Friday, 3 February 2012

The return of the donk!

Once again I am slowly catching the poker bug. Unfortunately funds are hugely depleted so my starting roll is a whopping £100. lol. I have deposited it into Pokerstars and it equates to $159.

I think my starting point will be S n G's, probably the $3.50 18 player games.

Time to start building a roll again.

Fingers crossed it goes well!!


  1. good to see you back, hopefully you'll be able to mix in some mtts cos from what ive seen that is deffo your strong point.

    gl gl gl gl

  2. cheers Daly. Much appreciated mate.

  3. Good luck with it Mik. Might see you on Stars as I play the $7 18 manners there from time to time. On a bad trot (for 2 months) and have dropped down from $15 ones.

    I hope the matched betting is still going well for you. I'm just trucking along picking up about £100 a week from offers and horse arbs. I've lost Bet365 now though, which is a bit of a blow - they were my best earner :-(