Thursday, 24 June 2010

WSOP 2011 - Wanna go?

We are setting it up to make it possible!!!!

See all the details by cicking this link to the forum



Off in the morning for a week in the sun.

Hope it pisses it down on you lot all week! hahhahaha, such a bitter sod ain't I!! lololol.

Sunday England play Germany and no doubt there will be Germans in the hotel so that should be fun! 5-1 again plz.

reet off to pack my cases. Laters.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

One for the England Players:

"You are never a loser until you quit trying." - Mike Ditka

So for this one time go out there and give it everything you have for your homeland and your loyal supporters. Leave it all out there on the pitch. Make us proud to be English men and women.


Monday, 21 June 2010

Holiday Friday

Looking forward to our week away in Salou on Friday. Not looking forward to the flight if I am honest, I am a big dude (6'2") and the charter flight leg space is a fucking joke IMO. A normal sized bloke would struggle in those things. Obv all the extra leg room seats are booked so I am pretty much gonna be squashed in like a sardine for the 2 and a half hours.

It's about time someone changed the standard for these seating arrangements because it's really very poor, if I get sat next to another tall bloke it's not gonna be pleasant.

Should be a nice holiday though. Sorted currency out, not that I expect we'll need too much being All Inclusive, which is a nice little bonus. Bring on the sunshine and beers baby! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

On the poker front I am exploring a few avenues at the moment , but haven't made my mind up just yet.

There a couple of very interesting threads on 2+2 that offer coaching and staking, which I am considering. I am also toying with the idea of signing upto Nick Raineys site and learning decent strategy for the multi-table SnG's as I quite fancy those, although admittedly I know the variance will be gruesome.

My other option is to maybe just start grinding at NL25 again and work my way up, but I feel like once I hit NL50 I'll get stale again because I don't 'feel' good enough to beat NL100 consistantly, even though the funny thing is I have never properly tried. It's a mental thing that the games get tougher from NL100 onwards and you need some good training/coaching to really iron out the leaks in your game, or face having to yoyo up and down the levels.

Not 100% sure just yet. I am gonna look into these things a little deeper first. A good friend of mine is currently looking into something which interests me too. Once I find out all the details, I'll decide whether to join him.

Basically it's up in the air and I haven;t got a fucking clue what I want to do just yet. I just know I wanna grind and make some cash!!!!

Hope you are all good.


Sunday, 20 June 2010


Ok, maybe not the food kind, but more staking!!

As you may know life stuff has caused me to withdraw a majority of my roll and taken the wind completely out of my sails. I have a bit left online, but not much and at the moment I have absolutely zero purpose to play.

Been having a think and I have been wondering about moving into the world of being staked. Not really interested in it for MTT's as they are simply too high variance, but maybe SnG's or cash.

I think being staked will give me more purpose to play and hopefully as part of the stake will be some coaching, so I can improve as a player.

If you are reading this and you are a decent multi table SNG or Cash winner looking for a horse I may be interested depending on the terms.

Drop me a message to, or leave me your email addy in the comments and we'll discuss it.

I could grind off my own dollar, but I just don't feel like I am developing enough as a player and coaching is just too expensive on its own for my roll right now, so this would hopefully be a good alternative.



Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fuck World Cup Betting

This World Cup is a bookies dream. The results are just one suprise after another. I decided I am not wasting another penny trying to pretty much "guess" the results because nothing is following form or exectations and so many players underperforming (Rooney)

Best left well alone IMO.

Friday nights poker was shyte. Had a little change of heart after reading some good stuff on the forum. So I have split the roll up a little. Put some onto Ladbrokes, some onto Absolute Poker (I know I know, but it's hard where to choose that has ok GTD tourneys) and some onto Boyle Poker. I'll go back to trying to grind through the 100-400 player MTT's rather than the 1000+ player MTT's on Stars and Tilt. Also trying to get a bit onto ongame and give them a try.

Should take a little getting used to, but it's all good.

The England match last night -  Well, what can I say.... uber dissapointed. How can the sum of the individual parts be so high, yet the team be so poor. So many of those players didn;t leave it out on the pitch. We now HAVE to win vs Slovenia or we are coming home. After two terrible performances, Rooney and Lampard should be left out of net game. It's a gosend that Carragher got two yellow cards. That fucker is like a bull in a china shop into every tackle. You are just waiting for him to give a bad freekick or penalty or even get sent off. The man is a liability to the team.

Meh, fuck it no more moaning, they all know what is needed, I just hope Capello has the balls to make the big changes.



Friday, 18 June 2010

Bookies dream

Thats exactly what this world cup is with all the unexpected results.

That said it was pleasing to see the karma for the French ,after they qualified by cheating,  they are in serious trouble of not making the next round now, which is also awesome news for the English because that means we could play the so-called weaker teams all the way to the Semi-Finals if we can win our group!

Anyways, I got a little carried away with todays bets:

DAY 8:

18 Jun 10 / 08:13 Treble(s)
Germany v Serbia – Germany @ 8/13
Slovenia v USA – USA @ 23/20
England v Algeria – England @ 2/7

18 Jun 10 / 08:12 Single 1 England v Algeria – Hat-trick Wayne Rooney @ 12/1 – $5.00

18 Jun 10 / 08:11 Single 1 England v Algeria – Total Match Goals Over/Under Over 3.5 @ 12/5 – $5.00

18 Jun 10 / 08:10 Single 1 Slovenia v USA – First Goalscorer Landon Donovan @ 6/1 – $5.00

18 Jun 10 / 08:08 Single 1 Germany v Serbia – Correct Score Germany 3-0 @ 17/2 – $5.00

One timeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Fingers crossed

I HOPEFULLY can finally play some poker tonight..weeeeeeee

I am looking forward to some nice deep runs and maybe even some final tables if I can run good enough.

The world cup bets are pissing me off! I keep getting the tougher results correct, but then the so called "bankers" go and screw up costing me dosh.

i.e. today, I had a $15 treble .  Brazil win , Portugal Draw and Slovakia to beat New Zealand (Yes New Zealand) and Slovakia conceded a last bastard minute goal to prevent a nice bet bankroll boost..grrrrrrrrr. Useless sods.

I am gonna have a mess about with my bets today and hopefully try and actually win a bit, but all my eggs are not going into one basket.

Todays games are:

Honduras vs Chile
Spain vs Switzerland
South Africa vs Uruguay

I am gonna go for the Chile Win, although I know sweet FA about Honduras, I am just gonna assume they are shit.

Spain should be beating on Switzerland, so I might go for a two half result there - Spain 45mins, Spain 90 mins

SA vs Uruguay - Well I thought Uruguay were pretty dire against France and the host nations always seem to do well, so I'll probably just make a single bet on the draw here.

Back to poker, today I was looing at ChipMeUp - looking to maybe buy a few small peices of some players to keep me interested when I am working and can;t play myself, nothing big just a bit of fun really.

Anyways I went onto the site and filtered out some Full Tilt tourney requests. I found a few requests for MSOP stakage, figured that sounded ok and I went and looked at a few of the deals.

First thing I notice is that none of them are selling the shares at face value, i.e. Say someone is playing a $100 tourney then shares are face value i.e. 100 shares at $1 each. Oh no these guys are wanting between 120-185%, i.e. each share is now $1.85 (at 185%) meaning $185 for a $100 tourney.

I was thinking "wow they must be really +EV to be demanding such a high value on their shares" So I spent a little time OPR'ing 5 or 6 of them and I couldn't believe my eyes. Not a single one of these guys were in profit this year or last year in MTT's. All were pretty decent losers or had only played like $2 donkaments.

WTF? How the fuck have they got the cheek? Weirdest thing was that a lot of them had sold a majority of their shares?????

Am I missing something here or do the other backers just not give a fuck and back any old chump to play with their money? I wouldn;t dream of staking some of them with Monopoly money, they were that bad.

There were so many potential stakes that there probably are some winning players there, but are they all gonna want so much vig on their stake?

Any help appreciated.

Right back to graft. FML!

Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup bets

Seeing as though I always seem to be working at the minute, I have decided to do some World cup bets. Amatayfish started a thread on the forum about he was having a punt on every match for $10. I didn't wanna risk $640 so I went half that with a $320 roll for it.

You may have seen my bets on the left (although I didn;t update today was too tired when I got in from work).

Anyways it's going pretty shitty at the moment with a few suprise results and then general odds the bookmakers are giving are absolute pish.

Anyways we are upto day 4 and I am down. The odds were so bad on todays Holland vs Denmark game that I had to run it into a double, so I went for Holland to win and cameroon to win. Of course Japs pull off a nice victory and double is beat.

that said I did get it right about Italy vs Paraguay which I had as a draw @ 2/1 so I get my days betting money ($15) returned.

Day 5 -
Slovakia vs New Zealand
Brazil vs  Korea DPR
Ivory Coast vs Portugal.

The odds on Brazil winning and Slovakia beating New Zealand are incredibly bad. I think Brazil was 1/10 last time I looked and with a $5 stake it ain't worth it, so I banged it all into a $15 treble:

Slovakia win, Brazil win, portugal and Ivory coast as a draw. Only way to pick up ok odds tbh.

I think I am about $20 down so far, so not all bad.

Poker :

Thanks to a good friend of mine I have managed to get hold of EZ Game by Baluga Whale, so I am going to start reading that tonight. Should be enlightening as having watched some of his training videos and knowing how good he is I am expecting some awesome content.

Not been able to play for a while because of working overtime and the footy, but looking forward to getting my MTT grind on again Wed to Sat this week. Hopefully I can give the roll some more boosts.

Hope you are all running good.


Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup 2010

It all begins today!!
Been looking forward to it for a while and now all we need is for these boys to do the business:

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

one day....

I'll be joining these guys:

Within the next 3 years my goal is to make it to Vegas and play in a WSOP event. Just reading everything on Poker News and across various forums really gives you the passion and urge for it.

I mean just going to Vegas would be awesome, but to be there when the WSOP is running......

But for now I am stuck in good ol Burnley:

Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday night-aments

Last night I was grinding some small buy-in MTT's because I never got time to play any satellites to the bigger games, which was a shame.

Anyways Snake was thinking of playing so I staked him to play a few alongside.

Wasn't a good night for me. I ran pretty terrible losing just about every flip I got into. I think in the end I won about 2/17 flips I got into and a big majority of those were with facking AK.

I got deep in the quarter mill and when I finally shoved AKs, I lost the flip to the mighty 33. Sigh. Just before that I lost a decent portion of my stack with A7 vs 65. LOL. It was just one of those nights.

Probably the coldest hand of the night was in the 20k GTD, when on an AKx flop I got it in for a big pot vs another guy when I had KK for a set of Kings and he had AA for the set of Aces. LOL. Brutal.

I manged to remember the bloggerment, but once again it was same old. KK vs TT on a nine high flop. River was a Ten. Then AK vs TT and another flip lost. Was up for enjoying that one too after all the brutal stuff before it.

Alas it was not to be.

Snake did ok getting deep in that crazy peice of shit $5 turbo on stars, but was pretty much running similar to me in the others. I got some of my investment back so no complaints. Wp snake fish!

Working again now the next two nights so hoppefully be hitting the tables up again on Wednesday.

I have just joined a new MTT training site to give it a shot.

might as well give them a free plug. Hopefully this will help me sharpen up my game and help me along with my MTT development.

Hope you run good.


Friday, 4 June 2010

6 days....

Until the World Cup Baby!!!!

Really looking forward to it TBH. I really hope England have a good run of it because that would just be incredible.

If things go as they look like they should and we win our group then the round of 16 match also looks fairly comfortable, it's only really in the Quarters where we are likely to face any teams of note.

Gonna start stocking the beers up and getting a few England bits and bobs for the motor. A proper Chav!!! hahahahaha. Bollox to it, it's only once every four years and if any do-gooders want me to take them down then I will give them the opportunity to try if they like :)


Currently in the middle of my back-to-back on nights. The worst bit of all my shifts. Where I have to work Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues nights...gruelllllller! Fortunately I booked Sunday off so I could play some donkaments! weeeeeeee

Hoping to continue my run of decent results and hopefully finally bink that 4 fig score. Fingers crossed. Will probably try and sat into Sunday Million and Brawl again etc.

Been looking around and I am dying to qualify for a decent live tourney (WSOP fever ofc), preferably UK based, but they buy-ins are usually soooo Huge, i.e. EPT London is between £3 and £5k I think, which means needing a LOT of luck to qualify for sort  of $50 or less. LOL. Any ideas would be welcomed on this front, as I really don;t want to have to starting rooting out all the different site promos.

Anyways I hope you run good and smash the  regs to oblivion :o)


Thursday, 3 June 2010

ahhhh sunshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

Recently we had to cancel our holiday to Portgual as the wife's dad fell ill and couldn;t fly.

Anyways after searching round some of the UK Holiday parks and finding out that a decent static caravan was gonna cost the best part of £650, I decided to start having a gander further afeild.

After a lot of looking and comparing and reading reviews, I found a nice hotel, all inclusive for 7 nights in Salou for £715 for the three of us (little lad is free on the flight and in the hotel because he is under two yrs old!) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Obviously I planned it as best I could, so I only miss one England game and thats the game in the round of the last 16.

So basically probably going abroad all inc, for slightly more than a self catering in Britain.... hmmm no brainer. Shame they over-priced themselves IMO.

Sunshiiiiiiiine here we come!

On a seperate note I am jealous as fak about all the lucky sods out there in Vegas playing the WSOP events. One day I wanna be there.....

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Didn.t desrve that

I just ground a MTT schedule out and nothing was going my way except in the $42k GTD on Full tilt.

2300+ runners and I am top tn chips pretty much the whole way from about 200 out. I was playing really well.

With 16 left I get into a HUGE hand.  raise UTG with AK. Button shoves and third in chips (I was second at time) moves over the top of the button shove. I make teh call and am in heaven to see AQ and 55, but despite the flop coming JTx I cannot hit fuckall!!! That pot gives me 1.3million in chips with 14 left (I'd have taken two out.) I was so gutted.

Anways a couple of well timed shoves and I get my stack back to 350k. Then the ultimate doom comes, 5 handed, guyraises UTG and I look down at two beautiful Kings.

I shove over the top and he calls. He only has AA. I mean WTF... 5 handed on the final table bubble I run KK into AA. FUCK OFF.

Can you belive that shit. I was fkin gutted to say the least. To make it worse, 7th onwards are all 4 fig score with $11k ftw. Instead i get a peice of shit $422, when I deserved so much more.

Proper proper gutted.