Friday, 4 June 2010

6 days....

Until the World Cup Baby!!!!

Really looking forward to it TBH. I really hope England have a good run of it because that would just be incredible.

If things go as they look like they should and we win our group then the round of 16 match also looks fairly comfortable, it's only really in the Quarters where we are likely to face any teams of note.

Gonna start stocking the beers up and getting a few England bits and bobs for the motor. A proper Chav!!! hahahahaha. Bollox to it, it's only once every four years and if any do-gooders want me to take them down then I will give them the opportunity to try if they like :)


Currently in the middle of my back-to-back on nights. The worst bit of all my shifts. Where I have to work Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Tues nights...gruelllllller! Fortunately I booked Sunday off so I could play some donkaments! weeeeeeee

Hoping to continue my run of decent results and hopefully finally bink that 4 fig score. Fingers crossed. Will probably try and sat into Sunday Million and Brawl again etc.

Been looking around and I am dying to qualify for a decent live tourney (WSOP fever ofc), preferably UK based, but they buy-ins are usually soooo Huge, i.e. EPT London is between £3 and £5k I think, which means needing a LOT of luck to qualify for sort  of $50 or less. LOL. Any ideas would be welcomed on this front, as I really don;t want to have to starting rooting out all the different site promos.

Anyways I hope you run good and smash the  regs to oblivion :o)



  1. Presumably APATs below you ;)

    ... and I know its on another 'Forum' but PL are running a cracking Monthly Promo giving away a GUKPT Seat (To a Main Event not a Qualifier - the runners up get Satellite Tickets) every month via a 3 x $5 Regular Tourney League and the top 10 go onto a Freeroll where the winner gets the Seat. You need 3 Posts as of May, and I'm pretty sure that although you've probably not been on for a while you'll have 3 Posts to your name.

    (I'm not spamming - Honest)

    Aside from that theres a guy on PL who regualrly Satellites into the Paradise Poker Tour Overseas events - from the screenshots he posts thtere aren't many runners in the qualifiers.

    Hope that helps a bit

  2. thanks VOJ.

    APATS are mainly held in the South and it's a long way to go for a £50 tourney. I think the APATS are fantastic and always try and play the ones that are fairly local.

    I didn't even know Paradise Poker was still running!!

    I will also have a mosey on over to PL. Long time since I have been there.