Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Downswong continues

Off work now until Sunday, so figured I would play an hour, with 4 tables of $2/$4 for a change and see how it went... well it was total fucking dross. Got aces once, they got cracked by tens. Got Kings twice, once cracked by QT and once by 33. Kept flopping great flush draws and then not getting there. Then to finish off the session, I was in SB with TT, it folds to me I raise, BB calls. Flop is JJ5, I bet he calls. Turn is a 2. I bet, he raises, I call. He leads river, which is a 7 and I call. Of course he defended his BB with J2o and turns the boat. Fuck off man. Get real.

I am sure you run hot and cold with the Stars RNG. You never just have average sessions, its either shit or great. ATM its mega shit for me. Dropped $126.50 in just an hour and 428 hands. Sigh.

I had to stop cos if i carried on I would do my bollocks and tilt the lot off.


  1. Fixed Limit? Sounds like hell! Hope the downswong ends and a heater starts soon for you mate.

  2. Fixed limit is as bad as satan's asshole mate. You might be better off grinding $6 45's until you reach SN. Might take a lil longer(perhaps a couple weeks) but at least you won't have to put up with the hell that is limit holdem.

    Good luck and hope the downswing ends very soon.

  3. It just doesn't accumulate VPP's mate. Playing $6 games, where the rake is only 0.5, would take like 6 hours per day!

    I'l tough this shit out for now! :-)