Thursday, 9 February 2012


I ran goooooood!!! Fuck me it was immense! All my big pairs held when against smaller pairs and when against AK. It was surreal, I was waiting for the crushing blows, but althought there were a few it wasn;t like it has been, it was incred!

Thank fuck for that, I started questioning if I could even beat $3 games these days. Finally into the green.

I know for a fact the poker gods are gonna punish me for having a run-good session like that. They are gonna kick my bollox in next time I play. In fact I might as well lube myself up tomorrow night before I hit the tables because it's coming and it's gonna get me goot.

Although my All In EV graph doesn;t really show it, I know I ran good. I actually enjoyed playing instead of sitting here dreading the suckouts.

I essentially won ~15 buy-ins, which took me from neg. to positive.

Bankroll now at a mighty $177.10.

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