Tuesday, 26 May 2009


No poker yesterday, but I did go down to wembley to watch the Clarets gain promotion to the premier League!!! I have some photos and videos that I'll hopefully get up tomorrow tomorrow! Suffice to say getting to bed at 1am after a shitty coach journey and then gettin up at 6am for work does'nt go too well together!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The night of the runner runner..

As the title states, I had a fair few runner runners on me tonight. 2 flushes got there and on runner runner full house when i flopped the flush!

Runner runner A

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $2.00 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Hand Converter from HandHistoryConverter.com

Preflop: Hero is SB with K, A

UTG calls, 5 folds, Button raises, Hero 3-bets, 1 fold, UTG calls, Button calls

Flop: (10 SB) Q, 8, A (3 players)

Hero bets, UTG calls, Button calls

Turn: (6.5 BB) 8 (3 players)

Hero bets, UTG calls, 1 fold

River: (8.5 BB) 4 (2 players)

Hero bets, UTG raises, Hero calls

Total pot: $25 (12.5 BB) Rake: $1


Hero had K, A (two pair, Aces and eights).

UTG had 10, 9 (flush, Ace high).

Outcome: UTG won $24

Runner Runner B damned converter would not work.

PokerStars Game #28537229681: Hold'em Limit ($1/$2) - 2009/05/23 21:37:54 WET [2009/05/23 16:37:54 ET]
Table 'Graffias' 10-max Seat #10 is the button
Seat 1: mrfalkster ($18 in chips)
Seat 2: BurnleyMik ($78.75 in chips)
Seat 3: ubelieveme ($27 in chips)
Seat 4: gajn ($45.25 in chips)
Seat 5: niwin ($46.75 in chips)
Seat 6: PPB75 ($30.25 in chips)
Seat 8: tripCCC ($36.75 in chips)
Seat 9: Pichoona ($26.25 in chips)
Seat 10: Brulk ($29 in chips)
mrfalkster: posts small blind $0.50
BurnleyMik: posts big blind $1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to BurnleyMik [6s Qs]
ubelieveme: folds
gajn: folds
niwin: folds
PPB75: folds
tripCCC: folds
Pichoona: calls $1
Brulk: folds
mrfalkster: calls $0.50
BurnleyMik: checks
*** FLOP *** [4s 3s Ts]
mrfalkster: bets $1
BurnleyMik: raises $1 to $2
Pichoona: calls $2
mrfalkster: calls $1
*** TURN *** [4s 3s Ts] [4c]
mrfalkster: checks
BurnleyMik: bets $2
Pichoona: calls $2
mrfalkster: raises $2 to $4
jo-tk has returned
BurnleyMik: raises $2 to $6
Pichoona: calls $4
mrfalkster: calls $2
*** RIVER *** [4s 3s Ts 4c] [Jc]
mrfalkster: checks
BurnleyMik: checks
Pichoona: checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
mrfalkster: shows [4h Jh] (a full house, Fours full of Jacks)
BurnleyMik: shows [6s Qs] (a flush, Queen high)
Pichoona: mucks hand
mrfalkster collected $26 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $27 Rake $1
Board [4s 3s Ts 4c Jc]
Seat 1: mrfalkster (small blind) showed [4h Jh] and won ($26) with a full house, Fours full of Jacks
Seat 2: BurnleyMik (big blind) showed [6s Qs] and lost with a flush, Queen high
Seat 3: ubelieveme folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: gajn folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: niwin folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: PPB75 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: tripCCC folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: Pichoona mucked [As 9d]
Seat 10: Brulk (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)

The other outdraw wasn;t really a big pot, so not too concerned.

I did get cold decked too losing a big pot here:

PokerStars Limit Hold'em, $2.00 BB (9 handed) - Poker-Stars Hand Converter from HandHistoryConverter.com

Preflop: Hero is MP1 with J, J

2 folds, Hero raises, MP2 3-bets, 5 folds, Hero calls

Flop: (7.5 SB) 3, 8, K (2 players)

Hero checks, MP2 bets, Hero calls

Turn: (4.75 BB) J (2 players)

Hero bets, MP2 raises, Hero 3-bets, MP2 caps, Hero calls

River: (12.75 BB) 8 (2 players)

Hero bets, MP2 raises, Hero calls

Total pot: $33.50 (16.75 BB) | Rake: $1


Hero had J, J (full house, Jacks over eights).

MP2 had K, K (full house, Kings over eights).

Outcome: MP2 won $32.50

Despite all that it was the weirdest thing ever because I broke exactly even! I didn;t win or lose a penny for the entire 1.3k hands! lololol. fuckin weird.

Strange how shit works out sometimes.

Friday, 22 May 2009

End of downswong?

Or just having a one off good run??? I ran pretty well tonight. with my flushes getting there when betting them hard and actually flopping a few sets and even quad 4's once! weeeeeeeeeee

I finished the session $89.25 up, despite running QQ into KK twice and AA into KK once! So, I am pretty happy with that result.

On a side note, myself and Amatay have put a great deal together for the members of the forums where the winner/s of our tourneys get to go for a two day stay in Paris and gets to play in a €250 deepstacks tourney in the Aviation Club de Paris! Its pretty good tbh and if things go well we will be doing loads more of these in the future.
If you are not a member then go over and get yourself signed up!
we also have some ideas for getting players to the 2010 WSOP and some new syndicates!
Anyways, I hope my goot run continues!

Might give that a miss!

I decided yesterday to have a change of sceneary and play some NLHE tables instead. lol. I thought the variance was harsh in Limit! I ran horribly. My aces had a win rate of just 76% over 17 times I got them. I managed to lose a total of just over $80 with them. when you consider a normal win rate for Aces, is about 90-92%, it shows I was running pretty bad. TBH, I was also very rusty. My bet sizing was poor and with playing so many tables, i really was doing some poor stuff, so i was lucky I guess to only finish the day $77 down. So thats 4 losing days in a row. It's really gutting.

Also, I hardly racked up any VPP's. despite playing 22-24 tables and over 3k hands. So that makes the decision to avoid it pretty easy. Tonight I'll step back to LHE and finally try and get a winning session in.

Hopefully, i can finally put in a winning session. I m now down $430 for the month playing LHE and NLHE. ffs!

It's a bit annoying as I made $297 in a day on the 1st May, playing my usual SnG's. I know I could have been building the roll nicely if i had stuck with them, but I made the change to get SN and I have come so far now, that I might as well do it.

One time.. gimme a hot run!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Not as it seems...

I am a grand total of $364 up playing LHE so far, but I can;t beat the rake as well. Without rake I am doing quite well! lol. with rake I am $360 down ATM.

That includes losing another $21.50 tonight over 1.3k hands.

It's a catch 22. I need the rake for the VPP's, but it's making the games so much harder to beat.

So far this month I have played just over 28k hands for a -0.38/BB100 figure, which was really pissing me off, then I was looking at the VS player stats and realised that actually I am beating the players, just not the rake as well. So its not that bad.

Tonight pretty much continued from this afternoon. AA and KK cracked early doors. I get pissed off, spend the rest of the session trying to recover.

Wish i wasn;t so results orientated in the short term, but tbh I can;t help it because of the PT3 stats and stuff i review after each sesh.

oh well. Hit supernova and then have a review of what i would like to play from there on in...

Downswong continues

Off work now until Sunday, so figured I would play an hour, with 4 tables of $2/$4 for a change and see how it went... well it was total fucking dross. Got aces once, they got cracked by tens. Got Kings twice, once cracked by QT and once by 33. Kept flopping great flush draws and then not getting there. Then to finish off the session, I was in SB with TT, it folds to me I raise, BB calls. Flop is JJ5, I bet he calls. Turn is a 2. I bet, he raises, I call. He leads river, which is a 7 and I call. Of course he defended his BB with J2o and turns the boat. Fuck off man. Get real.

I am sure you run hot and cold with the Stars RNG. You never just have average sessions, its either shit or great. ATM its mega shit for me. Dropped $126.50 in just an hour and 428 hands. Sigh.

I had to stop cos if i carried on I would do my bollocks and tilt the lot off.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Just played about 1.2k hands and struggled like fuck. Could just tell it was going to be a hard session. I kept getting hands like JJ/QQ and running it into 4-bet cappers pre flop, then having to play them by chk calling to the river on low boards to see the inevitable AA/KK in villains hands.

Final straw was losing a big pot with AA, which i 4-bet pre flop and was called in two spots. Flop was JJ6. I bet and it was raised, one guy flats, I re-raise and they both flat. turn was a 2. I lead and get re raised again. Other guy calls and so I do too. River is a queen, I check one bets, the other raises, I am too stubborn/stupid to fold my aces, which I am well attached to and they show down JQ and J5s. LOL. Fkin limit!!

The deck was just cold all night. I never once got into profit according to my poker tracker graph for the session, but was never really more than $30 down either. it was like, get a big hand, raise, get re raised.. fuck, call and miss flop. Raise AK and AQ, miss flop, C-bet , get called. Lead turn get re-popped, bye bye AK/AQ! haha.

Way it goes. My only problem was that right before I quit I lost two big hands, meaning I dropped to minus $75 for the session. Fuck sake.

Just when yo think you are getting the hang of it... Mr Variance comes and kicks you right in the balls!

Oh well.. lol. I'll keep at it for now.

Hope you rn better.


Monday, 18 May 2009

SuperNova is on its way

yes it is baby!! I just keep grinding out the quick evening sessions and can see the forbidden fruit in site!
Tonight i played a very short session, less than an hour because i really couldn;t be arsed, but glad i did becaue I managed to turn an $87.50 profit in that time.
Still $100 down overall, but I am clawing it back, which is nice. I really regret those two sessions now and realised that a lot of my play was spewy/tilty. Stupid, but we learn from our mistakes.
My bankroll nearly had a big fat injection this morning and hopes were very high, when i woke up to view the forums to see that Kennl was deep in the FTOPS $535 Main Event. A number of us had bought percentage shares of kenn for a set number of tourneys he was going to play in the FTOPS. He had a few small cashes upto this point, but nothing of any significance and then this morning the online live thread showed he was deep.
I had a 2% share and first prize was $430k, meaning a very sweet $8.6k for me if he made it. I spent mst of the mornign checking the internet on my phone to see how he was going. At one point he was chip leader with 30 left, but then lost a couple of major flips and finally bust out in a very credible 14th for $17.5k. Still a great ROI for his backers, but kenn was dissapointed as I think he felt with little bit more luck he was taking that down.
I have no doubt that a big big score will come soon for kenn, his game is on another level right now. Well done mate and thanks!
Lastly a huge shout out to Mr and Mrs Snake_Eyes. Their little girl was born today at 1pm
weight 6lb 9oz!! Congrast and all the best to all three of you!
Thats all for now
Night all

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Quick hour..

Just played a quick session after working all day (12 hour shift). Not as many tables running as I hoped so could only get 17 going. Played a quick 1100 hands, for a small $44.25 profit., which ain't bad, but still haven;t recovered what I dropped in the last week.

I feel like I am finally getting the hang of it and properly nitting it up without going crazy. Ok, I know its a bit boring, hence why I like to play a lot of tables, but at the end of the day it's a means to an end. get Supernova and smile ..a lot!

Just playing tourneys and SnG's as a SuperNova is the equivalent to 28% rakeback, but that percentage is much higher at cash, add to that the freerolls and such and it's excellent value. Bring it on!!

I was reading the inside poker Magazine today at work and noticed that Moorman's dad managed to win the GUKPT in Manchester for £86k!! Moorman apparently bought him into it as a birthday gift!! Fuck me that family run goooot!!! hahaha. Congrats to him, looks like it runs in the family.

Thats all for now, off for a shower and bed.

GL all,


Saturday, 16 May 2009


.. exactly that. I fucked off the idea of playing some SnG's and decided to hit the stars tables again and carry on grinding out the VPP's. I played much steadier tonight, making sure I played less variance ridden ways, by always slowing down if I might be in trouble. I know i lose value to the bad players doing this, but there are so many fkin nits at these tables that its probably +EV in the long run, which tonight proved.

I didn;t feel I played particularly well but ended the session +$99.75, so obviously something went well. It's a strange game when you are multi-tabling so many tables because you can never really keep track of if you are up or down overall. I guess thats a good thing in reality because it stops you being results orientated. I love the intesity though of 24 tabing as its a bit manic and you just have to concentrate for the full session and by far the best site to do it is Stars.
Even though most people call it riverstars and the horrible way you seem to run sometimes on the site, it is by far the best software to play on IMO . Keep up the good work Stars.
On a non poker issue, I managed to get myself a ticket for the Playoff finals where Burnley take on Sheff Utd at Wembley. It'll be my first trip to the new Wembley and I am lookin forward to it. me and Bullmeister have the coach and that booked so it should make for a crackin day out! Come on you Clarets!
Thats all for now!
Keep nitting it up folks.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Weee!! got the 7.5k VPP's!!

Dry Bummed - A term for anal sex without lubrication. The term is commonly used to express a painful experience - such as a scalding telling off from your boss.
i.e. - "I had better finish this work to a high standard or I will get dry bummed"

Stars made me fkin pay for to get the 7.5k milestone!!! Dropped Another $200. A bit distraught cos I felt I played fairly well. It was only when I look at my PT3 stats that I realised I was so much down. I still don;t really know how. I knew I was getting continually sucked out on, but didn;t realise it had gone so far. Honestly, sometimes I fucking hate Pokerstars and bad players, especially when they continually hit against you, but I know in the long run i want them here.

So, thats 80k VPP's for free on June 3rd.

Prolly gonna take a few days off stars as it felt like the Doomswitch was on today and if I play tomorrow 'll only enter the games with a negative attitude, which won't hep me at all.

Might go back and crash some $10 45;s out of Full Tilt and see if i can maintain my very good ROI.

A quick thankyou to all who have linked me up.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

I can almost touch it!

Less of the dirty minds! Of course I am talking about the free 80k VPP's for when I hit 7.5k VPP's this month. I am currently on 6.9k VPP's. Only played a short session tonight and so accrued about 400 VPP's.

Last night was a total bastard because I dropped $250 at the tables. just ran shit tbh, but tonight was back on track and finished the short session $105 up, so thats sweet. I find it amazing how many fuckin terrible players at limit just cannot fold 2nd pair. I mean its great for me cos I like to value bet the living shot out of the guys with a 40%+ Went To Showdown value and it pays so handsomely, but you think they would learn! lol. do they think everyone is bluffing them? hahaha. I just hope they keep coming back to the tables.

for those of you that dont know I am normally a SnG player, so this venture is all new to me and it's a steep learning curve to play LHE. It's so much more Maths orientated than NLHE and so many fine decisions to make in rapid succession that playing 24 tables means i am losing lots and lots of +EV spots. I know this, but accrueing the VPP's is the most important thing.

I can earn the same amount of VPP's in an hour and a half at 1/2 Limit, that I can for four hours, twenty tabling $16 SnG's and seeing as though i am fairly short of time, its a no brainer! Abuse the Limit Holdem Donks!! hehehe
Anyways, thats enough for now!!
Thanks to all who have linked the blog up so far and if you want to swap links please feel free to drop me a line!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Back at last!

So, I finally made it back after the cock-up where I lost my old blog. Its actually good to be back. I managed to recover some of my old posts which is a bonus.

Anyways, I have a task ongoing ATm where I am trying to achieve Super Nova status on stars, thanks to the excellent promotion they are running for UK players.

Basically if I can make 7.5k VPP's this month, before the 31st may, they will give me 80k VPP's and you get Super Nova at 100k VPP's.

So far I have managed to collect 6.5k VPP's playing 24 tables on $1/$2 LHE and the odd 2/4 table. It really makes you want to tear your own eyeballs out with the variance, but as far as I can see its the least swingy way to make these points and its also pretty well known that there is an anomoly in the Pokerstars VPP accrual system when it comes to 1/2 LHE, so happy days. I'll just plough on nd hopefully, by June 3rd, Supernova will be mine!! muhahahahahahahahahaha

I want that red bit around my avatar!!!!!!


MARCH 2009

March 2009 Posts

Mar 28, 2009 6:09 PM
SnG Madness!!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
So i have moved my play over to Full Tilt for a while whilst I attack their SnG Madness promotion. it started 4pm ET, so i decided to have a crack at the first two hours. I wasn;t used to the software so i just 12 tabled. I registered for tourneys for the full two hours, trying to keep a continuos 12 tables running. It went fairly well and I ended up 15th of a good 200+ players. Only top get any rewards, but i turned a small profit for the tourneys so all was good.
This morning i played anotehr session, deliberately choosing 8am ET, expecting it to be much quiter and softer with it being so early in the US. This session though I played the max no of tables, 16. I played well and finished up in 5th spot and turned a sweet profit as well as winning a small amount of prize money via the promotion.
I am quite enjoying it actually and I shit you not, it really has made me realise just how badly i did run on stars. On here, touch wood, most of my big hands are managing to hold when ahead and I am winning my fair share of showdowns. I feel I am playing well and I am running about average. Maybe its beause there is less variance in normal speed STT’s? Not sure, but it’s nice to not be raging at the endof each session.
ATM Poker is good and i am turning the profits. Sweet. Think I have totalled about $240ish profit in two days.
prolly have another session tonight but off out now to celebrate a family birthday with a meal.
Hope you all run good and the poker gods don;t piss on your cards!

Mar 26, 2009 6:09 PM
They thinks its all over… it is now!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Thats the end of the challenge folks. You can read below how it all turned to rat shit! hahahahaha.
day 13 and 14 - working.
day 15 - Session 1
49 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s.
1×1st, 2×2nd, 3×3rd, 4×4th
Outlay =$318.50Winnings = $216Total profit/loss = -$102.50
bankroll = $125.90
Bit suprised at that overall result tbh. I didnt feel i ran particularly bad, although I wasn;t closing any tourneys. I was cashing a few, but not finishing them out. I don;t really have any excuses, most of the mistakes were my own fault. I hope I run good though soon taht would be very nice, so pokergods, if you are listening.. one timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Day 16 - Session 1
Played 47 x $6.50 SnG’s3×1st, 2×3rd, 5×4th
Outlay = $305.50Winnings = $226.80Profit/loss =-$78.7
Bankroll = $47.20
Round Up
Not much to say. I wont whine. i refuse to. It;s probably the end of the challenge. maybe i just can;t beat these games anymore.
Day 16 -Session 2
4 x $16 18 player sng’s.
no placings.
outlay= $64winnings= nil.profit/loss= n-$64
bankroll = fk allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
hahahaha thouhght i had 74 dollars left , not 47.
oh well busto.
TBH I played well in 3 out of 4 of those 16’s, but I won;t complain. it just wasn;t meant to be. I am sure I have an excellent Sklansky dollars bankroll built up. I spent a few hours last night and this morning just watching training vids and ybh I am now pretty sure I am not making many mistakes in my play. My pushing and calling ranges are fine. in fact better than i thought in some spots.
I am not saying my play throughout these has been perfect because I know it hasn’t, but it’s not been bad IMHO. Things just haven;t gone my way and I guess its something I have to accept and can do nothing about.
Such is life.
I am gutted and I am actually suprised I busto’d. I really thought I would be making a profit.
One day i will run good. just don;t know when.
Might play some on full tilt tonight for a change and maybe just a few on Stars. Sometimes, poker is one fickle fucking bitch.

Mar 23, 2009 2:26 AM

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
..and not the type when you look in the mirror!
Doing this challenge has gotten me back into poker and driving to make a profit, but it’s also made me realise just how fucking badly I handle bad beats. I tilt like crazy and cost myself even more money. I am absolutely and completely incapable of letting it affect me because it does, every single fucking time. I will be sat there playing and I feel like everything I do is going against me. I make a call with the best hand.. they always hit, I make a shove and they call, they always hit… now when this happens time and time again I start to boil up inside. I can actually feel the rage building up and my resentment growing. I can;t stop it. I don;t know whether its anger issues or whether its just the fact that I am an extremely competitive person, but either way I am sure that reacting like this greatly affects my state of mind and thus puts me on a downwards spiral.
This downward spiral has two affects…
1. It fucks completly with my confidence. I start questioning whether I can actually beat the game, whether its me making many mistakes or if i am even good enough to beat these levels.
2. I start making ridiculously bad decisions. I start calling lighter than I should and pushing into someone i know is a complete spaz, which has the knock on effect of costing me money.
Now, I know poker is a game of looking at long term results, but I can;t help myslef but to be checking my balance at the end of each session and reviewing my results (especially with the challenge) and I think this is leading me to a much shorter term view, which is not giving me a true reflection. I mean i check sharkscope and my results speak for themselves, I am a long term winnier in these games. The hard evidence is there to prove it, so why the fiuck do I let these short term beats destroy me from the inside?
I have worked hard and spent many hours learning this game and studying to be a better player. I am gonna promise myslef to no longer post bad beats on the forums or post about them on my blog. It’s like giving some fucker you absolutely fkin hate airtime! Why put them up to be reminded of them? Why drag the affects of them out even longer in my mind. Discussing them is just dragging out the agony!
The last few days of the challenge, i have had good sessions and bad, but its the bad sessions whcih I have let affect me the most. I am looking at poker in a “the glass is half empty” type fashion and this can;t be good for me, my confidence or my game.
So in writing this I have been very honest with myself, but I also think I might have hit the nail on the head and so I am going to make a little pledge to myself and anyone who reads this…
“I will no longer post bad beats or reflect on them on the forums or this blog. From now on shit sinks and stays sunk.”
So if you see me complaining, call me a twat and point me back to this post plz!
I actually feel better already! At the tables it might still annoy me, but thats where I am leaving it, on the table I busted at. fuck it. move on.
Anyways, on a much brighter note, from this challenge I have learned to multi-table more tables. I first had a crack at 16, which i managed comfortably and now have stepped up to 20. ok, sometimes it causes me to make the odd mistake, but I actually enjoy it much more. it’s like you have to give it 100% concentration ro your fucked! Not time to call someone a donk otherwise you get way behind and start timing out, so you are forced to just move on. I sort of enjoy the intensity of it and have been playing with the idea of 24 tables, although that could be pushing it just yet and running before I can walk!
My layout is simply 4 tables on the screen and then the other tables cascading uder them, so at any one time i see 4 tables on the screen. I have to use AHK scripts to make it possible, but once you get used to it, it sort of becomes second nature.
Anyways, the challenge…lol/
Well it’s been a real rollercoaster so far. So many ups and downs, i dropped all the way to below $100 at one point, but then got it as high as $300, only to fall back to where I am right now.. just over $200. I have been tempted to break into the rest of my roll and play the $16’s, but I made a pledge to play this challenge for 30 days and thats what I will do.
ATM i am still focusing on the $6.50 games, both the 18 player and the 45’s simply because a) i prefer turbo’s, b) this is where i feel i have my biggest edge. if i can get this roll over $500 I am gonna start to throw in some $12 45’s and see how that goes, but right now as it stands i am gonna stick to the orignal game of choice.
Right, thats my lot. if you got this far through all of my shit, well done!
thanks for reading..

Mar 22, 2009 6:03 PM
Day 12 - Only time for a swifty

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
This grinding is such a fkin rollercoaster of emotions. Up one minute, down the next. Screw this breakeven stretch!
Day 12 - Session 1
Played 15 x $6.50 18’s
1×2nd, 1×3rd, 1×1st
Played 7x $6.50 45’s
1 x 2nd
outlay = $143winnings =$157.2Profit/Loss = +$14.20
Bankroll Stands at $228.40
Still feel like I am not winning my fair share of races and showdowns, but i am working hard on not tilting as I have a feeling that cost me big-time last night. It was the 45 player 2nd place that saved me here TBH. One day I will run really well and smash the living fk out of these things!!! I have started to question whether I might just be shoving a bit too much. Would help if pokertracker’s HUD worked properly the piece of crap!

Mar 21, 2009 11:33 PM
Day11 - fuckin sux

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Day 11- Session 1
Games Played
14 x $6.50 18 player
3 x 3rd, 2×2nd, 1 x 4th
7 x $6.50 45 player
1x 4th
Outlay = $136.50Winnings = $170.40Profit/Loss = +$33.90
Overall Bankroll = $316.90
Short sharp session went well. considering slowing down on the 45′. like asaid last time..lol. I messed up two HU really calling too light. I ran ok, my big hands seemed to hold, which helped a lot.Enjoyinh poker again right now.
Day 11 - Session 2
13 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s
1×3rd, 1×4th, 1×1st
7 x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
Total Outlay= $130Winnings = $93.60profit/Loss = -$36.40
Bankroll Stands at $280.50
Horrible. Such horrible variance. Don;t really wan to discuss it. Suffice to say you can see how I ran here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=7595enough said. Fk stars RNG.
Day 11 - Session 3
Played a total of 61 x $6.50 18 player SnGs.
5×1st, 2×2nd, 3×3rd, 4×4th
Total outlay = $396.50winnigns = $388.80Profit/loss= -$7.70
Bankroll Stands at $272.80
Round Up
just lol at all that fkin work to break even! Felt as though I ran bad tbh, couldn;t get a suckout for sht, but such is. I need to work harder. That simple.
Day 11 - Session 4
I can hardly speak. I have just been right royal fked over by stars. i really have. Ots unbelievable. I feel so bad and down in the dumps. I ran so so so so so so so horribly. I am glad I am working the next few days because this has kicked my ass.
I just played 14 tourneys and only cashed one.
worst thing? I was playing very well. My calls were spot on and my shoves were perfect, but each time I got to a showdown I lost. I lost everything. I tilted so hard. my confidence went and once again i feel myself questioning the true randomness of the fkin RNG. I seriously do.
I knew straight away too. I had AA and KK cracked within the first 5 mins of the set. Then JJ lost to 96 AIPF.
so outlay was $91.00
winnings = $32.40profit/loss= $-$58.60
Bankroll is now. $214.20

Mar 20, 2009 11:14 PM
Day 10 - Higher volume.

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Day 10 - Session 1
7 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s
1x 2nd
Played 5 x $6.50 45 Player SnG’s
1x 4th
Total outlay $78Winnings = $62.40Profit/Loss= -$15.60
Bankroll = $259.90
Meh. just variance. Ran bad in spots, but not too bad. A little more luck and it’s a much different story. Not really a big session, but gotta make most of this beautiful British sunshiiiiine!
Day 10 - Session 2
30 x $6.50 18 Player
3 x 1st, 1x 2nd, 2×4th
15 x $6.50 45’s
1x 1st, 2x 5th
Total outlay = $292.50Winnings = $315.60profit/loss= +$23.10
Bankroll Stands at $283
Round Up
Long hard session. Upped it to 16 tables now. ran really badly towards the end, but to be fair had a few golden runs in the middle myself, including cracking AA with A6 weeeee! As previously really, just a little more luck and that would have been an awesome session. Might start cutting down on the 45’s as they really are such a donkfest you need huge luck. Anyways happy days right now as profit is profit.
Fuckin tough day. All that grinding to basically break even! lolol. Oh well, better than a loss!!

Mar 20, 2009 12:57 AM
Day 9 - Session2 and roundup

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
great day today. Here are the stats and roundup:
day 9- Session 2
Played 29 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s
4x 1st, 2x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 1x 4th
Outlay = $188.50Winnings = $270Profit/Loss= +$81.50
Played 6 x $6.50 45 Player SnG’s
1x 6th
outlay = $39Winnings = $18Profit/loss = -$21
Overall = +$60.50
Total Bankroll = $275.50
Shiiiiip! Worked hard, twelve tabling for a while. All kinds of insane [censored], sucking out, getting sucked out on.. it’s all goot! Just kept making the +EV shoves and the rest is history. Ships the profitz!

Mar 19, 2009 7:38 AM
Day 9 - Session 1

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Woke early this morning due to the night shift flip-around and decided to grind out a quick session of 8 tabes for the challenge.
I don;t normally post just one session info, but fuck it, I finally ran goot one timeeeeeeeeee!!! here is the round-up:
Day 9 - Session 1
6 $6.50 SnG’s
1x 2nd, 2 x 1st
Outlay = $39Winnings = $120.6Profit/Loss = +$81.60
2 x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
1x 4th
Outlay = $13winnings = $30Profit/Loss = +$17
Total for session= +$98.60
Bankroll = $215
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I finally run goot baby!!!! A full day left yet to give it back, but for once I ran well! I played particuarly well in a 45 manner, hitting the final table with 27k chips to the nearest 10k stack, but my 88 losing to the 2nd big stack’s 44, 5 handed hurt and then when shoving KJ, JQ calls and wins..lol. Thats poker baby! I think the saying that “if you are not getting your chips in behind, you aren’t getting them in enough” is such a true statement. I was the shovemaster general in that set and the amount of times I had a huge stack as great, but it also meant I could mostly stand having my good handscracked because of the stack cushion.
Anyways.. GET IN! Back in overall profiiiiiiiiiit!

Mar 17, 2009 8:55 PM
Days 6+7

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Washout. Not much more to say about it tbh. Too busy working to get any time to play..sigh. hopefully tomorrow I will start back at the grind and see if i can get that BR back up.
cheers for reading.

Mar 15, 2009 4:27 PM
Day 5 - Profit! weeeeee

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Day 5 - Session 1
Managed to squeeze in a session before Sunday lucnh and then work.
9 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s:
1×1st, 1×2nd, 1×3rd.
Outlay= $58.50winnings = $97.20profit/loss = +$38.70
3 x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
No cashes (one bubble)
= $19.50 loss
Total= 38.70 - 19.50=Profit/loss = +$19.20
Overall Bankroll = $116.40
Finally a day of profit! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Hard work. I had to work for all of the cashes. Picked a lot more shoving spots than normal and although it cost me in a few games, I also picked up much bigger stacks in the games where it paid off. Was sick to bubble the 45 when I shoved Ats and 99 calls for basically equal stacks and tbh I don’t win races whilst on my downswong! Actually feels good toput in a profitable session even if it was such a small profit.

Mar 14, 2009 1:22 AM
Day 4 - Washout

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
No time ATM to play because of work. I am off tomorrow night, but on a lads night out. Apparantly sombreros are the order of the day. I am too knackered to go tbh, but I said I would, so I will. Roll on Wednesday morning when these shifts are over!
Mar 12, 2009 10:27 PM
Day 3

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Day 3-
Got home from work about 8am. Saw the lad and wife and then went upto bed, took the lappy and fired up stars. Registered for one $6.50 18 player SnG. Waited a few mins and realised it was filling extremely slowly. It was probably going to take an hour just to register for twelve meaning I wouldn;t be getting to sleep until 10.30am at the earliest. It was too late, so I had to unregister.
Got up at 4pm and looked after the lad for a bit. Then sorted out my work stuff and had a shower etc and back off to work at 6.45pm. Sigh. No time for poker. I really wanted to play a set today.
Looks like I am gonna have to write off the next few days as I just can;t see where I can squeeze it in.
One thing I have realised is I need to up my volume a LOT for each session. Alternatively, I go busto first! hahaha.
I have a renewed vigour for poker right now. Typical its right on my back-to-back week!
gl at the felt guys!

Mar 11, 2009 5:42 PM
Challenge.. Day 2

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Day 2- Session 1
12 x $6 18 plyer.
1 measly win.
outlay= $78returns= $43.20loss = -$34.80
overall= $132
I can’t type for the anger that is boiling in me right now. Pokerstars is beyond a joke., i kid you not. EVERY [censored] is sucking outn on me. My big hands are losing every showdown. I can’t suckout for [censored]. Once again I am getting it in dominating, but they hit their 3 outers like 95% of the time. I am again actually calling the fkin cards that will fall.
I have steam coming out of my ears. Pokerstars RNG is NOT straight. I am telling you, it’s fkin not.
Just reviewing that last session and these are my bustout hands…
AK lost to A9spushed KQs into QQ blind vs BlindAll in with 99 on a 455 flop. He calls with ATo. Ten on the river.played a stop n go with K8 and hit a K on a KQ3 flop and push. he calls with AJ. Ace on river.Shove TT into JJ.Shoved K9. Q9 calls. Flop is 2Q9.raised with KJs and committed myself. he has AQ. Flop is 8QJ. Turn is a K for my two pair. river is a Queen for trips for him. Seriously the river everytime.Push QKo into QQ and AK.Called a shove with JJ. he has AK. Board reads 785K2.Shoved AK. K7 calls. Board reads 8387J.Moved all in with AQ. 99 calls. Board reads TQJ85 for his straight.
One I actually won.
thats a sick horrible session. IMO its just bad luck, but been running,oike that on stars now for a week or so.
Day2 - session2
10 x $6.50 18 players SnG’s
1 x 2nd, 1x 4th
winnings = $43.20
2 x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
No ITM finishes. ( an 8th and a 9th seven paying..lolz, sucks!)
outlay = 12 x $6.50 = $78Winnings = $43.20Profit/Loss = -$34.80
Current BR = $97.20
LOL! Standard. No need to hear it all again. Confidence is a bit smashed right now. I am gonna watch a vid kindly offered by EY. Then I am coming back for more punishment!
Well actually I probably can;t commit much for a few days. I am now on a back-to-back meaning I am working wednesday, thurs, fri, sun, mon and tuesday night. 12 hr shifts and out Saturday, so in reality I doubt I will be able to get back to it for the next 7 days, unless I can squeeze in the odd sess here and there.
Mar 10, 2009 1:22 AM
New challenge idea..

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
So from the pro’s challenge, i figured i;d have a go at something similar myself. You can track the daily progress HERE, alternatively I’ll update this blog with it every now and then too.
Basically here are my rules:
1 month to do it.Only play SnG’s and MTT’sKeep daily records.All play on Pokerstars.
I know I’ll be working a lot of the time, but I’ll squeeze in where I can. I am going to have loose bankroll management to maybe try and spin a bit up, but nothing insane.
I started this mornign and tbh after day 1 and am very dissapointed. Stars has been more than harsh, it’s been fucking cruel, but anyways, here are the updates and how it went….
Day 1 - Session 1
just played 6 x $6.50 18player SnG’s
12th14th11th6th8th2nd - $32.40
also played 2x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
5th - $245th - $24
Session 1 results -
outlay - 8 x $6.50 = $52winnings= 24 +24 +32.40 = 80.40Profit/Loss = + $28.40
Bankroll so far $228.40.
round up
Ran well early doors, but ran bad at the end. was CL in Both the 45’s on the final table, but then the luck just went against me. the $6 turbo’s were the usual donkfests. Gonna try and not focus on the beats. had to say though, in the game where I finished 14th, the blinds were 200/400. Thats a first for these games. Seems like the standard is getting better…
Bring on Session two tonight!
now time to spend a bit of time with my lad.
Day 1 - Session 2
12 x $6.50 18 player SnG’s
Outgoings = $78Winnings = $54Total Profit/Loss = -$24
Now the tables were closing on their own and I was struggling to keep up, but i think I played:
2 x $6.50, 90 player SnG’s
outgoings = $13Winnings = 0Total profitloss = -$13
5 x $6.50 45 player SnG’s
Outgoings = $32.50Winnings = $12Total profit/loss = -$20.50
Overalltotal profit/Loss = -$47.50
Current Bankroll = $180.90
Round Up
FML. I planned a much longer session, but i am crazy monkey tilt. Stars is just taking the right royal p1ss out of me right now. AA cracked AGAIN. happens everytime. Making great calls vs people pushing ranges, but cannot win a showdown for the life in me. horrible, horrible , unrealistic sullsh1t happening time after time. So sickening to the confidence.
Day 1 - Session 3
Played one set of 12 x $6.50 18 player turbs.
Outlay= $78Winnings = $64.80Profit/loss = -$13.20
Overall Bankroll: $166.80
round Up
Once again I ran pretty bad. You heard it all before. two 4th should have been at least 2nds, just bad luck kicks me in the balls and in a turbo, with the binds so high, there is no recovery room. My luck has to change and I will finally start winning flips and hands where i have them dominated. When it does i look forward to hammering that luck for all its worth!!!
If I drop below $100 i am gonna have to change my game strategy, which is sh1tty really.
Oh well..fingers crossed.
lets hope day two is profitable and I finally run goot!

Mar 4, 2009 11:06 PM
breakeven stretch

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Tough. That’s how I would describe it right now. The mental strain of the variance is fucking killing me.
I am playing fairly well and since march began I have only played about 50 sng’s, the $6 games on stars, for a total loss of $12.
the trend at the moment seems to be that I am losing all the big vital pots and winning the pointless ones. I dread to think how many time I have gotten it in pre flop with a dominating ace, but by the showdown I am the loser of the hand. Its verging on the ridiculous tbh and its really hard on the confidence and anger management.
I can’t get further than one set at a time right now because towards the end I am tilting like fuck and know I have to stop.
I am not giving up yet though. Gonna try and make a decent profit this month and keep trying ro move up levels.
Just hope it doesn’t drive me to insanity firsst!
Gl if you’re playing
Mar 3, 2009 3:43 PM
Donkin abooot!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played some more SnG’s and once again only just managed to break even, which pisses me right off as i was playing well.
Also played some MTT’s in the last couple of days. Nothing major all like $20 or under, including those new pokerstars UK league games. Man i run so so so so bad! lol. Got deep in a $20 on iPoker, only to clash with another big stack on th table AIPF with my AK vs his AQ. To be fair to him i had 3-bet him a few times and was very aggro on the table so I was pleased to see his AQ vs my AK. Also the poker gods decide to throw a great big peice of dogshit at me again and drop a Q on the turn for him…sigh.
in fact I went out of a large majority of the games getting it in ahead and losing by the showdown. At one point i was actually calling the cards that would hit.. it was predictable and frustrating to say the least. anways, fuck the poker gods now. I am gonna outweigh those bastards with volume and start bashing out the SnG’s again!
Start back at the $6 games and try and get the roll back up.
I need to make my own luck.
Cheers for reading.

Mar 1, 2009 5:22 PM
Sklansky Dollars

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
back to grinding SnG’s right now, but man am I running bad!!! I would say I am pretty close to my first million in Sklansky Dollars!! lololol.
It’s a tough ol slog, but I am going to stick at it and my luck has to change soon.
On a side note, for some reason, even though they take the monthly payments, my PXF subscriptions has ended. It;s weird cos i can view the odd video, but for most I get the message what I need to be a subscriber to view! Well LOL. I have my Paypal reciept showing that i have paid, the cheeky bastards!
Another good thing.. I have noticed even more terrible players than usual on Stars. I mean guys who are seeing 95% of flops and stuff!! Not sure wh, or if it;s just the times I have been playing, but seeing all the mega-donks at the tables has lifted my spirits a bit. Make s change from all the usual faces!
thats it for now and gl at the tables.


Posts from my old blog from February '09

Feb 26, 2009 2:23 AM
Rekindled for a while!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
After the newcastle weekend I have a renewed vigour for poker, although I have to admit I seem to be well out of form when it comes to makking fast and accurate decisions at the online table.
I played a few MTT,s Monday night but I was simply playing too loose and not getting anywhere fast. In fact if I was brutally honest with myself I played like a twat, but I enjoyed it.
Tuesday night and today I went back to my old stompping ground, the sng’s. Just the old $6 ones on Stars, but I got brutally butt-fucked.
I could rhyme off the beats but it would only fuckk me off again and bore the shit out of you too. So suffice to say I played well, but winning a showdown was gonna take a fuckin miracle.
At one ppoint I am pretty sure the wife could see steam pumping out of my ears. I’ll bet I was funny as fuck to loook at, with me shaking my head like a loony, twattin my fist on the table screaming “of fucking course that bastard hits his fucking ace. Such BS” all whilst sat there lookin at a laptop…lol. I can’t help letting this game get right under my skin sometimes!
The main thing is I felt I played well. I was 10 tabling and sill found the knack easily enough. I guess it’s like riding a bike.
I plan on another attack at the tables at the weekend once my shifts are done.fingers crossed it will run a little more smoothly.
Finally thanks for all the comments on the last post.
Gl at the felt.
Feb 24, 2009 2:16 PM
Newcastle trip report

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Well returned last night from a great weekend in Newcastle and it really was!!
friday night got all my stuff together and ready to rock n roll. Only thing was I couldn;t get to bastard sleep! I tossed and turned for a while, knowing I needed to sleep as I would have to be up about seven and Saturday was gonna be a late one and ended up watching a film, The business, on my laptop in bed..doh! Finally got over about 3am.
Next thing the alarm was going off.. man I hate that sound! lol. So I got up and raring to go got my stuff together and set off to pick up Phil (Bullmeister). Honestly that fucker nags more than the wife. I was due to pick him up at 7.45am and was about 5 mins behind when I get the phone call.. the pillock immediately sets the tone for the weekend and gives it “sorry mate, something’s cropped up I am not gonna be ale to make it” hahaha. Thing is, as those who have met him will know, he has a very dry sense of humour and it’s hard to tell if he is kidding or not. Luckily he was just taking the piss as usual and was just keen!
So off we set and head off through Yorkshire to get to the A1. Journey was steady enough and traffic not too bad, so it only took us about 2 and 1/2 hours to get there.
We landed at our hotel “The royal”, which was an old style Inn. Whilst waiting to check in I get a call from Snake who is absolutely pissing himself about how bad the hotel, if you can call it that, is that him, Amatay, Cogs, Pud and dD are staying at. It was likened to a place of that film, Hostel! hahaha. Even the fleas were looking to move at at the earliest opportunity!!! Snake was contemplating moving to our hotel, but then decided to sod it off and stay put.
Me and Phil got our rooms and to be fair they were basic, but clean, which is all we were looking for as we knew we’d only get our heads down for a short time. We dropped off our stuff and decided we needed a bit of scran. luckily there was a butty van virtually accross the road, so after a Bacon and egg and a bifter for Phil we were ready for action!
The plan was to meet at Hammerheid and Ant’s hotel at 12pm and then all make our way to the casino. So, me and phil jumped a taxi to the Rooms Inn Hotel, which took some finding to be fair! We got there about 11.40 ish only to get a text that Stan was running late. I didn;t have Ant’s number, but the desk clerk at his hotel provided me with that…lol. I thought they weren;t allowed to give out details? Well this guy would have given us Ant’s room key had we asked!! lol.
Once I belled Ant, he was running late too! I then rang Snake to see how those boys were getting on.. ffs, they were running late too, but at least they were in newcastle! According to snake, Amatay and nick were not in the best of states after their night out around the Toon the night before. haha. I finally made a call to dD and guess what? YEAH..lol he was running late too!! hahahahaha.
We decided to make our way to the casino and told the rest we’d meet them there when they arrived.
Anyways, after a mission into Newcastle to find a cash machine, me and Phil finally met up with Cogs, Snake, Pud, Amatay and Nick. Was good to finally put some faces to the forum names. It’s always strange when you meet someone because they are almost never like you imagined!
Firstly Knightmare Nick - He told me he needed an XL shirt for the meet, so my first impression was he would be a big lad and also with the way he banters on the forum, I thought he’d be pretty loud. Instead I met this skinny, quiet ginger kid! Actually, he was only that quiet cos he was rough as fuck from the beer, but as soon as he spoke, you recognised that podcast voice from anywhere!
Cogs- Actually talks like he types on the forums! Saying fuck My Life and stuff all the time! There had been pics of him on the forum, so i sort of knew what to expect and apart from him being an angry bastard (I’ll explain more later) he was pretty much exactly as i thought.
Snake - Not sure why, but I expected snake to be a tall fella, well built (as for the rugby) and for some reason i had it in my head he would be wearing glasses. Fuck knows why..lol. He was actually shorter than i thought and built like a frickin tank! top bloke though and one thing i would say about Snake… NEVER get into a drinking contest with him!
Amatay - Just as i thought TBH. After reading his blog all these years and talking to him on MSN and the forums, he’s exactly as he comes accross. laid back as fook! In fact if he was in another life, he’d have to be a Jamaican
Pud- I have met Pud before and he’s just as insane as ever! His sense of humour is still as funny as fuck.
Anyways the 7 of us, set off to find them some breakfast as apparantly they were to scared to eat anything at the flea Pit! First placce we walk into and there is a guy sat at the bar, with a sleeveless shirt on, giving knightmare nick the eye! For some reason i wouldn;t have felt comfortable asking for sausage in that place! lol. Luckily, they were out of breakfast stuff… haha. All the puds and bars and we walk straight into a gay bar. BTW, that was Cogs’ choice
Finally find a place and they had a bit of scran. then it was back off to the casino to meet up with dD, Ant and hammer.
Back at the casino, we all meet up and we get registerd for the event. After that it’s just a case of standing about, taking the piss out of knightmare Nick for his “two pints and pissed” malarky and waiting for the seats to be called.
We eventually get into the game. I take my seat and decide i am playing the first hour pretty loosely, just to try and get a good feel of the table and get involved. My first two hands, i raised with AT and Ax and get no restance, but then it all goes a bit tits up and I keep getting dealt utter shyte, like J4. There are at least two calling stations on the table, but also maybe two players who seem pretty good. My initial plan goes to shit and i end up staying fairly tight.
I then get into a big pot with one of the calling stations, on a King high flop. We end up splitting when we both showdown AK ..fml! I then start to spew chips in frustration when I start taking flops, in position, with all kinds of shitty hands and just completely whiffing every flop. Thankfully we get to the next break and i get my head together a bit.
After that break, i changed gears and stopped calling in position and started raising more, but now i was also hitting flops well too. i.e. one hand i raised from the CO with Q5hh. Flop came 3h4h6s, giving me a top draw, I check raise another guy off the hand nicely. I build the stack up, without a double, from about 5k, upto about 16k, just playing a lot of small pot stuff. it actually felt good, my reads were right and my bet sizing was also good.
I liked this table a lot, but then I was moved to another table and the first hand on that table set the tone…
blinds 200/400, folds round to big stack who opens to 4k…lol. yeah, his opening raise it 10 x BB. This happens with at least two other guys. 3 of them, whenever they opened, it was 10 x BB. there was also a shitload of ridiculous over-pushing on rainbow flops, but nothing I could do as i was missing everything.
I made a couple of decent moves to pinch pots i didn;t deserve, then with my looser image i raise with AK from MP and the button pushes all in for about 8k. I insta call and he has AJ. Sweet. Of course though, with live poker being fucking rigged, the flop is QxJ and no help on the turn or river. I was so pissed off. playing well to maintain my stack and losing like that sucks.
So with about 8.5k left, I got into another pot. basically a tight guy, who I had just seen making a move with K9 raised for the second time in a row and so i blasted over the top of him with 88. unfortunately he had QQ and I don;t get a suckout. I am now crippled to about 3k with blinds at 400/800 and open push 66 UTG. Of course i run into big stack who has AA. Fuck lve poker! lolololol.
So that was my tourney over. I think i went out with about 80 or so left.
After that, i just wandered about having the odd dabble at roulette and 3 card poker. As well as watching lots of the all-ins and keepin an eye on the lads that were left. It was funny though because everywhere you went you could hear someone whining to some other poor bastard about their bad beats!!
I watched cogs at a cash game for a short while and kept delivering the beers to those piss-pots, snake and Pud! had to keep the lads fuel tanks goin. Cogs was getting angry as fuck about some guy who had called a ruling on him, in a pot where he had lost like £40 or something. he was also then telling me he wanted to launch himself over the table at some guy who was pissed at his tourney table too! hence… MR Angry!
Pud finally bust out trying to chip up or call it a day and exited just in the points in 50th. he then joined cogs at the cash game, eventually I decided to join and tbh i am glad I did. it was the funniest thing i have ever seen at a poker table! The max you could sit down with was £50. Directly to my left was a complete moron, who was so full of shit it was funny, but even better, accross the table was the most insane chinese fella I have ever seen! do you remember a cartoon character called Penfold, from the cartoon Dangermouse? well he looked like a chinese version of him. he had some Dennis Taylor Specs on and a fag, the wrong way around behind his left ear and a chewed up anorak.
honestly, everytime he was in ahand, he;d jump up and down, bang the table, point at people and chunter like crazy in chinese and funniest of all.. he loved ANY two cards!! I would say the guy really was on teh borderline between sane and fucking nutz.
anyways, i played a pearler of hand where I caught a bluff, when i only had king high. you can read about that HERE, the guys railing were absolutely pissing themselves!!
During the game Pud kept turning to me and asking if he taken any LSD because he couldn;t tell if this chinese guy was for real! LOLOLOLOL
Then came the hand of the night…
the chinese Guy (mr miyagi) and the Bullshitter got into a monster pot, on a board that read AAJJ7, bullshitter put in a bet of £60 on the river. This meant there was probably about £200 in the pot at that point. Mr Miyagi was up and down, he couldnlt sit fucking still. he kept pickin up his money and putting it back down, he was pointing at bullshitter and chuntering something, he’d pick his money back up then put it back down, he really was totally undecided. Eventually he folds, but he ain’t happy about it and then BOOOOOM, mr bullshitter, shows him 63o. Well thts it for Mr Miyagi, he hits the fucking roof! I swear i actually saw him internally combust. he slapped the fucking table , jumped straight up into the air, grabbed his fag from behind his ear and then put it straight back. he basically just fucking melted right before our eyes and then BAM he was off accross the casino floor! i swear to god i thought he was going to smash up the bogs or that he would be around the corner chewing on a table. That really did nearly send the poor bastard over the edge!
After all that though, do you know what the funniest thing was? it was the fact that Phil had seen his cards and Mr Miyagi had 84o!! LMFAOOOOOOOOOO. That said he would have won as his 8 kicker was good!! lolololololololololololol
Absolutely fucking classic.
Anyways, we finished up our beers and headed off back to our hotels. I think i finally hit my bed about 4.30am. next thing i know it’s 8.30am and my alarm is going off for breakfast.
I met Phil in the breakfast room and none of us could eat propely for laughing our bollox off at the miyagi show. Honestly the other guests must have wondered if we were a few slices short because we literally had tears in our eyes reliving the hand i mentioned about. Superb.
We then went back to our rooms. i got washed up and cleared all my stuff out of the room. We then decided to head nto the City centre and pick up a gift or two for the Mrs’s to cheer em up and ease our guilt for fucking off all weekend.
We then went back to the casino and had to laugh as Amatay, Snake and dD, our three remaining boys all sloped off to their car backseats to try and get an hours shut eye before the game re-started!
Ant, Nick, Pud and hammer all set off back early Sunday morning, all for their own reasons and me, phil and cogs stayed to bit of railing.
There was lots of ups and downs as Snake and Amatay got involved in a number of pots, both getting lucky and unlucky equally. Eventually, dD, the short stack ninja (man he just can nurse a short stack well) made a cracking effort and exited in 26th ( i think it was) .
We then had Amatay and Snake left and it was about 4pm, so me and Phil decided it would be best if we made our way home as it was unlikely we could win the event and with both being so tired, driving at night would have been a nightmare.
Cogs kept us upto date with all the goings on and at one point, Amatay had a very good stack, we actually thought he might go on to win it from there, but the poker gods had other ideas and he exited in 11th spot just before the final table. the good news though was that snake DID win a monster pot and went onto the final table well chipped up. I was trying like fuck to find latest updates from NPF, but apparantly they lost connection and eventually found out Snake had bust in a hugely respectable 4th spot for £200!! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP.
the points were then calculated and RTR had managed a 3rd spot finish for another £1600, so thats £1800 total, split ten ways as we all agreed prior, plus snake got a fiver off each of us for a last longer bet.
Congrats to the Snake on his awesome performance and also to amatay, dd and Pud, who also scored points for us!
A absolutely top weekend was had and we also have a couple of extra quid in our pockets to boot!!
A huge thanks to everyone who turned up and played.
roll on the next one!
Feb 8, 2009 5:26 PM

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Thankfully, I managed to think of a bit of an idea to get me to play some poker again.
I decided to list a series of games on teh forums, that i wouldn;t mind playing and then challenge people to take me on for a $20 straight up wager.
First up I took on Nemo, who was first to respond, in 10 of the $4 180’s on stars. We started off pretty even, until he went on a pearling run and blew me out of teh water, with two second placed finishes, plus other cashes. To be fair he performed really well, as the standard in those things is fkin horriffic! My only problem, was I forgot how long they took. I think I managed a 6th place or something similar, but it took me almost 4 hours to get there and I had started at like 12pm in teh afternoon! So i had the Mrs nagging me for just sitting there all day playing poker! hahaha.
I then took on Comrade3 and TBH I didn;t expect to beat him. We played 10 x $12 180 turbo’s on Stars. It was very close, until i managed to pull off a decent score in one of the later games to give me the lead and TID! Looking back though, those games have very little skill, you just need your cards to hold when you get it in a few times! Winning races in these is critical because the blinds rise so fast they become a total crapshoot. Anyway I gladly took his $20.
My next opponent is Jonnyfish and he is taking me on at my prefferred game, the 18 player turbo sng’s on stars. this is 15 game series and he finished with a very good 66% ROI. I am not finished yet, in fact I have managed only 3 (I wanted to play more, but realised I didn;t have time) and luckily I have had two 3rd’s and a 2nd so far, so fingers crossed I can continue that and win that one, but as they say… it’s a marathon, not a sprint!
I have other people also up for this yet. i have to play ricky, who wants HU. I am not 100% sure about this, as it wasn;t on my list of games and I am not really a HU player, but I might give it a shot.
Also to play are everton yorkie and longy. Both of which I think i will struggle to beat in most of teh games. Especially as MTT’s are EY’s speciality and SnG’s Longys!
time will tell, but one thing is that i did enjoy it and i guess thats what it should be about for recreational players.
Anyways, thanks for reading.

Feb 1, 2009 8:42 AM
Is this the end?

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Could well be.
I really just don’t fancy playing poker anymore at all. Things are not going how I would have liked with RTR and generally I am just losing interest. Maybe poker was just a “fad”, who knows, but what I do know is that I have moved all of my bankrolls from across sites onto Neteller for the minute, with the view of withdrawing everything if I still haven’t found the motivation to play by the end of this month.
Maybe thats my lot.


January Posts

Jan 25, 2009 4:24 PM
Couple of cash sessions..

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
So, Although I had a nightmare with cash lsat year, I have decided to have another crack at it. All be it a bit half-heartedly and when i am in the mood only. I have only managed 3 sessions so far, playiong in total about 2.7k hands. Not a lot, but remember it is full ring.
I have been messing around multi-tabling and the highest I have gotten so far, with it still being mostly comfortable is 17 tables. It’s miles easier than with SnG’s because you rarely get short-handed at any point. So the games are steady away and basically I am just nut peddling. Waiting around for good hands and then playing them hard. I am not doing to bad, with all three sessions being winners so far. My only gripe is that I have had aces cracked twice in two different sessions, both by smaller pairs flopping sets. Bastards! It’s different though. If i couldn;t multi-table there is no way on this planet I could sit there and grind one table! hahah. Not a chance. As it stands the multi-tabling is what keeps me going. I like the rush of making fast decisions, under pressure.
So, like I say, so far , so good. lets hope the run continues!
I played teh Bloggerment for the first time in ages Friday night and was really dissapointed to see only 5 players. it’s not easy setting games up, more people should play or these things will stoip, thats myself included! It was a fun game although I played quite well and aggro until the heads up play vs Cloud, where I went into Super-donk mode and just donated all my chips to him thinking he was bluffing!! (Yeah right, the cloud bluff… NEVER!!!)Sop well done cloud!
Sorry, i haven;t got much else to write about!
GL at the Felt.

Jan 18, 2009 10:07 AM
Another week flies by..

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
..and still I have absolutely zero urge or motivation to play poker. I really just don’t fancy sitting down and grinding out. I am either working, having fun with my son and mrs or messing around on the Xbox360, poker just isn;t figuring at all. I am starting to wonder if, apart from the MADs games, I’ll even play a single session in January…. time will tell on that one I guess.
It’s strange because in reality, I doubt there were all that many days in 2008 where I didn;t actually play a single game. My one thing that I do miss is the money I made. Whilst playing poker and enjoying it, I was also making money, ok not vast amounts, but i was doing fairly well. Lets just say it paid for my hols and for xmas, so not to be sniffed at.
I might try and sit read a few blogs and articles this week and see if i can actually find the desire to play again because I know the worst thing I could do is force myself to play when I am not in the mood. I will likely tilt easily and lose money, which is just stupid.
Like I said in my previous post, I tried a few staking deals, which unfortunately didn;t go great. Only one of my horses made me any money and it just didn’t happen for the other guys, not through lack of trying I might add, just one of those things meaning I ended with a small loss
So not sure where I am at or heading with poker right now. Hopefully by my next post I’ll have some direction.
What i do want to see is Obama and his crew decimate the UIGEA so the casual American fish can get back online. That really would get me firing again. Fingers crossed.

Jan 14, 2009 7:12 PM
The RTR MADs Game

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played game one on Sunday night and TBH I didn’t play well. I got away with a couple of moves, but TBH, with Amatay, Doomswitch, Johnnyfish, Ant and other good players at my starting table it was never going to be easy.
I started ok, building a little stack when getting tricky with my set against HullJimi. Trying to turn the float play against him, but he didn;t go for the bait, so ended up having to make an enticing river bet, which did the trick, but kept the pot smaller than I would have liked with a good hand.
I then found AK a couple of times when shorter stacks shoved into me and managed to win those showdowns. I lost a good pot to Doomswtich when this time my AK couldn;t win the showdown vs TT and finally got all my money in on a bad read.
I basically raised it pre from LP with 67s. The BB (can’t remember who it was) flat called. The board came down J7x rainbow and he check raised me all in. I really thought he was just making a move on me with a hand like AK/AQ, so I made the call and he had JQo.. meh. Maybe he readz soulz and knows I am raising light and that JQo is a good defending hand for the BB.. who knows
It was a decent game of poker though to be fair and some good player turned out. I am looking forward to the rebuy this Sunday, as I plan some revenge!
Apart from that game I have played absolutely fuckall. I have completely lost the motivation to play. It’s just gone. Instead I have been staking a few other players from the forums.
Tanorpheus looks like making me a small profit. Nemo made a very small loss and Snake is just running like a 1 legged donkey right now. I know all three are capable of playing good poker, so I am not worried and I definately wouldn’t have put the dough up if I thought they were shit!
Anyways, prolly no poker till Sunday.
On a side note, looks like the Newcastle Forum Team Challenge is now definately on! we have enough players and deposits are paid! Bring on February!

Jan 8, 2009 5:58 PM
No posts

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Apologies if anyone actually reads this, but I just simply haven;t had the time or inclination to play poker the last few weeks.
I had the odd cash session and a few tourneys and thats it.
Xmas and New Year for the first time with the baby was superb and life is generally very sweet right now.
Hopefully I will play a little more in the coming weeks and maybe have more to blog about.
Don;t forget the RTR-MADs series starts this weekend (sunday night). I’ll be playing, making the most of the overlay and hopefully beating some fish into subsmission… no names mentioned, Amatay, Kenn, HullJimi, Vgj_felix, KnightmareNick, Snakeeyes, Doomswitch..
Anyways, take care all and all the best for 2009.


December posts from 2008

Dec 20, 2008 1:03 PM
Following on from my brief last post…

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played the live game at the Manchester G-Casino last night. Starting table was loose with a total monkey on my right. I stacked him on a T47 board, when i held JJ, bet the flop and he moved all in with the mighty 73 (which he called my pre flop raise with ..lol) Easy money. I doubled again just before the first break when i called a loose raise with 87s, floppd top pair and check raised an aggro player all in. (I was taking the add on anyways, so I figure he has hardly any hand and if he did outdraw me I would start second half with the 4k add on chips). Anyways, he umms and ahhhs for ages before finally convincing himself I was bluffing and calling me with bottom pair! LOL. SHIPIIIPPPIPITY!
Then it all changed.
I got moved to another table. same as Bullmeister. Watched a guy check down a TJ4,8,3 board with KK! LOLOL> as well, he limped it pre flop. wow.
Anyways, there was a fish at the table, with about 2k in chips he limps for 600. it folds to me on the button, so i raise with my AQhh to try and isolate the guy. It works and he calls. He has A2. Of course he makes a two on the flop and takes the pot. meh.
A little later on and this same idiot is getting low again. once again, same type of scenario, he limps, I know he loves shitty cards, so i raise with A7 in teh CO to get him all in. Once again he calls. This time he flips Q4.
Board come X44×7. You have to be fkin kidding. Meh again.
So now with blinds at 400/800 I have just about 7.8k. I pick up AThh is the CO. It folds to me so i move it in. Guess who is in BB? oh yes mr fish, but now he’s not that short. he has about 6.5k. He immediately calls..again. This time the fkin moron shows Q9. of course once again the first card out is a 9. I get no improvement and i am down to 1.3k, with the blinds at 400/800/ What are the odds of that fucker hitting against me EVERYTIME? He wasn;t arrogant with it or anything, just plain fkin clueless. I was pretty much steaming by now.
Next hand I shove K8o into Bully who was in BB. He has to call for 500 more into the 2.5k pot. He has 34o. and guess what? i mean go on guess… he rivers a fkin 4. FUCK MY LIFE AN FUCK LIVE POKER!
So against donkey bollox, I lost as 75/25 favourite, then as a 65/35 favourite and then again as a 65/35 favourite. One after the other, the motherlicker. To top it all off i lose in that same 65/35 situation again. Meh. live poker is definately rigged.
One, thing. I am owed a shitload of those damned sklansky bucks.
So my advice is don;t play live. It makes the pokerstars RNG look normal!

Dec 20, 2008 2:49 AM
Live poker is ….

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
That is all for now.

Dec 19, 2008 3:02 PM
WBCOOP - Event 3

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Went shat. Doubled early with Ak vs AQ , but then wasn;t good enough to fold JJ on a ten high board and ran into KK. Eventually went out in 200+/500+, when i thought SB was just bullying me because I was short, so I moved over the top of his pitiful raise with A4. He actually had AQ..lol
I know Teaulc did fairly well and tripz qualified the other night, so i need to qualify tomorrow because I am out at Manchester G casino tonight and thats my last chance. Will be a bit dissapointed if i don;t qualify.
Fingers crossed. GL all you other bloggers.

Dec 18, 2008 8:28 AM
Time Wasted!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played some MTT’s last night.
Played two of those crazy as shit $12/180 turbos and got no where.
Played the $10, $10k GTD and the $8.80 game, both on stars.
got deep in both.
In the $8.80 finished just got ITM. Obv, i bust when AA gets busted, followed right up by KK getting busted. hahahaha. Stars takes the royal piss sometimes.
In the $10k. I played really well. Winning lots of small pots uncontested, with re-steals and shoves against the right folks. I actually felt i was playing well. Only problem was, everytime I went to take out a short stack, I lost virtually every showdown. I would say throughout the tourney, i won maybe 10-15% of all Showdowns i went to., pretty shit. Plyed for 5 hours, finished in the top 1% of the field and get $47 for 22nd of 1881 players. Are you fkin kidding me? The stars small stakes tounreys are just fuckin worthless if you don’t hit the top three. 5 hours of my life I want back. $47… pffft. What a croc of shit. I eventually lose pushing TT UTG, UTG1 insta calls and has AQ. of course i am never winning that showdown either. Bollox. More gutted about how 1st was over $3k and 22nd was $47.. lol.
So that decided it for me, that i won;t be playing anymore small stakes MTT’s on Stars with over 1k entrants. Bollox to that. I much prefer tourneys with like 100-300 peeps. thats sort of where i am in my element and play my A game.
Are all the structures on stars like that?
Anyways, thats all for now. lol. Poker is a wicked mistress!

Dec 15, 2008 8:52 PM
Too busy for poker

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Well.. almost
Just squeezed a few MTT’s in last and busted each and everyone of them making mistakes.
I was just looking for games with smallish buy-ins starting around the same time.
The $10 Rebuy on iPoker - Definately didn;t play like a re-buy tourney. It was mega tight. I doubled early, when I open shoved AQ from the button and got a call from AT. Somehow I hold. SHIP. A BB special gave me even more chips when I held 95 and the flop was 55A, a 9 on the turn sealed it, when my opponent who had A9 got it all in with me.. SHIP. I then just kept making moves and stealing Blinds. 396 or so players started with top 40 paid. with 43 left I made my fuck-up. I had KJs on the Button, I raise 2.5 xBB and BB insta moves all in. His stats said he was raising 23% of his hands, which is pretty fkin wide and he was playing nearly 30% of the hands he was dealt. Still, KJ isn;t going to be a big favourite in this spot, but I make a fast call. He has AK. meh. A king hits the flop, but I don;t improve and virtually bubble. I was a bit pissed at myself, I let the stats rule my head (well actually even with the stats I am still never going to be a ong way ahead). I should just swallow the pride and fold there.
I played a $6 donkament on Party - Doubled very early in this with some major luck. All in on a flop of TJ3. I have KK, opponent has AA. I spike a K on the turn for the dbl. I played a bit looser after that and built up to be one of the early chip leaders. Pushing people of pots and generally playing well, but then made a mistake, trying to push a guy I was sure was weak off his top pair, when i was betting my flush draw hard. Unfortunately he was not for folding his King rag and my draw never got there. Meh. then short stacked, I was trying to shove all in over a limper for about 6 BB’s with KQs, but mini-raised by accident. I figured I was pushing any flop. An ace hits the flop I shove, limper has A3. gg me. Again that was on the bubble.
A $22 180 player on Stars - Never got going. just leaking chips seeing flops and missing. Finally pushed over a loose raiser with 77. He has TT. Fair play.
Played the Sunday $200k - This is still the worst donkfest ever. Got fairly deep, no major hands just lots of small pots, until I finally make a move with my two overs, AQcc on a Tc 3C 9h board. The BB had called my raise with 6To and was never ever folding..lol. As you can guess I miss every out and he holds. DONKS FTW!
So just the four tourneys and no cashes. TBH though I didn;t play well, so I didn;t deserve much more. I really need to open my aggression up more in the midn stages though. I’ll get there.
The rest of my time has been spent writing and prepping articles for the RTR Homepage. It’s been hard work re-organising everything, but we are finally getting there. there is allsorts of other stuff in the pipeline, so if you are not a member, nip over and find out about it all.
thats all for now.

Dec 12, 2008 9:27 PM
Party Games Soft?

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik

Not for me they weren’t!
I just fired out a set of 8 of the $22 Speed STT’s (granted its a tiny sample), but the players were much better than i expected. Plenty of guys who understood Push/Fold. On three of the tables we got to the 100/200 stage (2k starting chips) and not a single player was out! WTF?? There was the odd idiot, but i definately reckon a majority were decent players. Their calling ranges looked on the money and they were shoving rather than limping all the time. Basically all the hallmarks of players who have an idea of what they are doing.
I finished the session $60 down. I didn;t get the luck when i needed it to be fair. No action on my big hands and ran into mosntrs when i made my shoves. Such is, but I don;t agree that the games are soft.
a) I was playing the wrong games
b) I was playing at the wrong time (8-9pm GMT)
So FK Party! lololol. I want some weak fish who will call raises with all crap!
Backto the rock gardens at stars? Looking that way…

Dec 12, 2008 8:56 AM
Response to “justified”

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
After reading another blog, where the writer is having a go at me, i think i would like to set the record straight and then be done with the whole of this crap and him.
The first thing I want to address is this rubbish that he felt RTr was trying to be a business and he disagreed with that and thats why he set his own place up… thats simply LOLOLOL. I spoke to this guy so many times in conversations and he was keener than anyone I know to make a “business”. He was talking about location specific advertisement targetting and all kinds of other crap like that. So, his moral high horse is pretty laughable. I wonder how long it would be before advertising hits his forum and affiliate links? I guess time will tell, but let me be the first to say, i told you so and if not direct advertising/links he will create a spin-off business from it. I am telling you here and now, his agenda is definately not what he posts.
I will not get dragged down any further than that, but i will tell you why he is so sore.
He wanted to be on the RTR admin team for a long time and he pushed and pressured me as much as he could, including offering free services (for the website of course :-)) to sort of make us feel obliged. A few weeks before he turned sour, I had actually told him in no uncertain terms that he could not be on the admin team at RTR for the simple fact that he and another of the admin team could simply not work togther as their personalities would clash and this would be detrimental to the site.
Anyway a few weeks later, when still a mod of the forums might I add, he started talking about how he didn;t like the direction the forum was going in..blah blah blah and went behind our backs, approached another moderator and asked them to go with him to set up his own site. Now remember he was still a mod and in a trusted position at this point. Hhe was clearly looking for ways to take a pop as he now realised he was never going to get what he wanted.
This got back to us and we fronted him with it, which ended with him being removed from the Mod team and now to him setting his own place up.
I have no issue with him setting his own forum up and stuff, in fact i wish him all the luck in the world, but I won;t have him picking silly little quotes out and taking the stance he is on the moral high-ground when exactly the opposite is the truth.
I guess now we are definately no longer friends. I feel etter now the record is set straight and I am done with the matter.
apologies to you normal readers for seeing this shit, but i have to admit I was a little annoyed and so stopped low enough to respond!

Dec 11, 2008 8:01 AM

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
My blog got hi_jacked last night, by some fkin scum bags. Luckily I spotted it quickly, revoved the author and changed all my perosonal details etc, so hopefully all should be fine now. Only problem is that if you read this blog via google reader then you will still see that post because I have no idea how to delete a post that has already been connected to the RSS Feed. So if anyone can help I;d appreciate it. Otherwise you are goin to have to look at the porn they posted on here. (PS, don’t click the links on any of that post).
I appreciate the response of the guys who spotted it on the forum.
All Sorted
Dec 9, 2008 4:56 AM
My targets may well be missed

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
I have decided to put some hard graft into our site, www.raisetheriver.com. I plan on getting strategy content, blog reviews, site reviews and all kinds of other content up there. I think i have been too lax recently and really need to get things moving again.
There are changes planned for the structure of the site, which i won;t go into yet, but I mean on a personnel level. Hopefully we can get the place re-envigourated. Get the RTR-MADS going and get regular content hitting the homepage for people to read.
If you haven;t already added us to your blogroll, please add.. www.raisetheriver.com/poker-content to your list, let us know and we will return the favour.
I will still definately get some games in, but the volume will be much lower than I antcipated, may even miss the Silver Star. There is plenty of work to do and I hope to get the site upto the standard it belongs at.
Also noticed someone I considered to be a mate, has gone and started his own poker forum, with blogrolls and the lot..lol. I guess the saying is true.. there are no friends in poker. Good luck to him really as I know how much work is involved for such little return, needless to say I won;t be a member there.
So thats all for now. Keep your eyes peeled at the homepage and forum for further developments and opportunities that may be arising.
GL all
Dec 7, 2008 3:01 PM
Saturdays’ Actions

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik

Well spent yesterday putting up the xmas decorations. Gotta admit, I am a big fan of this time of year at the best of times, so having our lad to spend it with as wellfor the first time is gonna make it a cracker this year! Just can;t wait till he’s old enough for his first Scalextric and games console etc haha.
As for poker.. well I planned to play a fair bit, but I was so knackered I ended up in bed at 11. meh. Just played the 20k Silver Star freeroll and ended upabout 100th of 3ooo. A better structured tourney than I expected tbh,but still baffled to see silver and gold star players,playing over 60% of their hands! I guess they just treat it as a bit of fun to donk around in.
I also registered for the Sky Open as I realised I still had a few quid on Sky poker from a while back, but wastoo knackered to be playin it so just reg’d for a $12 180 player turbo on stars instead. Managed to get to the final table and then this happened with 7 left:
PokerStars Game #22681682863: Tournament #125303962, $11+$1 Hold’em No Limit - Level XV (1000/2000) - 2008/12/06 17:07:52 ETTable ‘125303962 16′ 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: 4andrei (23725 in chips)Seat 3: cactout (12118 in chips)Seat 4: firf (93219 in chips)Seat 5: puran (75400 in chips)Seat 6: BurnleyMik (19765 in chips)Seat 7: lexisapunk (16443 in chips)Seat 9: Rcm-fr (29330 in chips)4andrei: posts the ante 200cactout: posts the ante 200firf: posts the ante 200puran: posts the ante 200BurnleyMik: posts the ante 200lexisapunk: posts the ante 200Rcm-fr: posts the ante 200firf: posts small blind 1000puran: posts big blind 2000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to BurnleyMik [3d 3h]BurnleyMik: raises 17565 to 19565 and is all-inlexisapunk: foldsRcm-fr: calls 195654andrei: foldscactout: foldsfirf: foldspuran: folds*** FLOP *** [Kc Jd 4d]*** TURN *** [Kc Jd 4d] [4s]BurnleyMik said, “Q4?”*** RIVER *** [Kc Jd 4d 4s] [5d]*** SHOW DOWN ***BurnleyMik: shows [3d 3h] (two pair, Fours and Threes)Rcm-fr: shows [Qs 4c] (three of a kind, Fours)Rcm-fr collected 43530 from pot*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 43530 Rake 0Board [Kc Jd 4d 4s 5d]Seat 1: 4andrei folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 3: cactout (button) folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 4: firf (small blind) folded before FlopSeat 5: puran (big blind) folded before FlopSeat 6: BurnleyMik showed [3d 3h] and lost with two pair, Fours and ThreesSeat 7: lexisapunk folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 9: Rcm-fr showed [Qs 4c] and won (43530) with three of a kind, Fours
I had a good tight-ish image and BB was not a bad player, who wasn;t calling light. I figured my UTG shove wasn;t getting called light and afterall UTG is the new button! But what the hell in this world prompts this gu to call off 2/3 of his stack at this stage with Q4o? lol. I am almost sure it was a very luck mis-click on his part, as he wasn;t a donkey either. LOL at Stars RNG going for the overkill and making sure he doesn;t just hit one 4, but two! haha. Mis-clicks FTW!!!
Its been weird really, as since my great run on starsearlier in the week, i have really been reluctant to get back into the SnG’s as I sort of don;t want to ruin the great ROI! lol. Also I can feel it that bad-uns are about to follow. BAck at work tonight so no poker for the next three nights. After that I plan to try and actually smash some volume and get back at the grinding.
Anyways, gl to you all and ty for reading.

Dec 6, 2008 12:05 AM
Hot hot hot

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
I am running well the last two days on Stars. Just played a few sets last night and tonight and I have been running hot. Still losing some ridiculous shit, like AA beaten by AK, but that doesn’t matter a shit as a majority of my hands are holding!!!! When they finally hold its unreal…

If I can keep up the 73.% ROI for December… LOL.. no fkin chance with that Stars RNG. I’ll be due bad uns soon,but whilst its this good, let it flow!

Dec 2, 2008 9:12 PM
Preparing for December

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Well almost finished my shifts at work for the week. Doing the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights gives me a nice long break, which hopefully, once the lad is in bed each night, I then have some serious poker to squeeze in. There’s a good thread running over at RTR where you post your goals for December and then the following month you review and set new ones. I think mine were quite realistic, but I am not sure just how busy we are going to be over christmas yet. Hopefully though, I can attain them and build from there.
Also, if anyone is interested I wrote a basic 18 Player Stars SnG strategy in a post over at the forum. Obviously it’s not in huge detail, but I think the basic concepts of it should help out any less experienced SnG’ers out there. You can view it HERE. They are my favourite game ATM and the ones where I am making the most money. I have been toying with the idea of maybe trying a few sessions mass multi-tabling the $12 45’s, but not sure yet.
Good old winter struck properly last night. How has the weather been over the rest of the country? I mean leaving work this morning we had maybe two inches of snow and fk me it was chaos. The main roads were not all that bad tbh, but it didn;t stop these over-cautious pillocks doing 10-15 miles per hour all the way down the A roads (normally national speed limit) …grrr. The M65 motorway was down to two slow moving lanes, it was laughable really in modern day Britain. What is normally a 20 min drive home took me a good hour this morning. Unbelieveable really what a little bit of snow causes. We are due to have more tonight so not looking forward to my trip home again in the morning. One thing, I love how picturesque the snow makes the landscapes look, xmas postcard stuff!
I have also been messing about with my blog and blog reading list. Apologies if your blog is no longer there, but I am trying to keep the list to blogs that are regularly updated. Basically I went through and any that hadn’t been updated in the last month was removed.
I also added quite a few new blogs that I am going to be reading and se what they are like. Here are some of them:
Animal Poker
Steven Holden
I prefer to read about the exploits of UK players, mainly because I have something in common in location, but if you have a blog or know of any good ones I am missing please let me know.