Monday, 7 June 2010

Sunday night-aments

Last night I was grinding some small buy-in MTT's because I never got time to play any satellites to the bigger games, which was a shame.

Anyways Snake was thinking of playing so I staked him to play a few alongside.

Wasn't a good night for me. I ran pretty terrible losing just about every flip I got into. I think in the end I won about 2/17 flips I got into and a big majority of those were with facking AK.

I got deep in the quarter mill and when I finally shoved AKs, I lost the flip to the mighty 33. Sigh. Just before that I lost a decent portion of my stack with A7 vs 65. LOL. It was just one of those nights.

Probably the coldest hand of the night was in the 20k GTD, when on an AKx flop I got it in for a big pot vs another guy when I had KK for a set of Kings and he had AA for the set of Aces. LOL. Brutal.

I manged to remember the bloggerment, but once again it was same old. KK vs TT on a nine high flop. River was a Ten. Then AK vs TT and another flip lost. Was up for enjoying that one too after all the brutal stuff before it.

Alas it was not to be.

Snake did ok getting deep in that crazy peice of shit $5 turbo on stars, but was pretty much running similar to me in the others. I got some of my investment back so no complaints. Wp snake fish!

Working again now the next two nights so hoppefully be hitting the tables up again on Wednesday.

I have just joined a new MTT training site to give it a shot.

might as well give them a free plug. Hopefully this will help me sharpen up my game and help me along with my MTT development.

Hope you run good.


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