Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fuck World Cup Betting

This World Cup is a bookies dream. The results are just one suprise after another. I decided I am not wasting another penny trying to pretty much "guess" the results because nothing is following form or exectations and so many players underperforming (Rooney)

Best left well alone IMO.

Friday nights poker was shyte. Had a little change of heart after reading some good stuff on the forum. So I have split the roll up a little. Put some onto Ladbrokes, some onto Absolute Poker (I know I know, but it's hard where to choose that has ok GTD tourneys) and some onto Boyle Poker. I'll go back to trying to grind through the 100-400 player MTT's rather than the 1000+ player MTT's on Stars and Tilt. Also trying to get a bit onto ongame and give them a try.

Should take a little getting used to, but it's all good.

The England match last night -  Well, what can I say.... uber dissapointed. How can the sum of the individual parts be so high, yet the team be so poor. So many of those players didn;t leave it out on the pitch. We now HAVE to win vs Slovenia or we are coming home. After two terrible performances, Rooney and Lampard should be left out of net game. It's a gosend that Carragher got two yellow cards. That fucker is like a bull in a china shop into every tackle. You are just waiting for him to give a bad freekick or penalty or even get sent off. The man is a liability to the team.

Meh, fuck it no more moaning, they all know what is needed, I just hope Capello has the balls to make the big changes.



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