Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Playing and railing...

As you saw in the last post I played a small MTT session Saturday and made a profit, but nothing really noteworthy. Sunday we went over the the in-laws for the day and got back a little late to play a session so I ground out some SnG's, 40 x $7 Turbo STT's and again managed a profit, so no complaints.

Monday I saw a deal on hotukdeals for an X11 Turtle Beach Headset for the Xbox360, which I though would be ideal as I could use them for both the PC and the Xbox, but mainly so the Xbox sound comes through them and not the TV, which for anyone who plays Call Of Duty, will realise having good sound quality/volume does give you an advantage, you'd be amazed how much more perceptive you are! So I ordered myself some to be picked up Tuesday.

Monday night I decided to play another MTT session, but before I started I saw our resident MTT Pro had started a thread over on RTR starting his session. I started and my session just went to absolute ratshit. I played fucking awful, no excuses, making moves on people and them just having the goods everytime. So dumb really. Anyways my session ended early so I was railing kenn and chatting with him at the same time. His insight is pretty incredible, situations I thought were close were so black and white to him, I remember one hand on the bubble of a tourney where he opens in EP and the BTN ships on him and has him slightly covered. Kenn has TT and the villain had A9. I thought it was a fkin terribad shove vs an early opener who had about 20 BB's, but kenn told me it was a super standard spot... I have a lot to learn about higher buy-in MTT bubble play :)

Back to the story, anyways he only goes and binks the $55 1r 1A for over $4.5k, just like that! I have never seen a final table domination like that it was fantastic, check out the thread and see for yourself. Final hand was incredible, 3 handed it all goes in AA (kenn) vs KK vs KJhh, flop comes two hearts, but somehow kenn still holds and takes it down weeeeeeeee.

I think I am his lucky charm, last time I railed him properly like that he binked the major on Party for about $40k. lol mbsfn! The best thing though is he is so open to sharing thoughts and advice, something I really should take more advantage of, but I know he plays for a living, so I understand how precious his time must be, especially with such a young family. Keep up the good work kenn.

Tuesday night I just wasn't in the mood for poker, so I picked up my new X11's and decided to crush some Black Ops instead :) (beats watching that big brother shit) I railed Kenn a bit too, he chopped a $22 big antes, but ran pretty bad when deep all over the place.

That was bascially my weekend poker-wise.

In other news have you seen this shit Microgaming are introducing? LINK HERE  you have to be fucking joking right? Seriously this is basically a bot that can play the early stages of an MTT/SnG for you. It will only raise the range of hands you tell it to and will fold for you. It even comes pre set for you! wtf, fucking idiots. It's obvious why they have done it, it's so more people can play more tables and create more rake, but what it also does is remove the human element from the game. It removes the tilt, the frustration, the inquisitive nature that comes along with poker.

 Not only that it means the donks and fish can now play a pretty much un-exploitable game because they won't be entering pots with all sorts of shit they normally do. It's an absolute killer for me and whover thought this would be a good idea at Microgaming needs sacking immediately, this will kill their games as who wants to play against a huge set of bots?

If you look at that image you can even set it to make the folding times random, so it's not obvious who is using it and who isn't. Wankers. This is basically a poker bot and thats it. Unbeliveably stupid on Micro's part.



Righty thanks for reading.

oh and if you want a good laugh check out a thread one of the poker lads on RTR started over at 2+2, rubbish, you are a genius!

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