Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back at it

Been at work for the last three nights, which means it's impossible to squeeze any poker in, but upto that point the cash games were going well.

I decided at work i would like to qualify for the WPT Cyprus event. Looks like a good event in a nice setting. So today i played a $20 rebuy satellite to the weekly final. I managed to be in for $140 and with 8 left and 2 seats I manage to lose QQ vs AJ AIPF for the chip lead and thats me busto...sigh. Was seriously pissed off as it was the table donk who got me. Oh well never mind.

Back to hitting the cash tables tonight and then i might try and hit up some more sats to this thing from tomorrow. Hopefully fingers crossed i will get a seat.

Anyways cheers for reading


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