Monday, 15 June 2009

New ways...

So after my hols and break, which were really nice btw, I have come back with a slightly different outlook to my poker. I am going to have a go at NL FR Cash, but with a slight diference. I have split my Bankroll between 5 sites, Stars, Full tilt, Devilfish Poker, Everest and Party. The plan being only to play the Juiciest tables.

With my roll being split up I am only realy rolled to play NL20/25. I am going to keep on with this for about a month to see how it goes. Then in July I will probably need to consolidate my roll back onto stars just to make sure I hit the Supernova bonus.

I started it last night and it went ok-ish. It often means quitting tables as soon as the fish leaves and searching for another, so mass multi-tabling is out of the question. I think i will normally be playing 4-6 tables at any one time, maybe less if I am on waiting lists.

If i do find its not working a little bit in, I may switch to SnG's on these sites and see how soft they are.

It's all a bit of change and adventure ATM. I guess I'll take it as it comes :-)


  1. gotta keep changing up the games, keeps you hungry, gl

  2. SnGs ftw! GL in your new adventures m8!

  3. Cash Games again Mik !! Noooo !!........ come and join me on the STT's at Stars

  4. Cash games suk :)

    GL mate, run well!!

  5. what kinda deal do you have on party?

  6. cheers guys.

    PTBC - I haven;t got a deal unfortunately, except a small reload bonus they offered. Just flicking through all the lobbies, it looked like a decent selection of tables that were pretty soft.