Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Not as it seems...

I am a grand total of $364 up playing LHE so far, but I can;t beat the rake as well. Without rake I am doing quite well! lol. with rake I am $360 down ATM.

That includes losing another $21.50 tonight over 1.3k hands.

It's a catch 22. I need the rake for the VPP's, but it's making the games so much harder to beat.

So far this month I have played just over 28k hands for a -0.38/BB100 figure, which was really pissing me off, then I was looking at the VS player stats and realised that actually I am beating the players, just not the rake as well. So its not that bad.

Tonight pretty much continued from this afternoon. AA and KK cracked early doors. I get pissed off, spend the rest of the session trying to recover.

Wish i wasn;t so results orientated in the short term, but tbh I can;t help it because of the PT3 stats and stuff i review after each sesh.

oh well. Hit supernova and then have a review of what i would like to play from there on in...

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  1. You need some of my run good mate! There's plenty to go around. Yeh im a bit worried about going to ipoker. I played there like a month ago for about 1k hands and ran soooo bad. Dropped a decent chunk and decided i didn't like the software much either. This rakeback deal is so juicy thought that i can't pass it up and will have to overcome my fears. If i start running like shite again and donks start hitting 2 outers etc i'll head back to stars haha.