Monday, 18 May 2009

SuperNova is on its way

yes it is baby!! I just keep grinding out the quick evening sessions and can see the forbidden fruit in site!
Tonight i played a very short session, less than an hour because i really couldn;t be arsed, but glad i did becaue I managed to turn an $87.50 profit in that time.
Still $100 down overall, but I am clawing it back, which is nice. I really regret those two sessions now and realised that a lot of my play was spewy/tilty. Stupid, but we learn from our mistakes.
My bankroll nearly had a big fat injection this morning and hopes were very high, when i woke up to view the forums to see that Kennl was deep in the FTOPS $535 Main Event. A number of us had bought percentage shares of kenn for a set number of tourneys he was going to play in the FTOPS. He had a few small cashes upto this point, but nothing of any significance and then this morning the online live thread showed he was deep.
I had a 2% share and first prize was $430k, meaning a very sweet $8.6k for me if he made it. I spent mst of the mornign checking the internet on my phone to see how he was going. At one point he was chip leader with 30 left, but then lost a couple of major flips and finally bust out in a very credible 14th for $17.5k. Still a great ROI for his backers, but kenn was dissapointed as I think he felt with little bit more luck he was taking that down.
I have no doubt that a big big score will come soon for kenn, his game is on another level right now. Well done mate and thanks!
Lastly a huge shout out to Mr and Mrs Snake_Eyes. Their little girl was born today at 1pm
weight 6lb 9oz!! Congrast and all the best to all three of you!
Thats all for now
Night all


  1. how much longer do you think you'll have to reach SN mate? you seem to be doing damn well atm.

  2. thanks for the sympathy regarding my sunday million bust haha Thats sick that your almost at supernova. Keep grinding!

    - behhh04

  3. nemo - reckon I should be at supernova in early June. I get to keep that status then, until Feb 2010. :o)

  4. sick m8. i hope you get it! sucks that you can't keep it for a whole year though. I shall meet ya at supernova hopefully by mid-late August!

  5. fuck me, what level you lot playing at ????

    supernova ????

    fuck me, sic !!!!



  6. Cheers for the good wishes on exam BM. I've woken up still sat at my desk with my head resting on a book a few times now!

    Not seen the blog since the move but looking like ur close to SN on Stars, which is superb.

    Keep on grindin :)