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December posts from 2008

Dec 20, 2008 1:03 PM
Following on from my brief last post…

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played the live game at the Manchester G-Casino last night. Starting table was loose with a total monkey on my right. I stacked him on a T47 board, when i held JJ, bet the flop and he moved all in with the mighty 73 (which he called my pre flop raise with Easy money. I doubled again just before the first break when i called a loose raise with 87s, floppd top pair and check raised an aggro player all in. (I was taking the add on anyways, so I figure he has hardly any hand and if he did outdraw me I would start second half with the 4k add on chips). Anyways, he umms and ahhhs for ages before finally convincing himself I was bluffing and calling me with bottom pair! LOL. SHIPIIIPPPIPITY!
Then it all changed.
I got moved to another table. same as Bullmeister. Watched a guy check down a TJ4,8,3 board with KK! LOLOL> as well, he limped it pre flop. wow.
Anyways, there was a fish at the table, with about 2k in chips he limps for 600. it folds to me on the button, so i raise with my AQhh to try and isolate the guy. It works and he calls. He has A2. Of course he makes a two on the flop and takes the pot. meh.
A little later on and this same idiot is getting low again. once again, same type of scenario, he limps, I know he loves shitty cards, so i raise with A7 in teh CO to get him all in. Once again he calls. This time he flips Q4.
Board come X44×7. You have to be fkin kidding. Meh again.
So now with blinds at 400/800 I have just about 7.8k. I pick up AThh is the CO. It folds to me so i move it in. Guess who is in BB? oh yes mr fish, but now he’s not that short. he has about 6.5k. He immediately calls..again. This time the fkin moron shows Q9. of course once again the first card out is a 9. I get no improvement and i am down to 1.3k, with the blinds at 400/800/ What are the odds of that fucker hitting against me EVERYTIME? He wasn;t arrogant with it or anything, just plain fkin clueless. I was pretty much steaming by now.
Next hand I shove K8o into Bully who was in BB. He has to call for 500 more into the 2.5k pot. He has 34o. and guess what? i mean go on guess… he rivers a fkin 4. FUCK MY LIFE AN FUCK LIVE POKER!
So against donkey bollox, I lost as 75/25 favourite, then as a 65/35 favourite and then again as a 65/35 favourite. One after the other, the motherlicker. To top it all off i lose in that same 65/35 situation again. Meh. live poker is definately rigged.
One, thing. I am owed a shitload of those damned sklansky bucks.
So my advice is don;t play live. It makes the pokerstars RNG look normal!

Dec 20, 2008 2:49 AM
Live poker is ….

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
That is all for now.

Dec 19, 2008 3:02 PM
WBCOOP - Event 3

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Went shat. Doubled early with Ak vs AQ , but then wasn;t good enough to fold JJ on a ten high board and ran into KK. Eventually went out in 200+/500+, when i thought SB was just bullying me because I was short, so I moved over the top of his pitiful raise with A4. He actually had
I know Teaulc did fairly well and tripz qualified the other night, so i need to qualify tomorrow because I am out at Manchester G casino tonight and thats my last chance. Will be a bit dissapointed if i don;t qualify.
Fingers crossed. GL all you other bloggers.

Dec 18, 2008 8:28 AM
Time Wasted!

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Played some MTT’s last night.
Played two of those crazy as shit $12/180 turbos and got no where.
Played the $10, $10k GTD and the $8.80 game, both on stars.
got deep in both.
In the $8.80 finished just got ITM. Obv, i bust when AA gets busted, followed right up by KK getting busted. hahahaha. Stars takes the royal piss sometimes.
In the $10k. I played really well. Winning lots of small pots uncontested, with re-steals and shoves against the right folks. I actually felt i was playing well. Only problem was, everytime I went to take out a short stack, I lost virtually every showdown. I would say throughout the tourney, i won maybe 10-15% of all Showdowns i went to., pretty shit. Plyed for 5 hours, finished in the top 1% of the field and get $47 for 22nd of 1881 players. Are you fkin kidding me? The stars small stakes tounreys are just fuckin worthless if you don’t hit the top three. 5 hours of my life I want back. $47… pffft. What a croc of shit. I eventually lose pushing TT UTG, UTG1 insta calls and has AQ. of course i am never winning that showdown either. Bollox. More gutted about how 1st was over $3k and 22nd was $47.. lol.
So that decided it for me, that i won;t be playing anymore small stakes MTT’s on Stars with over 1k entrants. Bollox to that. I much prefer tourneys with like 100-300 peeps. thats sort of where i am in my element and play my A game.
Are all the structures on stars like that?
Anyways, thats all for now. lol. Poker is a wicked mistress!

Dec 15, 2008 8:52 PM
Too busy for poker

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Well.. almost
Just squeezed a few MTT’s in last and busted each and everyone of them making mistakes.
I was just looking for games with smallish buy-ins starting around the same time.
The $10 Rebuy on iPoker - Definately didn;t play like a re-buy tourney. It was mega tight. I doubled early, when I open shoved AQ from the button and got a call from AT. Somehow I hold. SHIP. A BB special gave me even more chips when I held 95 and the flop was 55A, a 9 on the turn sealed it, when my opponent who had A9 got it all in with me.. SHIP. I then just kept making moves and stealing Blinds. 396 or so players started with top 40 paid. with 43 left I made my fuck-up. I had KJs on the Button, I raise 2.5 xBB and BB insta moves all in. His stats said he was raising 23% of his hands, which is pretty fkin wide and he was playing nearly 30% of the hands he was dealt. Still, KJ isn;t going to be a big favourite in this spot, but I make a fast call. He has AK. meh. A king hits the flop, but I don;t improve and virtually bubble. I was a bit pissed at myself, I let the stats rule my head (well actually even with the stats I am still never going to be a ong way ahead). I should just swallow the pride and fold there.
I played a $6 donkament on Party - Doubled very early in this with some major luck. All in on a flop of TJ3. I have KK, opponent has AA. I spike a K on the turn for the dbl. I played a bit looser after that and built up to be one of the early chip leaders. Pushing people of pots and generally playing well, but then made a mistake, trying to push a guy I was sure was weak off his top pair, when i was betting my flush draw hard. Unfortunately he was not for folding his King rag and my draw never got there. Meh. then short stacked, I was trying to shove all in over a limper for about 6 BB’s with KQs, but mini-raised by accident. I figured I was pushing any flop. An ace hits the flop I shove, limper has A3. gg me. Again that was on the bubble.
A $22 180 player on Stars - Never got going. just leaking chips seeing flops and missing. Finally pushed over a loose raiser with 77. He has TT. Fair play.
Played the Sunday $200k - This is still the worst donkfest ever. Got fairly deep, no major hands just lots of small pots, until I finally make a move with my two overs, AQcc on a Tc 3C 9h board. The BB had called my raise with 6To and was never ever As you can guess I miss every out and he holds. DONKS FTW!
So just the four tourneys and no cashes. TBH though I didn;t play well, so I didn;t deserve much more. I really need to open my aggression up more in the midn stages though. I’ll get there.
The rest of my time has been spent writing and prepping articles for the RTR Homepage. It’s been hard work re-organising everything, but we are finally getting there. there is allsorts of other stuff in the pipeline, so if you are not a member, nip over and find out about it all.
thats all for now.

Dec 12, 2008 9:27 PM
Party Games Soft?

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik

Not for me they weren’t!
I just fired out a set of 8 of the $22 Speed STT’s (granted its a tiny sample), but the players were much better than i expected. Plenty of guys who understood Push/Fold. On three of the tables we got to the 100/200 stage (2k starting chips) and not a single player was out! WTF?? There was the odd idiot, but i definately reckon a majority were decent players. Their calling ranges looked on the money and they were shoving rather than limping all the time. Basically all the hallmarks of players who have an idea of what they are doing.
I finished the session $60 down. I didn;t get the luck when i needed it to be fair. No action on my big hands and ran into mosntrs when i made my shoves. Such is, but I don;t agree that the games are soft.
a) I was playing the wrong games
b) I was playing at the wrong time (8-9pm GMT)
So FK Party! lololol. I want some weak fish who will call raises with all crap!
Backto the rock gardens at stars? Looking that way…

Dec 12, 2008 8:56 AM
Response to “justified”

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
After reading another blog, where the writer is having a go at me, i think i would like to set the record straight and then be done with the whole of this crap and him.
The first thing I want to address is this rubbish that he felt RTr was trying to be a business and he disagreed with that and thats why he set his own place up… thats simply LOLOLOL. I spoke to this guy so many times in conversations and he was keener than anyone I know to make a “business”. He was talking about location specific advertisement targetting and all kinds of other crap like that. So, his moral high horse is pretty laughable. I wonder how long it would be before advertising hits his forum and affiliate links? I guess time will tell, but let me be the first to say, i told you so and if not direct advertising/links he will create a spin-off business from it. I am telling you here and now, his agenda is definately not what he posts.
I will not get dragged down any further than that, but i will tell you why he is so sore.
He wanted to be on the RTR admin team for a long time and he pushed and pressured me as much as he could, including offering free services (for the website of course :-)) to sort of make us feel obliged. A few weeks before he turned sour, I had actually told him in no uncertain terms that he could not be on the admin team at RTR for the simple fact that he and another of the admin team could simply not work togther as their personalities would clash and this would be detrimental to the site.
Anyway a few weeks later, when still a mod of the forums might I add, he started talking about how he didn;t like the direction the forum was going in..blah blah blah and went behind our backs, approached another moderator and asked them to go with him to set up his own site. Now remember he was still a mod and in a trusted position at this point. Hhe was clearly looking for ways to take a pop as he now realised he was never going to get what he wanted.
This got back to us and we fronted him with it, which ended with him being removed from the Mod team and now to him setting his own place up.
I have no issue with him setting his own forum up and stuff, in fact i wish him all the luck in the world, but I won;t have him picking silly little quotes out and taking the stance he is on the moral high-ground when exactly the opposite is the truth.
I guess now we are definately no longer friends. I feel etter now the record is set straight and I am done with the matter.
apologies to you normal readers for seeing this shit, but i have to admit I was a little annoyed and so stopped low enough to respond!

Dec 11, 2008 8:01 AM

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
My blog got hi_jacked last night, by some fkin scum bags. Luckily I spotted it quickly, revoved the author and changed all my perosonal details etc, so hopefully all should be fine now. Only problem is that if you read this blog via google reader then you will still see that post because I have no idea how to delete a post that has already been connected to the RSS Feed. So if anyone can help I;d appreciate it. Otherwise you are goin to have to look at the porn they posted on here. (PS, don’t click the links on any of that post).
I appreciate the response of the guys who spotted it on the forum.
All Sorted
Dec 9, 2008 4:56 AM
My targets may well be missed

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
I have decided to put some hard graft into our site, I plan on getting strategy content, blog reviews, site reviews and all kinds of other content up there. I think i have been too lax recently and really need to get things moving again.
There are changes planned for the structure of the site, which i won;t go into yet, but I mean on a personnel level. Hopefully we can get the place re-envigourated. Get the RTR-MADS going and get regular content hitting the homepage for people to read.
If you haven;t already added us to your blogroll, please add.. to your list, let us know and we will return the favour.
I will still definately get some games in, but the volume will be much lower than I antcipated, may even miss the Silver Star. There is plenty of work to do and I hope to get the site upto the standard it belongs at.
Also noticed someone I considered to be a mate, has gone and started his own poker forum, with blogrolls and the I guess the saying is true.. there are no friends in poker. Good luck to him really as I know how much work is involved for such little return, needless to say I won;t be a member there.
So thats all for now. Keep your eyes peeled at the homepage and forum for further developments and opportunities that may be arising.
GL all
Dec 7, 2008 3:01 PM
Saturdays’ Actions

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik

Well spent yesterday putting up the xmas decorations. Gotta admit, I am a big fan of this time of year at the best of times, so having our lad to spend it with as wellfor the first time is gonna make it a cracker this year! Just can;t wait till he’s old enough for his first Scalextric and games console etc haha.
As for poker.. well I planned to play a fair bit, but I was so knackered I ended up in bed at 11. meh. Just played the 20k Silver Star freeroll and ended upabout 100th of 3ooo. A better structured tourney than I expected tbh,but still baffled to see silver and gold star players,playing over 60% of their hands! I guess they just treat it as a bit of fun to donk around in.
I also registered for the Sky Open as I realised I still had a few quid on Sky poker from a while back, but wastoo knackered to be playin it so just reg’d for a $12 180 player turbo on stars instead. Managed to get to the final table and then this happened with 7 left:
PokerStars Game #22681682863: Tournament #125303962, $11+$1 Hold’em No Limit - Level XV (1000/2000) - 2008/12/06 17:07:52 ETTable ‘125303962 16′ 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: 4andrei (23725 in chips)Seat 3: cactout (12118 in chips)Seat 4: firf (93219 in chips)Seat 5: puran (75400 in chips)Seat 6: BurnleyMik (19765 in chips)Seat 7: lexisapunk (16443 in chips)Seat 9: Rcm-fr (29330 in chips)4andrei: posts the ante 200cactout: posts the ante 200firf: posts the ante 200puran: posts the ante 200BurnleyMik: posts the ante 200lexisapunk: posts the ante 200Rcm-fr: posts the ante 200firf: posts small blind 1000puran: posts big blind 2000*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to BurnleyMik [3d 3h]BurnleyMik: raises 17565 to 19565 and is all-inlexisapunk: foldsRcm-fr: calls 195654andrei: foldscactout: foldsfirf: foldspuran: folds*** FLOP *** [Kc Jd 4d]*** TURN *** [Kc Jd 4d] [4s]BurnleyMik said, “Q4?”*** RIVER *** [Kc Jd 4d 4s] [5d]*** SHOW DOWN ***BurnleyMik: shows [3d 3h] (two pair, Fours and Threes)Rcm-fr: shows [Qs 4c] (three of a kind, Fours)Rcm-fr collected 43530 from pot*** SUMMARY ***Total pot 43530 Rake 0Board [Kc Jd 4d 4s 5d]Seat 1: 4andrei folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 3: cactout (button) folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 4: firf (small blind) folded before FlopSeat 5: puran (big blind) folded before FlopSeat 6: BurnleyMik showed [3d 3h] and lost with two pair, Fours and ThreesSeat 7: lexisapunk folded before Flop (didn’t bet)Seat 9: Rcm-fr showed [Qs 4c] and won (43530) with three of a kind, Fours
I had a good tight-ish image and BB was not a bad player, who wasn;t calling light. I figured my UTG shove wasn;t getting called light and afterall UTG is the new button! But what the hell in this world prompts this gu to call off 2/3 of his stack at this stage with Q4o? lol. I am almost sure it was a very luck mis-click on his part, as he wasn;t a donkey either. LOL at Stars RNG going for the overkill and making sure he doesn;t just hit one 4, but two! haha. Mis-clicks FTW!!!
Its been weird really, as since my great run on starsearlier in the week, i have really been reluctant to get back into the SnG’s as I sort of don;t want to ruin the great ROI! lol. Also I can feel it that bad-uns are about to follow. BAck at work tonight so no poker for the next three nights. After that I plan to try and actually smash some volume and get back at the grinding.
Anyways, gl to you all and ty for reading.

Dec 6, 2008 12:05 AM
Hot hot hot

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
I am running well the last two days on Stars. Just played a few sets last night and tonight and I have been running hot. Still losing some ridiculous shit, like AA beaten by AK, but that doesn’t matter a shit as a majority of my hands are holding!!!! When they finally hold its unreal…

If I can keep up the 73.% ROI for December… LOL.. no fkin chance with that Stars RNG. I’ll be due bad uns soon,but whilst its this good, let it flow!

Dec 2, 2008 9:12 PM
Preparing for December

from Donkey Thrasher by BurnleyMik
Well almost finished my shifts at work for the week. Doing the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights gives me a nice long break, which hopefully, once the lad is in bed each night, I then have some serious poker to squeeze in. There’s a good thread running over at RTR where you post your goals for December and then the following month you review and set new ones. I think mine were quite realistic, but I am not sure just how busy we are going to be over christmas yet. Hopefully though, I can attain them and build from there.
Also, if anyone is interested I wrote a basic 18 Player Stars SnG strategy in a post over at the forum. Obviously it’s not in huge detail, but I think the basic concepts of it should help out any less experienced SnG’ers out there. You can view it HERE. They are my favourite game ATM and the ones where I am making the most money. I have been toying with the idea of maybe trying a few sessions mass multi-tabling the $12 45’s, but not sure yet.
Good old winter struck properly last night. How has the weather been over the rest of the country? I mean leaving work this morning we had maybe two inches of snow and fk me it was chaos. The main roads were not all that bad tbh, but it didn;t stop these over-cautious pillocks doing 10-15 miles per hour all the way down the A roads (normally national speed limit) …grrr. The M65 motorway was down to two slow moving lanes, it was laughable really in modern day Britain. What is normally a 20 min drive home took me a good hour this morning. Unbelieveable really what a little bit of snow causes. We are due to have more tonight so not looking forward to my trip home again in the morning. One thing, I love how picturesque the snow makes the landscapes look, xmas postcard stuff!
I have also been messing about with my blog and blog reading list. Apologies if your blog is no longer there, but I am trying to keep the list to blogs that are regularly updated. Basically I went through and any that hadn’t been updated in the last month was removed.
I also added quite a few new blogs that I am going to be reading and se what they are like. Here are some of them:
Animal Poker
Steven Holden
I prefer to read about the exploits of UK players, mainly because I have something in common in location, but if you have a blog or know of any good ones I am missing please let me know.

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