Monday, 14 June 2010

World Cup bets

Seeing as though I always seem to be working at the minute, I have decided to do some World cup bets. Amatayfish started a thread on the forum about he was having a punt on every match for $10. I didn't wanna risk $640 so I went half that with a $320 roll for it.

You may have seen my bets on the left (although I didn;t update today was too tired when I got in from work).

Anyways it's going pretty shitty at the moment with a few suprise results and then general odds the bookmakers are giving are absolute pish.

Anyways we are upto day 4 and I am down. The odds were so bad on todays Holland vs Denmark game that I had to run it into a double, so I went for Holland to win and cameroon to win. Of course Japs pull off a nice victory and double is beat.

that said I did get it right about Italy vs Paraguay which I had as a draw @ 2/1 so I get my days betting money ($15) returned.

Day 5 -
Slovakia vs New Zealand
Brazil vs  Korea DPR
Ivory Coast vs Portugal.

The odds on Brazil winning and Slovakia beating New Zealand are incredibly bad. I think Brazil was 1/10 last time I looked and with a $5 stake it ain't worth it, so I banged it all into a $15 treble:

Slovakia win, Brazil win, portugal and Ivory coast as a draw. Only way to pick up ok odds tbh.

I think I am about $20 down so far, so not all bad.

Poker :

Thanks to a good friend of mine I have managed to get hold of EZ Game by Baluga Whale, so I am going to start reading that tonight. Should be enlightening as having watched some of his training videos and knowing how good he is I am expecting some awesome content.

Not been able to play for a while because of working overtime and the footy, but looking forward to getting my MTT grind on again Wed to Sat this week. Hopefully I can give the roll some more boosts.

Hope you are all running good.


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