Thursday, 18 August 2011

Platinum VIP :)

Poker is going ok ATM, I can;t really seem to get anything going though. I have just been pissin around grinding some $7 Turbo STT's. No idea how many I have played right now as I don;t have Poker Tracker to hand, but I know that I am a mighty $9 in profit, plus two stellar rewards of $10 each. Obv I can almost retire on that mightily impressive performance!

Just a change of scenery really and to get the Platinum Star and try and accrue some FPP's whilst I have the decent multiplier. I have been fairly comfortably multi-tabling 16 tables, although I am going to have to drag out my second monitor in future I think as when it tries to auto-reg for the next games it seriously pisses me off keep popping up over my tables, much easier if I hold the lobby on the 2nd monitor.

Got one more night at work and then finally a few days off, in which I hopefully want to grind some MTT's as well, whether I actually will is anotehr matter.

Been working hard on the forum and trying to code new stuff in, mainly SEO stuff to try and help the search engine rankings for the site, but it's a slow process ATM, some of the stuff I am struggling to get my head around, like Apache for the re-writing of URL's, bleh. Managed to sort a few things out, but will keep trying in the short times I have to get stuff done.

Another thing I have been doing is listening to quadjacks radio and a lot of their podcasts and I have to say it's my new favourite poker podcast over 2+2's. Here are some links to the better stuff..

Devilfish Interview

Gotta say the Devilfish really cracks me up. Some of his one like are fkin brilliant, but the Canadian and Yank hosts just don;t get it at all, mainly due to the speed in which he fires them off. Wp Devilfish, great interview.

Mike the Mouth, Negreanu and Matt Savage including lots of talk about Full Tilt.

This one starts off with the no talking rule in a hand with Savage and Negreabu, but then The Mouth comes on and they get him talking about Full Tilt and it's very interesting.

Righty offski now



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