooooted. Flopped a 2 and rivered a K. gtfo. Guy was a total fkin drooler, but mbn to run that hot.

 00.11 and out, shove J9s into AQ and suckout for a double, then shove KQ from button and BB calls with A6 (the BVB twat from earlier) and binks an ace. gg me.

Decent night overall and in profit so can;t really complain, just a shame a little more luck could have meant at least two decent scores. oh well.

also cheers for the railage from gorvacofin and bullmeister.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Platinum VIP :)

Poker is going ok ATM, I can;t really seem to get anything going though. I have just been pissin around grinding some $7 Turbo STT's. No idea how many I have played right now as I don;t have Poker Tracker to hand, but I know that I am a mighty $9 in profit, plus two stellar rewards of $10 each. Obv I can almost retire on that mightily impressive performance!

Just a change of scenery really and to get the Platinum Star and try and accrue some FPP's whilst I have the decent multiplier. I have been fairly comfortably multi-tabling 16 tables, although I am going to have to drag out my second monitor in future I think as when it tries to auto-reg for the next games it seriously pisses me off keep popping up over my tables, much easier if I hold the lobby on the 2nd monitor.

Got one more night at work and then finally a few days off, in which I hopefully want to grind some MTT's as well, whether I actually will is anotehr matter.

Been working hard on the forum and trying to code new stuff in, mainly SEO stuff to try and help the search engine rankings for the site, but it's a slow process ATM, some of the stuff I am struggling to get my head around, like Apache for the re-writing of URL's, bleh. Managed to sort a few things out, but will keep trying in the short times I have to get stuff done.

Another thing I have been doing is listening to quadjacks radio and a lot of their podcasts and I have to say it's my new favourite poker podcast over 2+2's. Here are some links to the better stuff..

Devilfish Interview

Gotta say the Devilfish really cracks me up. Some of his one like are fkin brilliant, but the Canadian and Yank hosts just don;t get it at all, mainly due to the speed in which he fires them off. Wp Devilfish, great interview.

Mike the Mouth, Negreanu and Matt Savage including lots of talk about Full Tilt.

This one starts off with the no talking rule in a hand with Savage and Negreabu, but then The Mouth comes on and they get him talking about Full Tilt and it's very interesting.

Righty offski now



Friday, 12 August 2011


Bored at work (I have grafted like a bastard for the first 10 hours), I am sitting here wondering what is going to happen with online poker in the next year or so, there are so many directions is could take that it's pretty hard to fathom, so although these could be way off the mark and complete bollocks, these are my thoughts...

1. Good Scenarios - Europe: Recently there has been some movement in all the ring-fencing that was going on i.e. France, Italy etc and Pokerstars has helped convince these two governements that they cannot run a viable business with the tax rates they are charging and their licensing and as such there are talks of them merging into one, which may pave the way for slowly but surely allow them to start opening up to the rest of the Euro zone, which is fantastic for us because we all know how spewtastic both the French and Italians were when playing.

USA: They get online poker regulated and there are not ringfenced off to the ROW. Meaning we get thousands and thousands of casual donks once again hitting the virtual felt with us and giving us a licence to print money.

Obviously thats a very optomistic view, but with the Epic poker league stuff recently and such it really does look more and more likely the US are going to get their regulation sorted and get back online. Some even predict it could happen in 2011!!

There are various thoughts as to who would be the major online players, but I genuinely think Party will be there or there-abouts and almost definately a could of the big land based Vegas casino's. I think they will force pokerstars out of the market for X number of months to give the competition time to get on their feet. Just my opinion there.

2. Pessemistic view: Europe:  We have recently heard of the government thinking about stepping into look at online poker and the licencing and the way it was explained (or how I read it), that we too could go down the route of France and Italy and be ring-fenced off and they would use the excuse as to protect their citizens from situations like Full Tilt, because the Sites would have to have a specific UK Licence and be based in the UK (which is pretty tough given our tax rates).

I worry that they will just see pound signs, especially in times of economic hardship and whether it's in our interest or not, screw us over. IMO that has a very real chance of happening under this government, but I really hope it doesn't.

As for Europe, I think more and more countries could follow the lead of France and Italy because they are so concerned with money leaving their economies at this time and make sure that the money and taxes all stay sort of 'in-house', which will obviously shrink the overall player pools even more!

In regards to the US, IMO they are so fucking corrupt, that it will be basically about who has the most money and political influence as to what happens, nothing to do with their citizens. It could very well head down the route of inter-state poker, where players could only play online vs other players from their state, which would suck balls for everyone else. It could also be just US only, it's so vague.

I hear that it has sort of been agreed poker can come back online as long as it's regulated, but there ais lots of in-fighting in regards to the actual wording of these regulations and basically all because of the financial impacts to the bigger corporations, obviously everyone wants their slice of the pie...

It's a serious transitional period for online poker right now and if it goes the right way for the players it could be incredible for us.

Fingers crossed eh?!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work and play..

Not posted for a while, but poker wise there isn;t an awful lot to say. I have definately been playing, but nothing consistent, I have ranged from MTT's, to cash and to Hyper Turbo Heads up SnG's!

I have probably only managed one or two nights of playing MTT's since my last post, mainly due to just not having the time to sit down for a very long session, so instead I have been doing other bits and bats, to try and get this Platinum Stars status with Pokerstars' VIP special for August.

I started playing some NL25 6-max Cash, did ok, but down overall, mainly due to some ridiculous aggression on my part, but only lost about 2.5 buy-ins over ~3.5k hands, so nothing major.

I then played a few SnG's for fun, $15 Heads-Up Hyper turbo's and tbh they are just variance fests, whoever runs best makes most money. I started off well and then went on a pretty shitty run where I just couldn;t get a hand to hold for love nor money. I then set up a challenge on the forums, basically, starting at the $3.50 HU Hypers, see how far up you could go winning games in a row, once you lose you go back to level one. I managed to get as high as as the $60 and then lost when I basically got owned on a low flop by a set of 6's..lol. I played quite a few doing this until I started getting tilty and fucked it off.

I next moved onto the $7 STT turbo games and had to work out how to use the SnG opener on Table Ninja (I used to used StarsFSO in Hotkeys) and managed to play 14 tables fairly comfortably tbh.

All in all for all the tourneys this month so far, ~170 I think, I am a massive $5 up! rotfl. FML.

I am considering a lot of live events that look really good this month,. but no decisions yet.

So that in a nutshell has been my poker for the month so far.. yawn, boring.

On a none poker front I got a lump on my scalp, which over the course of a few days got more and more painfull and felt like it was full of liquid, so  I tried numerous times to pop the fucker with needles, but without any success, all I ever pretty much got was blood. Eventually, after a week I resigned myself with a visit to the doctors to be informed I had a Sabateuos Cyst that was infected, no wonder I trouble sleeping because of it. She gave me antibiotics to treat the infection and then hopefully I could have it lanced at hospital in a few days . Anyways I managed to burst the bad boy today and you should have seen all the shyte come out of it...eurghhhh, my little lad was fascinated!!. Actually feels a shitload less painfull now, but has left a small bald patch on the back of my head. Bastard. I'll bet your glad I told you that eh? lol.

Been extremely busy at work because of all the holidays and covering off extra shifts. Been pretty much working Mon, Tuesday days all day and then Weds, thurs fri night, as nights, rinse repeat. Not too bad though because the weather has turned to rat shit, so not an awful lot to do anyways. Looking forward to my September pay packet :)

Onto these riots... wtf is going wrong? Society is so messed up right now and so many scumbag opportunists got out onto the streets to loot and vandalise anything they could, it was so demoralising to watch and see developing. Imagine those small business owners...

I did see one thing that left tears in my eyes, in London these morons looted...wait for it... POUNDLAND! loooooooool. There is a picture of a black lady running from, the stare with what must be a fiver's worth of crisps in her arms! lolololol. Seriously, if you robbed the whole fucking stock you would have about £200 worth of gear. Let me try and find the pic...

At least loot a shop worth looting ffs! Daft cow.

Seems to have all calmed down tonight and rightly so, I hope the coppers nail some of these idiots to the wall, but most likely as usual their human rights would be infringed in some minor way and the PC brigade, with nothing better to do, would jump up and down and defend them in every possible way.

offski now, if yopu read all that shit, thankyou!