Friday, 22 May 2009

Might give that a miss!

I decided yesterday to have a change of sceneary and play some NLHE tables instead. lol. I thought the variance was harsh in Limit! I ran horribly. My aces had a win rate of just 76% over 17 times I got them. I managed to lose a total of just over $80 with them. when you consider a normal win rate for Aces, is about 90-92%, it shows I was running pretty bad. TBH, I was also very rusty. My bet sizing was poor and with playing so many tables, i really was doing some poor stuff, so i was lucky I guess to only finish the day $77 down. So thats 4 losing days in a row. It's really gutting.

Also, I hardly racked up any VPP's. despite playing 22-24 tables and over 3k hands. So that makes the decision to avoid it pretty easy. Tonight I'll step back to LHE and finally try and get a winning session in.

Hopefully, i can finally put in a winning session. I m now down $430 for the month playing LHE and NLHE. ffs!

It's a bit annoying as I made $297 in a day on the 1st May, playing my usual SnG's. I know I could have been building the roll nicely if i had stuck with them, but I made the change to get SN and I have come so far now, that I might as well do it.

One time.. gimme a hot run!

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