Saturday, 20 August 2011

Satuday Nightaments

Going to try and update thoughout the night as I play. No idea how it will go though :)

All MTT's on stars tonight (Because I can use tableninja for ease)

18.50 - $11 turbo sat to the Big $55 won seat +$44
19.00 - $1.10 World Cup Of Poker Thingy 94/791 +$0.64
19.00 - $11 $50k GTD 639/8673 +$6.34
19.30 - 100FPP VIP Platiunum Freeroll $30k GTD 812/15525 +$3.00
19.30 - $4 Turbo $10k GTD 748/3531 -$4
19.40 -$16.50 Double Shootout lost HU first round.
19.45 -$3 rebuy 2x Turbo $10k GTD - 459/1062 -$12
19.45 - $4 2R1A 22/299 +$11.91
20.00 - $22 Big Antes 360 Cap $5k GTD 13/360 +$75.70
20.00 -$5 turbo $20k gtd 1678/4668 -$5
20.00 -$55 Big Game 260/2539 +$46.46
20.15 -$5 Turbo Knockout $6k GTD 1355/3258 -$5.40
20.30 $11 $20k GTD 938/2729 -$11

OVERALL +$134.25

Some sats in there and other bits and bobs.

Lets gogogogogogogogogo

edit 18.55 - trebled up straight away in the 55 sat with AA vs QQ vs TT. weeeeee

19.55 - got seat into 55. Nothing else of note. Curry due in ten mins weeeee

20.25, lost HU in fist shootout AT no good vs Q6, going ok in est

23.39, sorry been very busy! all oiver shop earlier, down to last two now.. $4 2R1A, sat 8/34 and 22 big antes 9/24.  cashed in big 55, 50k gtd, VIP thingy and 1 othe I think. will update after

00.01  it's all gone pete tong. Got into a raising war BVB in the big antes with a guy who has a 3 bet of 21% over 111 hands from blinds (I was SB to hhis BB) I raise 88, he 3-bets which I fully expected, so I 4-bet shoved, he had QQ. FML! less than 10 BB's in that

in the $42R1A it was pretty weird and maniac hit the table playing over 70% of his hands and raising like 55% of those, he was nuts. I open 55 from MP, get flatted in LP and maniac shoves. I decided before the hand if he did I was calling, so I did. He had K2 soooooooooted. Flopped a 2 and rivered a K. gtfo. Guy was a total fkin drooler, but mbn to run that hot.

 00.11 and out, shove J9s into AQ and suckout for a double, then shove KQ from button and BB calls with A6 (the BVB twat from earlier) and binks an ace. gg me.

Decent night overall and in profit so can;t really complain, just a shame a little more luck could have meant at least two decent scores. oh well.

also cheers for the railage from gorvacofin and bullmeister.

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