Sunday, 11 September 2011

1 month plan

I have had such a lack of direction for so long that I have jumped all over the place. This week I have played HU cash, HU SnG's. HU PLO SnG's (rotfl I am a knob). I played a few MTT's and some SnG's, which overall is pretty ridic. I am looking to start building my roll again, but tbh I am not that confident in any game right now, as I feel I am pretty damned ring rusty.

After reading Acornman's blog and his comment I am going back to SnG's, but to get my game back and get used to grinding and multi-tabling heavily I am just going to start at the $7 STT's (turbo) and take it from there. Once I am feeling it again,I'll move back to the $15's and possibly into the $30's BR permitting. I am probably going to adapt something like a 60 Buy-in strategy for my BR management. So, I am gonna start with a starting balance $420 for the $7's, if I can make that upto $600 playing just those, I will top up my roll to $900 and hit the $15's, but if my roll drops to $210 I will either move down to the $3.50's or just give it up as a bad habit!

I think for me that sounds sensible and it's nice to actually have a set plan and direction.

So far I am just 12 tabling as I find that quite comfortable and I have started my little challenge:

and it wouldn;t be my blog if I didn;t moan like fuck about something, so just to show I am still running well below EV on my all in situations:

Current Challenge BR = $459.45 (+$39.45)

It will tail off now as I am at work next 3 nights so I doubt I'll find any time to play.

ok Laters


  1. wouldnt worry about the -ev :)i'm 850,000 below expected at the 180s since the start of the year. crackers!

  2. Any idea what a decent/sustainable ROI is in these these days ?

    How long do they take too ?