Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Pissed poker.. is NOT FTW!

Had a barbeque yesterday evening and the Buds were flowing very nicely..and I mean nicely! Drinkin away happily in the garden enjoyin this sunshine and basically just chillin out. anyways, after a bit, with the Buds still flowing, I came in watched some shit on the TV and then, in my infinite wisdom, decided to play some Razz cash. Oh yeah, I am serious, I don;t even fully know the rules. I know the basics concepts, but thats about it. So, I sit down at a 2/4 table..LOL and proceed to spew of $100ish just being a total dickhead! hahahaha. it's funny now, i spose. WTF was i thinking?

I bet there was a list of like 50 players waiting to join!! When I got up this morning, I didn;t know how much i had lost and also when i opened the laptop i had a page up that was called "The Essentials of Razz" HAHAHAHAHA. What a tool. I had a look at the Stars cashier to see just how much i was down, because i just kept topping up at the table, and was happy to see it was only just over $100. It could have been much worse to be fair.

So, note to self. Avoid poker when pissed. :-)

On another note, I lost my post yesterday. Thanks to the guys for the advice... Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

basically it was just rounding up the few days, where i have been playing more LHE and some MTT;s, all without much success tbh.

Overall now, according to poker tracker, I am down a total of $346 since the 1st May (all on Pokerstars). that breaks down to:

an $84 loss at 1/2LHE in just over 37k hands.
an $190 loss at 2/4 LHE in only 2k hands
a $35 loss at NL50 over 1.1k hands
a $35 at NL25 over 1,8k hands

Thats fucking shit. It wouldn;t be so bad if i could get rakeback as I have paid over $1200 in rake. Meh, twat.

Oh well, lets hope June is better. I am off on hols just for a week on friday, just down to the South of England for a week with the wife and little-un, which should be nice and i promised no laptop, so no poker. Hopefully, I will be re-envigourated when i return and might have to move back to my profitable games, the SnG's.


  1. Lol Mik,razz seems weird to me when i'm sober so no wonder you lost when you were pissed!!
    Have a great time 'darn sarf' with us nice peeps,and i hope you watched the match on saturday!!!! gl mate.


  2. LOL. I did watch the match ate and to be fair we were beaten by the better team. Even when we were 1-0 up it always felt like a matter of when and not if you scored.

    We'll get stronger though and your lot are a team of old farts now!!

  3. Pissed poker is not good mate, thankfully I can't get rat arsed anymore with kids waking up all the time so I've managed to avoid it.

    Razz? WTF? Honestly!

    Are you Supernova yet?

  4. You are losing at $1/$2, but do you know why exactly? Do you have a leak in your game or is it multi tabling variance? I would suggedst some intensive session reviews with PT.

    Rakeback. Poker Star's VIP club is essentially rakeback in itself. Depending on how many FPPs you are earning each month you can purchase instant cash rewards or bonus cash amounts which would be easy enough for a multi tabler like you to clear and you would have your rakeback you are looking for.

  5. I know Starlight, but tbh, even though those rewards do equal rakeback, it's not instant rakeback.. i.e. you don;t get it until you hit XXX amount of FPP's. Where as straight rakeback you get each month, in the hand, regardless of how much you play.

    Also, unless you are preapred to put huge volume in, the rewards are'nt s good. i.e. you have to be prepared to wait a few months in my case to gain enough FPP's to get the highest level of rakeback available to me.

    I definately have leaks in my LHE game, but tbh, I was trying to play it to break even, so I wasn't all that fussed. Now though, i am struggling to beat the rake. I am actualy a decent winner against most of the good regs, i.e. Mr Duerden, Cubsfan, jo-tk, chokol8ice , etc.

    I am actually beating the game, just not beating the rake. I am up $554 in the actually games vs the other players.

  6. Tell me next time your playing Razz!!