Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Well last night I took the advice as left by dD and decided to play some 18 mans, my old old stomping ground and I actually ran ok...ish.

Didn't make much, but Stars roll is around a measly $28. I am not gonna give up, despite my last rant (get used to those, I tilt like a crazy bastard!).

On a bonus front I managed to log into Full Tilt today (the revitalised Pokerstsars owned version) and found I actually have $100 in that account, not $50 like I thought. So when they finally move back to real money games I will have a bit of a bankroll to try and build there.

A very kind poker colleague (he knows who he is) lent me his Deuces Cracked account and so I downloaded a shedload of videos to watch. I am on nights the next 3 nights so hopefully if we are quiet I might get some time to sit down and study them and maybe learn something.

"Knowledge is power" - Sir Francis Bacon

It's actually good to be back in the poker circles. I missed you guys.

Right gotta shoot,




  1. "I tilt like a crazy bastard!" - Donkey Thrasher

    "tilt is the poker players abyss" - dD


  2. haha I crave that abyss dD!

    Dave, blow me bitch.