Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Work and play..

Not posted for a while, but poker wise there isn;t an awful lot to say. I have definately been playing, but nothing consistent, I have ranged from MTT's, to cash and to Hyper Turbo Heads up SnG's!

I have probably only managed one or two nights of playing MTT's since my last post, mainly due to just not having the time to sit down for a very long session, so instead I have been doing other bits and bats, to try and get this Platinum Stars status with Pokerstars' VIP special for August.

I started playing some NL25 6-max Cash, did ok, but down overall, mainly due to some ridiculous aggression on my part, but only lost about 2.5 buy-ins over ~3.5k hands, so nothing major.

I then played a few SnG's for fun, $15 Heads-Up Hyper turbo's and tbh they are just variance fests, whoever runs best makes most money. I started off well and then went on a pretty shitty run where I just couldn;t get a hand to hold for love nor money. I then set up a challenge on the forums, basically, starting at the $3.50 HU Hypers, see how far up you could go winning games in a row, once you lose you go back to level one. I managed to get as high as as the $60 and then lost when I basically got owned on a low flop by a set of 6' I played quite a few doing this until I started getting tilty and fucked it off.

I next moved onto the $7 STT turbo games and had to work out how to use the SnG opener on Table Ninja (I used to used StarsFSO in Hotkeys) and managed to play 14 tables fairly comfortably tbh.

All in all for all the tourneys this month so far, ~170 I think, I am a massive $5 up! rotfl. FML.

I am considering a lot of live events that look really good this month,. but no decisions yet.

So that in a nutshell has been my poker for the month so far.. yawn, boring.

On a none poker front I got a lump on my scalp, which over the course of a few days got more and more painfull and felt like it was full of liquid, so  I tried numerous times to pop the fucker with needles, but without any success, all I ever pretty much got was blood. Eventually, after a week I resigned myself with a visit to the doctors to be informed I had a Sabateuos Cyst that was infected, no wonder I trouble sleeping because of it. She gave me antibiotics to treat the infection and then hopefully I could have it lanced at hospital in a few days . Anyways I managed to burst the bad boy today and you should have seen all the shyte come out of it...eurghhhh, my little lad was fascinated!!. Actually feels a shitload less painfull now, but has left a small bald patch on the back of my head. Bastard. I'll bet your glad I told you that eh? lol.

Been extremely busy at work because of all the holidays and covering off extra shifts. Been pretty much working Mon, Tuesday days all day and then Weds, thurs fri night, as nights, rinse repeat. Not too bad though because the weather has turned to rat shit, so not an awful lot to do anyways. Looking forward to my September pay packet :)

Onto these riots... wtf is going wrong? Society is so messed up right now and so many scumbag opportunists got out onto the streets to loot and vandalise anything they could, it was so demoralising to watch and see developing. Imagine those small business owners...

I did see one thing that left tears in my eyes, in London these morons looted...wait for it... POUNDLAND! loooooooool. There is a picture of a black lady running from, the stare with what must be a fiver's worth of crisps in her arms! lolololol. Seriously, if you robbed the whole fucking stock you would have about £200 worth of gear. Let me try and find the pic...

At least loot a shop worth looting ffs! Daft cow.

Seems to have all calmed down tonight and rightly so, I hope the coppers nail some of these idiots to the wall, but most likely as usual their human rights would be infringed in some minor way and the PC brigade, with nothing better to do, would jump up and down and defend them in every possible way.

offski now, if yopu read all that shit, thankyou!

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