Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Quick Update

Ok, so it's very slow! I have been doing ok and disciplining myself to leave the table as soon as the fish do.

Here is how each site fared:

Stars: 458 hands for +$3.80
Full Tilt: 564 hands for +$46.49
Party: 58 hands for +$7.66
Devilfish Poker: 64 hands +$4.20
Everest: 371 hands for +$73.45

Did suffer my worst beats on stars for a change. AA cracked by 22 and KK by TT AIPF. LOL. I found the softest games on Full Tilt and Everest. I HATE that full tilt don't have a filter!

Party didn;t have many tables with Players seeing flops over 30%, so didn;t play many there and same for Devilfish.

I normally have between 4 and 8 tables running, but often closing them once the fish left and re-searching out another. This kept it interesting for me and it didn;t feel as much like grinding.

I also got my second monitor, which meant I had the tables open on one and the lobbies on anohter, making it miles easier to stay on top of it all.

Anyways, fingers crossed it keep going well!

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