Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Just played about 1.2k hands and struggled like fuck. Could just tell it was going to be a hard session. I kept getting hands like JJ/QQ and running it into 4-bet cappers pre flop, then having to play them by chk calling to the river on low boards to see the inevitable AA/KK in villains hands.

Final straw was losing a big pot with AA, which i 4-bet pre flop and was called in two spots. Flop was JJ6. I bet and it was raised, one guy flats, I re-raise and they both flat. turn was a 2. I lead and get re raised again. Other guy calls and so I do too. River is a queen, I check one bets, the other raises, I am too stubborn/stupid to fold my aces, which I am well attached to and they show down JQ and J5s. LOL. Fkin limit!!

The deck was just cold all night. I never once got into profit according to my poker tracker graph for the session, but was never really more than $30 down either. it was like, get a big hand, raise, get re raised.. fuck, call and miss flop. Raise AK and AQ, miss flop, C-bet , get called. Lead turn get re-popped, bye bye AK/AQ! haha.

Way it goes. My only problem was that right before I quit I lost two big hands, meaning I dropped to minus $75 for the session. Fuck sake.

Just when yo think you are getting the hang of it... Mr Variance comes and kicks you right in the balls!

Oh well.. lol. I'll keep at it for now.

Hope you rn better.


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