Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Old Stomping Ground

At the end of last week I played some SnG's that I hadn't player for a long while, the $15 18 man games on Stars. On first impression it looks quite soft. My BR is ~100 Buy-ins so I will probably give these a shot and see how they go.

I'll play 100 first and see where I am at and whether I think they will be profitable. This is the plan:

Number of Tables: 12-14
Stop Loss - 30 buy ins ($450) - If I lose this much i stop playing.
Software: TableNinja and Poker Tracker

I have no idea if they have gotten softer because of Black Friday or not, but I will find out. I will mainly be grinding from 7pm UK time to coincide with when most casual eurodonks are online, as I feel that has to be the most profitable time.

Only time will tell. Fingers crossed I can keep the tilt monkey at bay.

On a seperate note, well done to NoCash for luckboxing two fucking huge scores Live in August, raggy bastard!! wp sir.

Righty Laters.


  1. Hi Mik

    I've tripled through a miniscule roll on Stars at the $7 18 man sng's - up to $175+. I was just thinking of stepping up to the 15's so I'm encouraged to hear you find those soft. I'll keep an eye out for ya!


  2. Yip, yip. Just played my first $15 and binked it. These will do for me :-)

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