Monday, 20 June 2011

Hopefully I am back!

I have decided to pretty much move all my cash back to poker for now (until the US Sportsbook's are in a much better place). I have done lots and probably most of the UK/Euro sign-ups and was getting very bored with it tbh as there was hardly anything new popping up, so I ended up having punts on the nags at Ascot all week and it's been a bloodbath! I have dropped quite a bit of dosh and I am very pissed off at myself for the lack of discipline. So I figured the best thing is to get all my cash of Betfair and move it to an ewallet for now until I decide which poker sites I am going to frequent.

I did move some money to Ladbrokes to be able to play the Microgaming MTT's and I would ideally have liked to have put some on Full Tilt as I like their schedule and not huge fields, but I don;t feel they are trustworthy enough ATM with all the shit being flung in their direction.

I have been toying with the idea of 888 (mainly because they are associated with APAT and I want to play more APAT events this year) and I might take another look at Betfair.

I still like Pokerstars, but still despise their enormously huge fields for most tourneys upto $50 buy-ins, which will be my main staple.

I am going to see what deals are out there and read some reviews before deciding.

I decided to play some games last night, including a turbo feeder to the Sunday Million on Stars, which I got a seat from 1st attempt, but then managed to play like a fucking moron in the actual Sunday Million and bust out within the first two hours.

I also played some games on Laddies, including a €20 rebuy 6-max, which I final Tabled and lost a big flip my AQ vs TT for the world. Ended up with €233 instead of the €2.4k up top. The standard in that was truly awful, so many people open limping and then calling a raise. I just kept chipping away at them whilst they were giving away the free chips, so thankyou to them :)

Going to get back to the tables tonight.

Right, off out now to take the little lad to a big play facility in Preston.


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  1. We knew you'd be back, everytime you get out, well frag you back in :)