Thursday, 14 May 2009

I can almost touch it!

Less of the dirty minds! Of course I am talking about the free 80k VPP's for when I hit 7.5k VPP's this month. I am currently on 6.9k VPP's. Only played a short session tonight and so accrued about 400 VPP's.

Last night was a total bastard because I dropped $250 at the tables. just ran shit tbh, but tonight was back on track and finished the short session $105 up, so thats sweet. I find it amazing how many fuckin terrible players at limit just cannot fold 2nd pair. I mean its great for me cos I like to value bet the living shot out of the guys with a 40%+ Went To Showdown value and it pays so handsomely, but you think they would learn! lol. do they think everyone is bluffing them? hahaha. I just hope they keep coming back to the tables.

for those of you that dont know I am normally a SnG player, so this venture is all new to me and it's a steep learning curve to play LHE. It's so much more Maths orientated than NLHE and so many fine decisions to make in rapid succession that playing 24 tables means i am losing lots and lots of +EV spots. I know this, but accrueing the VPP's is the most important thing.

I can earn the same amount of VPP's in an hour and a half at 1/2 Limit, that I can for four hours, twenty tabling $16 SnG's and seeing as though i am fairly short of time, its a no brainer! Abuse the Limit Holdem Donks!! hehehe
Anyways, thats enough for now!!
Thanks to all who have linked the blog up so far and if you want to swap links please feel free to drop me a line!


  1. ah ffs

    has my "dodging" blog gone to fcuk as well ?



  2. No mate. That was on the RTR server, thats still alive, although I am struggling to get hold of Barry ATM, my blog was on UK Poker Scene and thats what has gone tits up.

  3. Hey mate added your fine blog! Yeh i've had a think and im just going to grind stars until i have i have a few hundred for nl10, then im switching back to an ipoker skin where i get 52% rakeback. Hopefully i can grind a decent amount there and get back to nl50 soon.

  4. Very nice m8. gl with the SN chase! you're doing damn well!

  5. nice blog, all linked up mate

  6. I'll link you up fish ;-)