Monday, 21 June 2010

Holiday Friday

Looking forward to our week away in Salou on Friday. Not looking forward to the flight if I am honest, I am a big dude (6'2") and the charter flight leg space is a fucking joke IMO. A normal sized bloke would struggle in those things. Obv all the extra leg room seats are booked so I am pretty much gonna be squashed in like a sardine for the 2 and a half hours.

It's about time someone changed the standard for these seating arrangements because it's really very poor, if I get sat next to another tall bloke it's not gonna be pleasant.

Should be a nice holiday though. Sorted currency out, not that I expect we'll need too much being All Inclusive, which is a nice little bonus. Bring on the sunshine and beers baby! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

On the poker front I am exploring a few avenues at the moment , but haven't made my mind up just yet.

There a couple of very interesting threads on 2+2 that offer coaching and staking, which I am considering. I am also toying with the idea of signing upto Nick Raineys site and learning decent strategy for the multi-table SnG's as I quite fancy those, although admittedly I know the variance will be gruesome.

My other option is to maybe just start grinding at NL25 again and work my way up, but I feel like once I hit NL50 I'll get stale again because I don't 'feel' good enough to beat NL100 consistantly, even though the funny thing is I have never properly tried. It's a mental thing that the games get tougher from NL100 onwards and you need some good training/coaching to really iron out the leaks in your game, or face having to yoyo up and down the levels.

Not 100% sure just yet. I am gonna look into these things a little deeper first. A good friend of mine is currently looking into something which interests me too. Once I find out all the details, I'll decide whether to join him.

Basically it's up in the air and I haven;t got a fucking clue what I want to do just yet. I just know I wanna grind and make some cash!!!!

Hope you are all good.



  1. Have a great trip - i've been there before and absolutely loved it. And 2.5 hours isn't so bad. We just flew to Florida, and i'm 6ft3 :(

  2. I think you're staying in Cap Salou if i know the hotel right. My sister works in the Kitchen of a bar called the Smugglers (that should have the football on!)

    Cap Salou is nice mate.. Flight shouldn't be that long to Reus