Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Didn.t desrve that

I just ground a MTT schedule out and nothing was going my way except in the $42k GTD on Full tilt.

2300+ runners and I am top tn chips pretty much the whole way from about 200 out. I was playing really well.

With 16 left I get into a HUGE hand.  raise UTG with AK. Button shoves and third in chips (I was second at time) moves over the top of the button shove. I make teh call and am in heaven to see AQ and 55, but despite the flop coming JTx I cannot hit fuckall!!! That pot gives me 1.3million in chips with 14 left (I'd have taken two out.) I was so gutted.

Anways a couple of well timed shoves and I get my stack back to 350k. Then the ultimate doom comes, 5 handed, guyraises UTG and I look down at two beautiful Kings.

I shove over the top and he calls. He only has AA. I mean WTF... 5 handed on the final table bubble I run KK into AA. FUCK OFF.

Can you belive that shit. I was fkin gutted to say the least. To make it worse, 7th onwards are all 4 fig score with $11k ftw. Instead i get a peice of shit $422, when I deserved so much more.

Proper proper gutted.


  1. So sik make, it was gut wrenching just railing let alone actually having the fooooker happen when playing. Sooooooo close yet again mate, cruel, so cruel. Tbh I had you stiched on for the win, you were by far the best player at both tarbs. It will come soon fella, mark my words.

  2. Gutted Big Man,

    I have had that happen to me a few times, almost takes you to the point of tears watching the donkeys make a decent pay day.

    But you have to take the positives, your obvious playing great poker, you are regularly cashing, look at the ROI on that win.

    I like to think that eventually good play will be rewarded, otherwise I have just spent the last 7 years chasing fuk all.

    Get it shipped!!