Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quick Update - June

Well the NL cash has been going ok. Nothing spectacular. I have made prolly just over $500 in two week. Obv working in that time to. It's boring as fuck, but my post flop play does seem to be benefitting.

On the side i have been playing some MTT's every now and then and doen fairly well without making any big scores. Finised 42nd in the first MSOP I have played out of over 4500+ players. Not bad, but was dissapointed to see my KK smashed for a top 5 stack, by some plant pot with J4o. got deep in others on FTP and a couple on Stars. Seems the post flop has been paying off and so has my step up in aggression.

Happy that my all round game is improving.

Right on a back to back at work this weekend :-( . Wed, thurs, fri, sun, mon, tues, all 12 hour night shifts. Sigh. damed rat race! Might try and book a hol for Sun night!

thanks for reading.



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