Sunday, 26 June 2011

Wp Bullyfish

you lucky bastard!

2nd in the APAT Team championships Individual event, picking up a few quid and a silver medal for that and a gold medal for his team winning the team event itself!!!

Always good to see a mate doing well. Followed his progress from Day 1, where he got into one of the top 5 in chips and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the tourney. Definately his best live score to date and I am pretty sure it will have given him the poker bug back. n1 mate.

here is the jizzmeister in action:

Obviously this has now given me a taste to play some live poker, something I rarely get to do with my daft work shifts and the young family, so I have been looking around for events.

Definately gonna try and play the APAT Main Event at DTD in August, also looking at the Gala casino one over in Leeds in July and might have a gander around for a few more. I fancy UKIPT TBH, but  with it being in Brighton next it's a bit unfair to fuck off for a full weekend and leave the Mrs with the liitle ones.

Gonna have to venture to either Manchester or Blackpool for a few local games, probably the week after next as it's a stag do this weekend, which will definately get messy.

reet oh, congrats to Bully and Kronsdat (he was team captain)!


Saturday, 25 June 2011

Bubble Boy

I did manage to play some more MTT's on Tuesday night, but tbh it was a washout, including being the bubble boy in the 3k GTD I had won the night before when my AJ was no match for K6 AIPF :)

I also played a few on 888poker and was the bubble boy again in another of those. I think I only managed one min cash out of the 7 tourneys I played, which I felt was poor, but tbh I wasn;t playing very well.

This was the first time I had played on 888poker and it took a lot of getting used to. I am still undecided if I like the software or not, it feels very 'clunky' on first impressions and I timed out numerous times, which pissed me off, especially as one time I had Aces fairly deep into one oif the rebuy tourneys.

The schedule looks ok, much better than Microgaming if I am honest, a few games ranging from $5-$50, which is what I am looking at in NLHE and starting betweeen 7pm-9pm, which is usualluy the time I register for the games so that none of them finish too late into the morning.

In work today on overtime, so hopefully should be able to play a few tonight and see how I get on.

On the downside I ended up having a go on their live casino and blew ~$300 through chasing my early losses, sigh, I really piss myself off sometimes.

Right, better get some work done.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ship It!

Decent Night last night, my second night into the MTT's!

Shipped the €3k GTD on Micro:

Took it down for €900 ($1289)!

Also had a deep run in the €16.50 rebuy, finishing 25th of 481 for just over €100. Came 42/209 in the €10 bounty and 12/44 in some €5 donkament. Also, I played a €16.50 carnage satellite for the €10k GTD €100 buy-in and just missed out on a seat, but got 2nd for €88. So overall a good €1000+ for the night! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Obviously poker is great when you are winning as we all know, so I'll take the good times when I get them.

Tonight will be the last night I can play again until Saturday because of work, but I'll have another go and see if I can retain my crown :)

Ok, Brag over, time to assemble the table and chairs the Mrs persuaded me to buy, sigh gg this afternoon!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Hopefully I am back!

I have decided to pretty much move all my cash back to poker for now (until the US Sportsbook's are in a much better place). I have done lots and probably most of the UK/Euro sign-ups and was getting very bored with it tbh as there was hardly anything new popping up, so I ended up having punts on the nags at Ascot all week and it's been a bloodbath! I have dropped quite a bit of dosh and I am very pissed off at myself for the lack of discipline. So I figured the best thing is to get all my cash of Betfair and move it to an ewallet for now until I decide which poker sites I am going to frequent.

I did move some money to Ladbrokes to be able to play the Microgaming MTT's and I would ideally have liked to have put some on Full Tilt as I like their schedule and not huge fields, but I don;t feel they are trustworthy enough ATM with all the shit being flung in their direction.

I have been toying with the idea of 888 (mainly because they are associated with APAT and I want to play more APAT events this year) and I might take another look at Betfair.

I still like Pokerstars, but still despise their enormously huge fields for most tourneys upto $50 buy-ins, which will be my main staple.

I am going to see what deals are out there and read some reviews before deciding.

I decided to play some games last night, including a turbo feeder to the Sunday Million on Stars, which I got a seat from 1st attempt, but then managed to play like a fucking moron in the actual Sunday Million and bust out within the first two hours.

I also played some games on Laddies, including a €20 rebuy 6-max, which I final Tabled and lost a big flip my AQ vs TT for the world. Ended up with €233 instead of the €2.4k up top. The standard in that was truly awful, so many people open limping and then calling a raise. I just kept chipping away at them whilst they were giving away the free chips, so thankyou to them :)

Going to get back to the tables tonight.

Right, off out now to take the little lad to a big play facility in Preston.