Saturday, 16 May 2009


.. exactly that. I fucked off the idea of playing some SnG's and decided to hit the stars tables again and carry on grinding out the VPP's. I played much steadier tonight, making sure I played less variance ridden ways, by always slowing down if I might be in trouble. I know i lose value to the bad players doing this, but there are so many fkin nits at these tables that its probably +EV in the long run, which tonight proved.

I didn;t feel I played particularly well but ended the session +$99.75, so obviously something went well. It's a strange game when you are multi-tabling so many tables because you can never really keep track of if you are up or down overall. I guess thats a good thing in reality because it stops you being results orientated. I love the intesity though of 24 tabing as its a bit manic and you just have to concentrate for the full session and by far the best site to do it is Stars.
Even though most people call it riverstars and the horrible way you seem to run sometimes on the site, it is by far the best software to play on IMO . Keep up the good work Stars.
On a non poker issue, I managed to get myself a ticket for the Playoff finals where Burnley take on Sheff Utd at Wembley. It'll be my first trip to the new Wembley and I am lookin forward to it. me and Bullmeister have the coach and that booked so it should make for a crackin day out! Come on you Clarets!
Thats all for now!
Keep nitting it up folks.

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  1. Wembley,Wembley Were the famous Burnley FC and were goin to Wembley!!!!