Friday, 22 May 2009

End of downswong?

Or just having a one off good run??? I ran pretty well tonight. with my flushes getting there when betting them hard and actually flopping a few sets and even quad 4's once! weeeeeeeeeee

I finished the session $89.25 up, despite running QQ into KK twice and AA into KK once! So, I am pretty happy with that result.

On a side note, myself and Amatay have put a great deal together for the members of the forums where the winner/s of our tourneys get to go for a two day stay in Paris and gets to play in a €250 deepstacks tourney in the Aviation Club de Paris! Its pretty good tbh and if things go well we will be doing loads more of these in the future.
If you are not a member then go over and get yourself signed up!
we also have some ideas for getting players to the 2010 WSOP and some new syndicates!
Anyways, I hope my goot run continues!


  1. I really like the ideas you are coming up with for MTTs on the forums mate. I think it's a great way to send some of us broke lads to some decent tourns.

  2. Sounds like a gd idea to me mate ;-)