Friday, 15 May 2009

Weee!! got the 7.5k VPP's!!

Dry Bummed - A term for anal sex without lubrication. The term is commonly used to express a painful experience - such as a scalding telling off from your boss.
i.e. - "I had better finish this work to a high standard or I will get dry bummed"

Stars made me fkin pay for to get the 7.5k milestone!!! Dropped Another $200. A bit distraught cos I felt I played fairly well. It was only when I look at my PT3 stats that I realised I was so much down. I still don;t really know how. I knew I was getting continually sucked out on, but didn;t realise it had gone so far. Honestly, sometimes I fucking hate Pokerstars and bad players, especially when they continually hit against you, but I know in the long run i want them here.

So, thats 80k VPP's for free on June 3rd.

Prolly gonna take a few days off stars as it felt like the Doomswitch was on today and if I play tomorrow 'll only enter the games with a negative attitude, which won't hep me at all.

Might go back and crash some $10 45;s out of Full Tilt and see if i can maintain my very good ROI.

A quick thankyou to all who have linked me up.

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  1. Very nice m8! Keep up the good work! You're gonna reach supernova in no time!