Thursday, 4 June 2009

in two minds..

Not sure where to go with my poker right now. I aimed for the Supernova and I almost have it, but the deck is so cold for me at stars right now, that I really don;t want to play much there.

I played quite a bit if LHE last month, well just about 37,000 hands, but finished it at a loss. I can;t see the point in continuing that if I can;t make it pay. I also played soem SnG's the other day and today and just could seem to get a good hand to hold. getting it ahead maybe 80-90% of the time, but not winning 80-90% of the showdowns, prolly lucky if I won 50%. Just the way it goes sometimes, but when you step back to your best game and run bad after a losing moth, the motivation quickly fucks off.

Not to worry. I go away on hols for a week and hoefully when i return I'll know where I wanna be with my game.

Hope you guys runs good!

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  1. man, you're not from the US, so why play exclusively on stars?

    There's softer sites out there where you also aren't forced to put in a certain volume to get rakeback or equivalent.

    You said in your previous post you were up against regs. Maybe drop back table numbers, and don't even play against regs ... well unless they are fish regs ...